Grounding Season: I Wanna Scream

So, I’m going to keep this short. A short post basically, and just tell you that I’ve read over 78 pages of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I’m at page 123. I’m getting there. Oh and BTW, I’m almost done with my Research Report. I have about 4 paragraphs, and still only 2 pages… I need probably about 5 pages since Russia is a significant topic to study/research. Though, I still need to draft the 5 page Research Report, and than proofread, re-write, and than publish. It’ll be a lot of writing work, but I’m trying. I have a Persuasive essay eventually for Russia’s Government due 4 day from now, so I have piles of homework. I had about 2 sheets of homework, and 2 pdf files on Pre-Algebra today.

I had to study a lot about Interests, and reviewing the Compound Interest, trust me, going on with my budget plan, I’ll be rich in no time. With my rich necessitation, I’ll travel places like: Romania, Australia, and than eventually some parts of Russia so I can get loads of pictures  to upload on this blog, eventually, I’ll than spend my money on a hard-core amplifier, and get my own advanced desktop called Droid. With 3 screens I use for programming. Ah, my imagination. So, yeah, I’m also grounded, and right now I wanna fucking scream, at my parents, and at the rest of the family, I also got reported from lot’s of families their children got grounded. It’s grounding SEASON! 


2 comments on “Grounding Season: I Wanna Scream

  1. roxy189 says:

    Wow. That’s a lot of homework. I have none 😛

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