Some Awesome Pictures Installed Into My Laptop

This is one of the brightest pictures I love in my sample pictures. It just reminds me a lot of good ol’ Kansas. 

An amazing view of the desert, and the layers look really cracked up, so that goes with the cool texture. 

The cutest picture of them all, cute Koala ain’t it? I’ve always wanted to go to Australia when I was about 8 years old, and see a Koala. Though, I didn’t have the brain than to take a picture of it. But, now, I know what first I’ll be looking for once I fly to Australia. A Koala.

Looks like a really weird picture, but if you look a little deeper into the penguins skin, you could almost faint because of the beauty of their skin. I always mumble whenever I come in contact with their leathery skin. 

A very beautiful, yet elegant picture of a Jellyfish. I don’t know which photographer was crazy enough to go into the deep water with a camera, and managed to get a clear picture, could take all the pressure. 

This one is the beastly photo. My favorite photo. It was so good, I decided to set it as my profile picture. I wish I could find these kind of magnificent flowers in Georgia. First, look at it’s texture, and look at how the angle shows you every part of it, and how it looks beautiful. 

It’s an amazing view of a lighthouse. I think that’s all I have to say. Oh yeah, the rocks also look beastly. 

I left a good one for last. An amazingly, bright, yellow picture I suspect you telling from the beauty of the tulips.


8 comments on “Some Awesome Pictures Installed Into My Laptop

  1. Prima says:

    Hmmm… I love the koala.. I never see it directly before, LOL

    and you still owe me the answer of the name of the first flower picture..hahahahah…

    and how about the flower for profile picture? 😛

    • Andrew says:

      You haven’t??? Wow. I’ve seen it a couple of times through Jeff Corwin’s show.
      And, yeah it’s a Chrysanthemum at the first picture. One of the brightest flowers beside the tulips.
      And my profile picture one, ugh… remembering plants is hard. Oh yeah it’s the Hydrangeas. CUTE.

      • Prima says:

        Correct! 😀
        some people know hydrange as hortensia, actually they are same plants…

        I meant, I never see a real koala in front of my eyes,not on TV, LOL, don’t you think it’s so fluffy! ^^

      • Andrew says:

        It’s Hydrangea!!! And Hortensia is a totally different topic. Different species of plants.
        And that’s what I meant, you haven’t even see pic??

  2. roxy189 says:

    I’ve been to Australia, because my aunt lives there + my cousins and uncle. We actually went to the zoo and me and my mom petted a koala. They’re so cute.

    • Andrew says:

      Really? You’re lucky. You live in Canada, and I live in USA. AND YOU GET TO GO THERE!!

      • roxy189 says:

        It was expensive though. The bulk of the cost is the plane tickets. All together they were like 4000$. Only me and my mom went, and back then I was still considered a child, because I was only seven.

        So now me and my dad are taking a trip. We’re going to California in April.

      • Andrew says:

        Yikes, and in Atlanta, GA we can go to any place for $1,000 or $1,500. 😀 We’re lucky, and your lucky you got to travel at 7 on an airplane, I traveled through my mom’s stomach. LOL. Cool vacation plan though!

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