Finally Days Have Become A Challenge

Nothing much really happened on Tuesday, all I did was school and had a dream . I’ll start with the dream. I had a dream about me, again in my human chameleon form, in a class test, I think it was a CRCT test I was taking, because the problem answers were listed in multiple-choice words. It felt like I was there for almost a full three hours until I noticed Dark Vador and Luke Sywalker were fighting outside the classroom. I just laughed because I saw sweat coming down his metal face. But, after that, things started to look creepy. A red dragon appeared in the classroom, and stared at the whole class, until… it ate a student. I was so shocked by than, but than 2 students were eaten. I tried thinking about what to do. I saw my friend, Connor, from last year on the CRCT on my left, and he was eaten.

I sweated of fear, and I did the only thing I could do. RUN. Eventually after two-thirds of the class was eaten, the dragon noticed I had left. It ran after me, but I did not look back. The blue dragon was faster than me, so it swooped right under me, and made me backflip back on the ground. I looked at it’s blue eyes, and we met, I than noticed that the face was forming, and it showed first Patricia’s friend, Michael (my best friend), Nayyir, and shockingly Elizabeth.

  • Nayyir said “fuck you nigga!”.
  • Michael said “hey”.

Elizabeth and Patricia’s friend though said nothing. I shifted backwards about 10 feet, until time the monster was about to sprawl on me, a cop came out of nowhere, and shot the dragon’s eye. He had a very stern look, and then looked at me.

  • I said “thank you very much for helping”.

But, after a few seconds of acknoledging.

  • He said “Only human.”

I laughed at that point, but until he pulled out a grenade and set it to 60 seconds. Oh God, I was thinking, the cop ran, and he set alarms, scientists toppled over me, while running to the escape room. I got a couple of bruises on my head and shoulder. No biggie. Until than, I heard a couple of gun shots, and screaming. The cop came back, with two things in his hand. 1. The head of Medusa. 2. The head of a scientist. The cop took of his glasses, and I immediately realized it was that Terminator character called Ahnold. I don’t remember his last name, but okay. I saw the bomb, after he left at 10 seconds. All of the sudden, I was tied to the ground with ropes. 8 seconds was left. My heart was pumping, 5 seconds, I knew I was dead. 4, 3, 2, 1. I woke up, sweating in my bed. Jesus Christ I though. What the hell just happened? Well, I didn’t have time for that, dad woke me up telling me Language Arts CCS was going to start. So, I got out of bed, and put on some clothes. I did my Language Arts CCS, and actually figured out that I had to write down a Research paper on whatever topic I wanted. Well, I was kind of surprised, and happy because it’s been almost a whole year since I haven’t been able to write papers on something I like. We had to learn about how to note down stuff through it, and how to organize our topic ideas. I’ve done a Research paper before on Georgia. Trust me, this will be easy, now that I’ve actually learned about things and have actually a choice to pick something on my own.

I knew immediately what topic I was going to choose. I thought first about the creation of Lego, but than I knew that some kid already mentioned the idea, so I rather not risk myself with two completely same ideas on it. Risking my grade. So, I chose the only thing I knew most about in Social Studies this year. Russia. Yeah, I’m physched. I’ve already found two websites where I can find some information on it, now I just need to outline my ideas for Russia, and than wait for tomorrow so I can ask dad if I can go to the library to get some more information. I outlined my ideas in less than 10 minutes. I was going to write about Russia’s Economy, Russia’s Early History, Russia’s Government, Russia’s Climate, Russia’s People, Russia’s Land, Russia’s Major Cities, and last but not least, Russia’s Cultural Heritage. It seems like a lot, but it actually isn’t, looking at the outline. I finished writing today, receieving a special note from my Language Arts teacher that I was the most focused and best student in the class. Well, not to showoff or anything, I am pretty good at Writing. I’ve been writing things since I’ve been 6. Reluctantly, with showing humbleness, I said thank you, and left the class. I moved to Science class and chatted with um… nobody really. I just replied to people’s messages, and they would either say I wasn’t talking to you, or they would just ignore it. Mary, ugh, Mary just annoyed me. She than kept bragging about how she was going to the ice skating competiton, and how she had her partner (who was a boy). Plus, last time when we had talked, she said she was sorry for being too busy to say hello to me. But guess what? She acted as if I was a damn fly the wall. She said hello to everybody, and didn’t seem very busy. Elizabeth wasn’t there at the time, which I was starting to wonder. But, okay, I talked to Christopher Gilreather (a friend from school) about it, and he went acrasia. But, so far, so good. I had a litery essay on “Thank you M’a’m” the story.

I acted cromulent towards the situation that I had that essay. Social Studies, well was kind of hard. I had to write 3 sheets of noted papers on Russia’s government. Though, my brother had to make me look deturpate in front of his friends. I utterly hated it to my soul. He got friends finally, and all he did was just try to make me ugly by saying that my blonde hair represented pee. Therefore, I gave him a punch on the stomach in front of his friends, and embarassed him a little. I left, and went back to school. Math was really easy, though I am worrying that the Unit Assessment will be stressing since the past Math lessons I’ve had were hard. Today was challenging. But, nothing happened. So, that’s the end of my story.



4 comments on “Finally Days Have Become A Challenge

  1. roxy189 says:

    That’s a cool dream. I would have loved to dream about a dragon eating people. You’re lucky that you vividly remember your dreams. I don’t. Except for the time when I met Led Zeppelin and The Beatles and Guns N Roses at the Hyatt house. That was an amazing dream ♥ I also love it when you get to pick report topics. They turn out way better if you get a choice.

    Oh, and don’t you mean Darth Vader?

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