Picnic and Camping Outside

I realized that I always seem to have a decent, or good title for my everyday posts. It’s really nice to know that I have all the time ideas of what to call my posts. It gives a sign of creativity. 😉 So, anyways, back to the day. I don’t feel as paranormal anymore, because of Brenda and her hilarious comedy of making horrifying things look stupid and retarded. So, with that taking care of my problem, I actually got to sleep in, and I woke up as fresh as a bloom.

The only problem though, was that I had CCS Enrichments today, and 2 essays I had to write for Earth Science (on the Milky Way and the Planets) and Social Studies (on Europe’s government and the Cold War). It was going to be difficult on the other fact that I had just learned about the word the Milky Way and only knew it was our galaxy and bla bla bla! So, when I started my first essay on Europe’s Government and Cold War I started to feel some stress coming in. Though, the essay was finished easily. I only I had to write about two pages about those two. Though, I had to research on the Milky Way for about half an hour, and plus the Milky Way took up 3 pages and the Planets only two. A little big essay if you ask me.

After I was finished with my essays, and it was 8 AM, I went directly to ALP Language Arts CCS (where I belonged). It was a fun class, and the teacher did introduce the new students and I to the class of like 120 students. Plus, I learned a lot more in Language Arts about Conjunctions and about Advertisement essays that only exemplary students like me were going to have. I seemed pretty prepared, though class ended very quickly around 8:45 AM. After that I had to skip Earth Science class for the 9:00 o’clock class for the Ratios CCS class.

The teacher made the whole class, or just me feel so much better in class. Which was a good way of teaching. Well, it was a sign of it. Theoretically, the teacher only gave other students second chances in participating on writing on the white board some rather hard questions, and if they’d fail constantly, she wouldn’t be agitated. So, I got through a difficult class, and than skipped Social Studies CCS for OLS work and Study Island work. Ya, I skip things like that. Lol. I finished about all my subjects, and finished the last conclusion for the Milky Way, finishing all of my essays. I had 4 sheets to work on in Math. Luckily, my mom helped me with it, cause learning Ratios in a difficult way and than learning an Algebraic form of Fractions dividing messes up your brain.

So, it took us half an hour to finish the sheets, and than I got onto ALP Math CCS. It was sort of boring, so I decided to listen to music until the survey came up. I’m sorry guys for my laziness, but the teacher was just taking things in the lessons too long, and too boring. So, I listened to a bunch of Perfect Weapon since my girlfriend requested that I play Perfect Weapon by Black Veil Brides (since on my Myyearbook status says anybody can request a song). After that, I listened to more As I Lay Dying and this new band I’m listening to called Sirenia. After that I listened to some Blessthefall and than finally I watched this sort of news video on an Anaconda swallowing a hippo. It wasn’t pleasant guys BTW.

After CCS, I worked more on my Study Island tests, and my OLS. I finished my OLS, which was a complete relief. But, the bad part was that grownups were coming at our house around 7 PM. So, the whole family had to rearrange and clean the house. Even the stinky bathrooms which now I’m starting to like (now that it’s clean). Plus, my parents reminded me that tomorrow I’ll be going to this event in church, which I may have mentioned, called Walking Wisely Weekend. That means I’m going to be gone for 3 whole days. Well, two days, and than some part of Sunday, I’m just not so sure I’ll be able to post than. So, when we finished cleaning up the house, Patricia, Matthew, Anabelle and I decided to have a picnic and camp out inside our club house for a couple of hours.

We actually had fun. I made all the dirty jokes Brenda was making about the horror people in Scary Movie, and my sisters just laughed. Matthew kept reminding us that every 30 minutes he would fart, which was very annoying to Patricia somehow. But, I just let it slide. Mom and dad were watching this rated R movie that had Ben Stiller in it, and it was a Comedy. I’m not sure what it was about, but I was for sure it wasn’t Little Fockers the new movie. When Matthew had to go inside eventually, I had fun sleeping in our clubhouse on our patio (since there was carpet, and blankets), and we enjoyed talking. I decided to ask my dad if we could call up Papa Johns if they could give us some breadsticks and Pizza. Dad hesitated, but than mom made an exception, and we got some pizza, along with chicken nuggets.

We had a great time inside the clubhouse until the grownups came, and I stayed upstairs, since the day was so busy, I just decided to take a bath, and than a shower by myself, watch Everybody Hates Chris, do some CRCT preparation, and than sleep. All in all, a good day. 😀


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