American Idol Drama

Well, right now I wanna skip the school crap and go directly towards watching American Idol. But, I can’t. So, I’ll move onto school. Language Arts CCS was sort of tormenting for me. I didn’t get to read my Research Report at all, and I think my Language Arts teacher, Nicci Peters was talking to another student, and turns out since I didn’t have a microphone option on my computer to speak the 8 parts of speech, she now has a new favorite. Grr. That’s the first time I’ve said that word in a post. That means I’m mildly pissed off. Anyways, after class, I had breakfast, well, actually my mom had to pass me breakfast in a cup, and than into a bowl because I was about to start Earth Science CCS.

So, while I was eating my breakfast during Earth Science class, our teacher Ms. Lauen was going to do class instead of Dr. Brad Johnson. Now, I like Ms. Lauen and all, but I don’t really think she’s widely awake because she seems to just dully say everything, and than probably yawn. Though, while she was yawning I would talk to one of my friends through school, I’m not going to say his name, but we talked in school, and we were laughing so much about Ms. Lauen yawning. We didn’t do it privately, so Ms. Lauen did see us saying it. But, she didn’t take so much as an offense. We all than started to laugh, and we had fun. 😀 Maybe having laughs with a dull speaking teacher isn’t so bad.

So, after class, I worked 6 sheets on Mathematical Areas of Circles. It was sort of hard doing V=lmh and all sorts of other stuff in Algebra form. I have to say it was as hard as identifying radius and circumference when I first learned it. Though, I got the whole concept. So, afterwards, when I finished Math, I went towards Social Studies CCS. Except this time we had the biggest group, and yet the weirdest class ever. During class our two woman teachers, Adrienne Rhoads, and Ms. Zuber admitted and cheered that they were old woman. I immediately posted Facebook status about it, and it was one damn funny story. Than this kid was talking about World War 2 and said instead of Germany he said Germally. What the fuck? Really?

So, after loads of school work, I’m so tired right now. So, I’m just going to say Nayyir said LOADS of bad words about me for no damn reason, and now we’re officially not friends, and he’s officially a hypocrite and punk. Oh and American Idol was so dramatic honestly. I wanna watch Glee right now, or do Wii Fit. Oh and we did do Wii Fit, I got full points for push ups and lunges. Lunges are super hard. Plus, I’m gaining my four pack back. 😀 So, this is going to be a very short post. And with no pictures. Sorry, the motorcycle dude trampled over the flower, and I can’t take a picture. 😦


2 comments on “American Idol Drama

  1. nayyirnensi says:

    Dude there was a girl on American Idol that came in second place. Her name is Kailey or Caeley. Idk how to write it, but I know that girl. Her dad is my dad’s friend. And wtf? Hypocrite? Dude! You know I usually never mean anything I say. But I am angry at u at times. Im sorry! I just got frustrated when you talked with Hilda and Shahnoor! It made me feel angry.

    • Andrew says:

      Um… okay, honestly, I don’t care if your friends with someone who went to American Idol. It’s just like saying I’m friends with the people who made sharpeners. :/ Ya, and you also called me a Nigga… But I don’t care anymore.

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