First Time I’ve Ever Been Severely In Trouble (With GCA)

Yeah, this is actually, the worst of all days in my whole life. I’ll explain. When I woke up this morning, and skipped my breakfast so I could get to Language Arts CCS, I was having fun, knowing that I was in my favorite class in the world, besides Social Studies CCS and Science CCS (well, Science, because it’s the only chat class). But, when I finished my Language Arts CCS, I got a call from somebody anonymously I didn’t know, until I called them back, because there was a phone connection, and heard on the voice mail it was my homeroom teacher: Ms. Lauen. So, she called back 5 minutes after I left her a voice-mail, and she asked me first if she could speak with my dad  or mom, but mom was at work, and dad was upstairs having an important online meeting.

So, I told her they were busy, and she asked if I was missing some CCS’s lately, and I said sometimes, and then she stated that she just got word that I was cussing, which was weird, I don’t exactly remember cussing at all. At least in CCS. When dad finally got off his meeting, he went directly to the phone so he could talk this over with my home room teacher. So, when they talked, I overheard (since the phone was so loud) that Ms. Lauen got word from a Social Studies teacher catching me cussing. She also got a picture. Well, I was suspicious at that point, because our teacher didn’t need to get a picture, she needed to just get the recording (which she always does, and it would show everything).

So, I started thinking two theories: somebody logged as my user, and cussed on it, OR, my Social Studies teacher, who kind of ignores me, took a blank picture, and edited it. Well, when my dad was done, he went back to the laptop, as if this never happened. I WAS STILL THINKING IN MY MIND, I couldn’t have done that. I don’t remember cussing at all during class, this whole idea, made me shiver, literally, for 30 minutes, and my stomach kept feeling hot, and toppled on. I seemed stressed on something I’d never done. But, why? That’s what I was asking myself. But, dad said to just leave it, and they will later on than say what to do, well, I went on with the rest of school. I skipped Social Studies class of course today, since it was an enrichment, along, with Science, since I was too angry to be around Mary at the time.

So, I did Math CCS, I had plenty of fun, learning more about some geometrical prisms, oh and some smart people actually turned from Advanced Math CCS, into Regular Math CCS, like me. I felt like saying “in your face showoffs!!”, but I thought I’d better not. I was still thinking every 15 minutes about me getting caught cussing. It made my stomach turn, and my temperature went up. I think by 2 degrees. I did my OLS, which turned out very slow. I did my Social Studies, on Russia, and then checked out all of my notes for my Research Paper, unfortunately, I realized m organized outline, wasn’t organized, and the notes I took were from Europe, not freaking Russia, so I overdid again my organized outline, and this time it was organized.

I couldn’t note at all, because most of the Russian study sites were from .com, and our teacher told us specifically TODAY, that most trustworthy sites that don’t give you problems would be .gov, .mil, .org, and .net. And the only thing I found from those, was the Groiler’s Online Encyclopedia. Well, my teacher always said that we needed to study from two websites about a topic if we wouldn’t go to the library for information, but I thought, why not go to the library for studying instead? So, I asked dad and mom if they can bring me to the library, well, my mom said you can go anywhere, besides a club, so she could sleep. My dad said, we were absolutely going, so I was physched.

I continued with the rest of school, I provided some fruits and vegetables for my stomach, oh and BTW, I’m almost 6ft tall. It’s amazing, I’m growing, I’m like 5 ft 8 inch. It’s cool, but I still wanna get shorter since my head constantly hits my room door. Lol. Anyways, my stomach again and again kept expanding, and hurting, thinking about my trouble, but finally, my dad reported we were about to leave. So, I grabbed my laptop, for online studying, and my notebook, so I could write paragraphs down from the books. It took us 20 minutes to get to the library, since we needed to stop at Walmart, and than stop by the gas station. I was acrasia in the car, because Anabelle wouldn’t stop shutting up, and she kept mumbling the word: fuck.

