My Research Report And School

I had an awesome dream, and I feel like sharing it with you.

This is how it goes. I am on this beach, eating these sort of blue pancakes (I think I got that image from Percy Jackson), and drinking a sour sort of pink lemonade. But, the taste of the food and drink felt so real. I felt like it was something like reality. But, it wasn’t until the end of the dream I realized it was just a dream. So, anyways, I kept drinking and eating, and than eventually I went up to a store clerk and asked if he could offer me some food. The store clerk gave me aย coconutย drink, and I went away. Though the store clerk looked oddly like somebody I knew.

Well, I ignored it, and went on with drinking the coconut. Though, the dream just ended than. No action and no drama happened. Wait are you serious? Nothing bad was going to happen? Just luxury? I was going nuts. Every time I’d have a dream it would be drama, or fighting, except for the time I dreamt about flying. I just ignored it so I wouldn’t have to get distracted by anything. I woke up eventually and went downstairs and got ready for Language Arts CCS. It sort of took awhile for the teacher to start, but it hardly had mattered to me, cause I still needed to get into focus. Once we started, the teacher stated that we will be learning how to revise our Research Report today.

Today? I was thinking she was mad. I hadn’t gotten done with my drafting part. How in the world am I supposed to revise. I got my textbook with my Research Report and looked at it decisively. Turns out I had a LONG way to go from there. Though, to me it was no use. So, I just listened very carefully to the important steps the teacher mentioned about the bibliography cards and note cards that we had to write down for our Research Report. Well, since I was very busy, and already packed with my Research Report, and plus I was only showing my report to my parents, I think I’ll pass on that. I don’t wanna waste my time on it. Eventually when CCS was nearly over, the teacher said that we will be reading our Research Reports. I started to sweat at that point.

But, fortunately, she said some other words that saved my life. Ms. Peters said that we were going to be able to not read to class if we didn’t have a Research Report, and that it was okay. But, I wanted to see other student’s work on their Research Report. So, I asked her if students who hadn’t finished their report could still watch the others, and she said yes. So, about only 30 students still stayed to watch. Though, the odd thing was that I ended up with the same room as Mary Kate Billings was. But, I didn’t want to pay too much attention to that.

Turns out, in the group of 7 students I was in, only 1 of them had a Research Report. I was totally disappointed. The teacher even said she was disappointed that most kids in some classes didn’t have a Research paper to show. So, I felt like the lost one at that moment. The rest of the school went smooth. I chatted a little bit with my friend Mark Vallor. Oh and I also finished my Research Report in one night since my mom really wanted me to finish it. So, I completely finished the report and felt happy. That’s pretty much all that happened today except that I watched Raising Hope, and am getting back to watching Glee again. ๐Ÿ˜€

Oh and I did find a flower in my backyard that was blooming so amazingly. I got a picture of it, and this time with monster awesome pixels and graphics. It looks really good actually.

12 comments on “My Research Report And School

  1. roxy189 says:

    I love the photo – it’s amazing. And that sounds like a weird dream. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. marykatebillings13 says:

    I was just as freaked out as you were…… there were what? 8 whole break out rooms?! :/

  3. Mark Vallor says:

    Oh Andrew, I see that your views are boosting up easily. But, may I ask you what sort of camera did you use for the blooming flower. Cause my camera has only 300x pixels and yours seem a little better than mines. I know your mom’s camera can’t give this sort of HD’s look. But, I’m rather impressed with you Andrew. Oh and Mary Kate to explain why my account on Facebook was sending you embedded codes, is because I too had my account hacked. Though, I’ll call up some people to help me trace the hacker. I hope the hacker didn’t make too much of a mess for you guys.

    Oh and yes Andrew, I forgot to mention that I am moving to Colorado. My business in the investing is starting to decrease since the Market is low, and I’m investing for high market. I’ve looked up online, and I’ve found a better market resource for me, and it turns out that Colorado’s market is a very good alternative. ๐Ÿ˜‰ But, I am sorry to say bye to you. My daughter did like spending time with your sister Anabelle. Such a cute sister you have Andrew. But, actually, let me get to replying to your post. Shall I?

    What is exactly CCS? And I believe that you were right that being put in 8 groups (like Mary Kate Billings assumed), and that the teacher said some of them didn’t have good reports. I hope your report was good. I would request you to put a post about it, if you can, like you did with your Travel Brochure. ๐Ÿ˜€ Well, I guess this is my last comment, living in Georgia, on your blog. I’ll still be able to comment on your blog in Colorado.

    • marykatebillings13 says:

      oh ok no problemo.

    • Andrew says:

      Yep. After I changed my private settings to none privateness, people can now visit me. Oh and I used my mom’s camera, and edited it a little bit in my Laptop’s new software, and than I widened the picture through my blog. ๐Ÿ™‚ You need to be able to know these things. Investing is for the money. Programming is for serious stuff. Lol. Ouch, somebody hacked your account? Well, somebody’s been hacking my account on CCS, so GCA traced the hacker, and is still working on it. I hope they catch the criminal soon. It would be nice to know that I got 900s on the CRCT, and than heard that Patricia’s friend did it. Because you know whoever hacked my account is going to be in deep shit. LOL.

      COLORADO? Ah, well, I guess I won’t really have an older man in real life to talk to. I’ll still be able to manage though. Markets is all you investors think. Lol. I’m kidding. Yeah, my dad did tell you to go for the down market, but now you pay. Now, my dad is making MONEY. And I’m making business. I also just came out of a conference with my teacher. I feel extroadinarly good. She acts like she’s a parent that cares for me. Like Ms. Weasely and Harry Potter. Lol. And CCS, is initials for Class Connect Sessions. Another way they call elluminates. Yeah, I love saying it. I sound serious and not stupid in my posts anymore. Lol. Yeah, I finished, and since I didn’t write the report on my computer, I’m not going to waste my time putting it here. It’s pretty long, but not too long. Well, I’ll be talking with you from different ends. See ya!

  4. xxmicheexx says:

    What camera did you use?

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