Demonic Possession And Paranormal Activity

Today was a rather freaky day for me. I think I was the only one that saw/noticed what happened today. But, before we get to that. I’ll just continue to how the day started. I had a dream about being a sort of little figure that was walking around in the street. Eventually I was floating in the air until my body started to freeze up, and that was pretty much all of the dream. An awkward dream it was. But, it ended rather quickly because my mom woke me up and we got ready for church. Unfortunately, to make things worse, when Patricia’s friend didn’t call for us to pick her up, my mom said we were going to pick her up for church. I was aggravated by then. Like what the hell was my mom’s problem. I know she admitted having Patricia’s friend was a burden. But, now it looks like my mom is trying to make the burden a lot worse on herself, or she was really lying about it.

Well, I didn’t have to time to think about that. So, I got into my fancy clothings, and had my hair designed by my mom. It looked really horrible, especially when I didn’t want my hair to be touched at all, and re-arranged unless it’s a really special occasion. So, without her looking, I would take bits and bits of pieces of my hair that was folded backwards, and put it in front of my big forehead. But, dad eventually started to notice, and said leave it alone. I kind of wanted to stay in my room for awhile before we left to go pick up Patricia’s friend and than go to church. I laid myself on my bed, and started to think about my girlfriend. Something that would make me happy. It did make me happy. But, something made my spine shiver. I heard the door in my room creak very loudly. I ignored it because I didn’t immediately want to come to a conclusion that something was going wrong.

So, I went on my laptop, and checked my blog. By then, my door started to open and creak very fast, and it was starting to scare me. But, maybe it’s just Anabelle and Matthew playing a trick on me. So, I immediately got up from my bed and opened the door. Funny thing was that they weren’t there. I looked everywhere in the hallway, and I realized I heard my brothers and sisters playing downstairs. I than was freaked out of my pants and I ran like a wuss downstairs. That wasn’t just some ordinary creak. That was a serious one. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. When Patricia’s friend entered our car, and started staring at me, I ignored her, still thinking about that paranormal moment. I’m going to skip the details for church. Because it was really boring, and I know it’ll just be a waste of my time. 😐

When we got back from church to our neighborhood, we dropped Patricia’s friend off to her house and went directly back to someone’s house. Unfortunately, we ended up in Ms. Amy’s house, the mother of the children Andrew, and Allison. It was sort of boring hanging over there because once I had the chance to play the computer, they said they would tell, and all I could do was say that they were a tattletale. Their mom came in and did a short Worship time with us, and than let us finish this movie called McGee and Me, the second episode was interesting (the first one I criticized a lot on), and the first one was boring. So, eventually when Bible time was over for the grownups, everyone went back upstairs. I still stayed in the basement, using my laptop. Eventually I went inside the basement’s bathroom, and hung out there.

Though, strangely I kept hearing muttering noises outside of the bathroom, but I only realized it was the drainage pipe. When I exited the bathroom, I totally forgot that Ms. Amy had a new born baby, and that it was sleeping in the basement’s crib. Lemme tell you, the basement looks so much like a leaving room. So, don’t worry about it being disgusting and all. So, I watched the baby for awhile, while everybody was talking. Though, I decided to get a beverage and than come back downstairs in the basement. I did, and the most shocking thing happened. When I was looking at the baby, it started to move in it’s sleep. I don’t mean move as in moving legs and hands. I mean move as if it’s body wasn’t moving and it was being pulled backwards by somebody. It was MOVING around in it’s crib, and nothing was pulling it. It was just anonymously being pulled around.

I ran fucking away from the fucking demonic possessed baby. I told Ms. Amy about it. She ran downstairs immediately, and guess what the hell happened. The baby looked freshly awake. We went home after the lunch, and I was scared. The rest of the day was sort of normal. I hung out with Jordan and talked about some band stuff. Oh and how the baby was moving was like this in the Paranormal Activity 2 movie in 0:42 to 0:45.


19 comments on “Demonic Possession And Paranormal Activity

  1. xxmicheexx says:

    Maybe a ghost is following you 😀 But, legit, what the fuck was wrong with it? Maybe it was having a dream or something, well, let’s hope so anyway..

  2. Crackerzz says:

    your story is good,,,!!!

    i like your post,,,!!!!

    four thumbs from me,,,!!!

  3. nayyirnensi says:

    Dude, it’s usually just the wind. When I sleep at night it happens to me too! So dont worry bro, nothing will happen to you.

  4. Demons aren’t that powerful, if you believe in your own power! 🙂

  5. Andrew says:

    In what power are you talking about? I only have God as my superpower.

  6. Well, God, Goddess, gods, goddesses, Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, you …. whatever you believe in. You just have to believe and there is power.

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