The Normality Of Tuesday

Today was sort of calm, and soothing. It was a dull day. Which automatically made my day much better. Plus, I was assigned for more assignments, a 2nd semester webquest (AKA, brochure), and GUM and Vocabulary is showing up again in the OLS, so I can catch up with its progress. I didn’t have any CCS, which was very good. So, when I started Social Studies, I got assigned to write an article on paper about the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster. I took about an hour and a half to finish it. So, when I eagerly decided to go on with school, I felt like gazing at the sky, or reading a book. I think I’m about 156 pages done with the Order of the Phoenix.

So, I went on with the rest of the day. It sort of felt boring. Oh, and FYI, I figured out that at 8 AM I was actually supposed to be at an ALP Languge Arts CCS. Today was so normal, that hardly anything happened. Otherwise than going to the library and getting a new and cool book called the Last Battle of the Icemark. It seems like an interesting plot and story. I’m planning to finish the book in less than a month or so. So, when I was done reading about 28 pages of that book, American Idol went on. My favorite person James, was the best person who performed tonight. Brett my second favorite guy was a-okay. I just hope America agrees with me that James did really good, and votes for him, cause I didn’t see and extroadinary talent in anybody else.

I hope the ladies will be on fire on the next tournament. 😉 See, this day was sort of plain. So, I have really nothing else to say.


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