Yes, we are a crazy family. Patricia, well she was okay, and so was Matthew, except for the fact, he kept making farting noises. When we finally arrived, I grabbed a stool, and looked around for books, I also noticed, the moment I entered the store, I saw this dude with long light blonde hair, nose piercings, lip piercings, and tattoos allover his knuckles, and plus his pants were hanging, I thought I’d just met the Blessthefall guitar player, but I was too afraid to go to him, so I went on with my look, and eventually found a lost piece, that ought to excuse the library woman so I can ask her for some Russian books, I eventually went to her, and gave her the lost piece of parchment, and than asked for some Russian books, she eventually helped me find a huge stack of books.

I studied and studied, until two teenage, Indian girls, came on the same table with me, except it was 4 feet away from me, they were mentioning about how they had a test due 2 hours, and they were dramatizing, so, just to help my mood, this Asian dude, came passed me a couple of times, and then eventually we looked and each other, and mouthed the words constantly: HI! He reminded me so much of Simon. At the time, he walked up to me, and said wassup, and asked for my grade, I said I was in 6th,and he said he was in third grade. Well, he didn’t look too much like a third grader, he looked more like a 4th grader, plus we kept on saying stuff like middle schoolers. Than eventually, that Blessthefall dude, came across us, and the 3rd grader kept saying, who the heck is that hairy guy? And I said shut up, and then I said don’t Chinese people like those hair styles, he actually stated he was Korean, but wasn’t offended, because I was not offending him.

Afterwards, I asked the dude, if he was in a band, and the guy gave me this small, and scared look at me, and said: no. I immediately put my hands to my mouth, and kept gasping. I looked so stupid back there. The 3rd grader eventually mentioned his name: Joseph, and said I was stupid, and I said I know, eventually, when he had to leave, the last person I’d expect in this kind of library was Patricia’s friend. The pervert. She came around, and than, still kept bossing Patricia around and moved them place to place, they eventually went into a restricted area for teens, which was when I had told them they weren’t allowed. They left, and Anabelle was making imitations.

Eventually, when we had to go, Patricia’s friend followed my dad around, and then finally asked if Patricia could come over, I realized that they had been following us, but keep listening to the story, he said no, and then she eventually asked if she could come over. Patricia clearly stated no, and so did my dad, so she gave Patricia a hug, and then went back to her mom, I still gave her my evil glare. We went inside the car, and I officially told Patricia and Anabelle they had been following us, they didn’t believe me. But, watch this, when I got home, mom told us that Patricia’s friend just left 30 minutes ago, and that she told them that we were at the library, dad and I looked at Patricia, and we knew she was following us.

Backstabber, Patricia kept defending, but eventually, she didn’t have to, because Patricia’s friend came to our house again, and asked during the time, I was looking with my mom and dad the cuss words the teacher caught me saying, well I was exasperating alright. Patricia’s friend kept hogging it in so she could inside and play, she didn’t take no for an answer, so eventually she got to come inside. Dad, mom and I eventually sent messages to the teacher explaining it wasn’t me, now the rest really is too hard to talk about, but I’ve already made this post long enough.


6 comments on “First Time I’ve Ever Been Severely In Trouble (With GCA)

  1. nayyir says:

    dude wtf. lol jk. but dude, u are NOT five foot 8! my mom is five foot four and shes taller than u so theres no way. maybe u can be taller than my mom, but not my sis, my sis is five foot seven, and shes way taller than u, no offense. but dude, ur only two inchs taller than me too. maybe three now but whatevs. im five foot two. :/. dude sry bout saying this but ur not that tall. next, heeheheheh, they got downgraded to the other math. heheheheheh. and dude, good thing u backed away from tha dude, im so proud of u, ur growning up so fast. and dude, btw im on my fone so there r thousanda of apelling mistwkes. CAN YOU DIG IT SUCKA!

  2. Have you ever talked to Patricia and asked her if she really likes her friend? Maybe she doesn’t even really like her and would like somebody to help her get away from her.

    • Andrew says:

      Hell yeah! Of course I do. She says she doesn’t like how she behaves, and neither does my mom. But, they just have to be friendly with Patricia’s friend, since they think that she’s lonely. My mom even accepted that carrying her around, is like a burden.

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