A Rather Bothering Day

This day, was far among the most bothering days. Yesterday I had a discussion about poltergeists with my dad, and if they were real or not. But, since I got hard-core proof on some poltegereists acting up, I won the case, though had felt regret, because after that. Stuff started acting up. Anyways, when I woke up today, I found a rather bothering scar on my elbow, that I hadn’t had yesterday. It was sort of peircing. It looked like acid had sunk into my arm, and singed parts of my skin. So, after I distinctively looked at the scar for 12 minutes, I recovered myself, and started Language Arts CCS.

It was sort of boring, and annoying throughout the class, because the teacher was having some connection issues and problems with her microphone. Plus, some guys were making fun of me during class, and the teacher didn’t even care. So, I just sat in my bed, and decided to look through Youtube. I first of all, searched The Ring. This new movie I’m obsessed with. I tried to look for previews of Samara Morgan and her disgusting face. I can’t show you the picture, because it would look to horrifying. If you want the picture of her make-up, ask me, and I’ll send you a private e-mail. So, once Language Arts CCS was done, I ate breakfast, and than moved on toward Earth Science CCS.

It was rather fun, except for the part, that Language Arts CCS’s survey took so long that I missed the chat time. So, after the whole demeaning class about The Solar System, I finally found a link on Youtube, to the movie The Ring, in parts. So, I watched all the parts of the movie. I had to skip Social Studies CCS, and Advanced Math CCS for this. The movie was generally very good. Not to horrifying, but scary, and if you think about Samara Morgan and her ugly face in your room, you really can’t sleep. LOL. It’s such a good movie. I’d feel like putting a Movie Perspective about it soon. The only horrifying images in the movie were the victims of The Ring and how they’re face would look punctured.

Anyways, I think the movie deserved to be the best one I’ve seen this year. 😉 When I finished, my mom came back eventually from exercise, and I was fidgetating constantly. It was hard watching a horror movie by yourself at my age, and try to control your fingers sweating and your feet shaking (if you know that sort of experience). Though, dad was able to sign me up with a job that would help that fidgetating go away. I had to load the dishes. So, to give an excuse for fidgetating, I put hot water, and than pretended that the hot water was the reason I was fidgetating. Afterwards, I finished loading, and had to go back to CCS. I had a 6th Grade Math Review CCS (since I requested my teacher in my conference for some Math CCS to help me boost up my knowledge on Math).

So, I got onto CCS, and let me tell you, we were learning one interesting topic. It had something to do with Y=5x in a graph. Yeah, I think that’s what we were learning about. All in all, it was a great topic to review and learn about. Plus, the teacher recognized all the students (probably because there were only 10 students and me that thought we needed some boosting in our Math curriculum). And I don’t know about everybody else, but I had a great time. Once I got off the 6th Grade Math Review CCS I camped out in my bed. I took a relaxing nap, and than camped out outside in our camp area. It felt good. Until I heard in our backyard forest something was moving. Like human moving. I would keep looking back whenever I’d hear the rustling on the leaves. Eventually I only realized I was haloosinating from the naps I took.

I went back inside, and continued with the rest of school. I had a Literature Unit Assessment, which took awhile to finish (100%) because I had to write 2 sheets of paragraphs on the poem writers and also answer 60 problems online. After finishing that, I went directly to Pre-Algebra. It wasn’t as easy. Plus, I didn’t understand the concept at all! It was so ANNOYING! I totally don’t get how I can figure out this: 678 X 7xy(31P X D)=?. It’s such a hard topic, and an easily understandable concept. I feel frustrated. The only thing that kept me unfrustrated was watching show on Youtube called Scary Movie 3 The Ring vs. Brennda something. 😐 It was so hilarious. I should probably put it up for you tomorrow! Once I finished that, I got into loads of drama with my parents.

Why does my life revolve around drama??!! That’s my final question for this post!

2 comments on “A Rather Bothering Day

  1. Prima says:

    Andrew, sorry for our latest chat couple days ago, yeah I really didn’t realize that I was online, and what was I online for? LOL

    The scariest movie I watched is JU ON, it’s Japanese movie, original version of The Grudge. Have you ever seen that movie? I was still collage student when I watched that movie. I got the worst haunted atmosphere and start occupied by my hallucination, instead of understanding the story about, LOL

    But, seems like I over it already… I think psychopath is much worse than ghost! LOL

    • Andrew says:

      Ya it’s okay Prima. I take things easily (when things are mentioned badly about my girlfriend :P)
      And yeah, the American Grudge one is more scarier than the Japanese one. It’s barely scary in the Japanese one. In the American one the girl is more freaky, she has odd emo make up and plus, she says weird stuff, and appears out of nowhere. O_O

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