Valentines Day

Nothing really interesting occurs or happens during Valentines honestly. I’ve never actually celebrated Valentines with a female. I’ve only celebrated it once on a Valentines Party at my piano teacher’s friend’s house with my church friend August. The rest of my life, all I do is get persuaded by my sister, Patricia, or my mom to write Valentines cards to some friends, except I’m not giving them lovely cards. I’m more likely saying “God bless you” and sort of stuff. Well, I kind of expected it to be rather different since I got myself signed up with a new girlfriend. I haven’t mentioned it to you though, because I’ve been sick for the past days.

So, today was a Monday. The whole family knew that it was a school day, or as I like to call it, “The First Day Of Hell”. But, just to put my mood up, I remembered from Friday and Saturday that I checked Study Island, and I remembered I still have several tests still on, and I only had ti’ll the end of TODAY to finish it. So, I sort of panicked in my mind. Thinking what in the world will I do. Well, I couldn’t really pay attention to that thought because I still had OLS (thankfully no CCS), and it needed to be finished. ย Well during the time when I was around like 3 subjects done with my school, a package came home, and this time it seemed interesting. For one, because dad seemed all excited about it. So, he asked mom to open it, and we saw two cups that could match together. It said “We go together like milk and cookies”.


Now usually I get the right pictures for my blog. But, I couldn’t take a picture of the real cups or else my mom or dad would get really suspicious. So, I did research online, and all I could find that was similar to it was this. It’s not exactly the same but it’s good enough. Enjoy a cute picture for Valentines from Andrew. From the heart. ๐Ÿ˜€

And comments about the picture will be asked and answered in the comments!

So, afterwards, school and Study Island was becoming a big hack for me. I started to get really stressed, and my tummy was really overlapping now. So, I watched a little trailer again of the Social Network so I wouldn’t have to really feel so non-brainy or stupid about myself like those kids on TV. After I saw the trailer. I was so motivated into working into my book and my Research Report. I felt so good about myself, that I went on with my parents about my College and my plan to get a degree from Georgia Tech, than pass a Musical College, and than finally get a Biology PhD. So, once I was done with my book time, and eventually bothering my parents I went to a more suitable activity. I finished school in less than 3 hours, and than went to Study Island. Though, with the un-addiquet noises that my sisters and brother were causing. I was starting to lose myself during Study Island, and I started to doubt myself (honestly, I don’t know where that came from). To make things worse, I still had 5 tests always showing up in front of my face. So, in order to take away the stress, I shutted Patricia and Matthew’s mouth, and drew a little art. I made a fan page about my upcoming book.

And if you have noticed I put a new widget at the top of my blog’s sidebar giving out a link (since I for some reason can’t get the damn right picture of the fan page) so you guys can like it. Only the problem is that for some reason the HTML code redirected to something else, and now I have to solve it. Since I was really bored, I strayed away from things, and was told by my mom to go hangout with my family. Like I don’t hangout with them or talk with them all day. At least I got some time by myself, and some good time. I spent time with Patricia finding her draft (since she persuaded me to help because she said she was going to explode, and was already in tears). Matthew found the draft. Therefore, I repayed Matthew back, and spent some time with him.

We were taking out the bed mattresses and having great fun. Until it was 11 PM and I hadn’t finished my assignments and tests of Study Island. Plus, my parents said I had to go bed. I dignantly walked towards my parents and told them that I still had assignments. There was a lot of yelling. But, mom did the most yelling at me. I was kind of half-scared to death. They said that for my mistake, I had to do it tomorrow, even if I would get expulsion. Well, that was kind of rude. So, I went into bed, and received an unnecessary comment from mom that if I wouldn’t get things properly tomorrow, that she would mess me up with her hands. I stayed normal, I knew I was stupid. But, I also knew mom was exaturating. Afterwards, I went to bed, and dreamt. ๐Ÿ™‚ Not such a lovely Valentiens was it?


8 comments on “Valentines Day

  1. roxy189 says:

    Yikes. Not good to hear that kins of stuff from your mom on Valentines Day. Hope everything goes alright with school – since she wouldn’t let you stay up.

  2. Prima says:

    I’ve read this post in my email, but since I couldn’t see the picture, I decided to visit, LOL…

    I am waiting for patricia drawing, please tag me on… ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy Late-Valentine

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