Super Bowl Night

Well, today is Sunday, and that’s three things: church day, grownups coming over, and last but not least, the Super Bowl!! I can’t wait. Mary Kate and I are routing for the Steelers, I don’t know about anybody else. But, whatever, okay, when we got ready for church (I’m going to skip all the putting on clothes and getting hair done drama), Patricia’s friend asked if she could come to church. Well, it was kind of a bad time, because Patricia was going all snappy on everybody because they judged her yesterday for her Balle, and now mom’s defending her, and won’t let us say a single word to it. I just hate how my sister and my mom seem to be like tag-partners. Once mom’s on your side, nobody can beat you. She could punish us if we had something to say against her, that’s what we’re mostly afraid of.

So, when we got in the car, and picked Patricia’s friend up (since she excused by saying that she’s not having a good ankle today, so we have to pick her up), Patricia’s friend gave me this sort of annoyed look, and than sat in an opposite seat of Patricia because I was sitting next to Patricia, and I guess Patricia’s friend was too afraid to move me off the seat. We moved on, and on, and dad kept playing Switchfoot constantly, on his playlist. Well, I just sang to myself some Bullet For My Valentine songs, and also a lot of Bring Me The Horizon songs. Finally, when we had arrived at church, I’d almost thought I saw Michael, and was going to say hi, but I forgot two things, that the car he was around, didn’t have the same license plate as their car, plus it was 8:45 AM, they don’t come to church THIS early. So, I ignored the car, and realized the face of what I thought was Michael, was very much not Michael. We got inside the church, meeting some old folk we knew about 2 years ago. The man was the person I remembered long ago, that used to call me a Biologist all the time. Wow, last time when that was occuring, I would get so aggravated. But, now I just reminded him, and we laughed.

While Patricia, and her old friend, whom she used to play with, we’re talking about the next thing that was going to happen in Kidstuff, and how they were doing in school. Patricia’s friend gave this sort of grim look at them, and interrupted asking the girl if she had any Barbie dolls or if she did Balle. Well, Patricia’s friend, you know people can’t be perfect just having the same interests as you. When she said that, I immediately knew Patricia’s friend was going to bring up the slutt doll subject, so I told Patricia’s friend to back off so I could have a word with her. I told her that Patricia’s old friend is very shy, and she really doesn’t play too much with dolls, Patricia’s friend nodded and than prologued with her walk. I went to church immediately. It was fun, plus when Michael came around, so he could back me up in Foozeball, we were total masters again.

Once church service was over, I talked with my friend Jonathon, about the Super Bowl, and he said he didn’t enjoy watching it, he only watched it since his dad forced him. I went struck silence, I had told him that that’s the exact same thing we do, and then Michael bugged in and brought up about Soccer, and we went into a long, and comfortable conversation on Soccer. When that was over, I heard that Kidstuff was starting today (now I get why Patricia’s old friend brought up Kidstuff). My arch enemy passed me a couple of times, ignoring I was there, and I just sat in the seats of the church. Well, I wanted to skip Kidstuff so bad, that I thought I might wanna puke, instead of hearing their goofy facts on church. Mom finally excused me from the thousand crowded stage, and I went to the foozeball table again, though, before I went in, I found 5 people coming out of this particular room with doughtnuts and sodas.

I decided to check out the room. It wouldn’t hurt, right? So, I checked in, and what I found was 50 boxes of glazed doughtnuts. I loved it, I took 2 doughnuts, and nobody really seemed to care. My awkward friend, well, he’s not awkward, but we talk awkwardly, came around, and said hi. I decided to give him my second doughnut, and he said THANKS. I felt happy at that point, until when Kidstuff was over, and we left. Patricia’s friend was skipping like there was no tomorrow, and I still wonder why she said that her ankle hurts. That bitch. When we got home, Patricia’s friend was begging for Patricia over, but mom said no, no, no. Than, she came to an exception when they were allowed to stay outside. Eventually, things started to turn hot. Patricia’s friend left Anabelle’s scooter out, and a car ran over it, it got stuck in the wheels. So, eventually we had to bring our dad.

All Patricia’s friend said after this was, “I remember it was there… but um.. uhh… I just remember it was there.” She said that giving out her lieing face. She eventually asked if she could come inside, after when she broke a scooter, I said no, than when dad came, she asked him, and he said no, so she went with Anabelle, Patricia to her house. They stayed there for about an hour. When mom specifically said no, and you can call Social Services Skydancer, I ain’t lieing, I could even get a picture of the ugly prick. Plus, when the boys came around, Patricia’s friend was allover them, since she finally got popularity. She eventually started going into her cooly face. I hope she doesn’t go into her sexual mood again. There’s a lot more stuff that happened, but I wanna skip it. We went over to Sharoyl’s house, and her parents. We watched the Super Bowl there, and than came back home. Depressingly, the half time when the Black Eyed Peas sang, they sucked. Why couldn’t Slash just play the rest of the time? And the Super Bowl SUCKED.


13 comments on “Super Bowl Night

  1. roxy189 says:

    What a day! I HATE football, so I didn’t watch the Super Bowl. But now I’m pissed, because Slash was there, and he apparently bedazzled his top hat. I love Slash with a naughty passion ♥

    But as for the football part – I would have fallen asleep.
    My parents hate sports anyway, and my dad hates watching TV, so I would have been watching it alone.

    And the other acts sucked – according to the internet.

    • Andrew says:

      ME TOO, I only watch it because my dad forces me too, or because that’s all the family’s doing for the past three hours. Lol. Slash was with Fergie, and she was touching him a lot, just not in wrong places. I still think that Slash needs to make better, and more complicated solos so his career will catch up. Really? You would’ve fallen asleep? Well, by my statistics you can’t do that because the TV would make such HUGE noises. But, did you forget about the Black Eyed Peas??? THEY SUCKED! And my friend, Mary Kate, from school, said they sang beastly. WTF?

      • roxy189 says:

        Wow. Slash shouldn’t be with Fergie. She does have a good rock n’ roll voice though. Have you heard her track on his solo album?

        Slash shouldn’t be with Perla the hippo either. I don’t even know why I follow her on twitter.

      • Andrew says:

        YEP. Fergie is too new for Slash. lol. No, I don’t think I’ve heard her in her rock n’ roll voice on his solo album. Perla IS A HIPPO!!!

  2. Darnit! My Steelers lost! Bummer! 😦

  3. “Patricia’s Friend” reminds me of a wild little 10-year-old girl I knew a long, long time ago. And her 11-year-old male friend who had already been arrested more than most 60-year-old criminals have been arrested in their lives. *sigh*

  4. marywexel12 says:

    idk bout u but i wanted steelers 2 win……………………did u hear Christina aguilera mess up here lins? i loved usher!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was soooooooooooo happy that the black eyed peas got picked for halftime instead of justin bieber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥

    • Andrew says:

      Did, you at least pay attention to the post? I WAS routing for Steelers. I was the only one in my family routing for them. Christina fucked up her lines. 😉 Yeah, though he didn’t sing to much. Which was really disappointing. I just wanted Slash to play throughout the whole concert. And I didn’t like the Black Eyed Peas much. But, it was still better than jb.

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