Walking Wisely Weekend

The Beginning

It was a sort of good day for me and sort of boring, and sort of agitating. But, I got through 3 whole days of it, and I’m going to give you a little summary over what happened on those past days in one post. Okay, so here it goes. On Friday when I left from home, giving you the last post about leaving to Walking Wisely Weekend, my dad and I drived in his car, for about 25 minutes ti’ll we got there. There were about thousands of people posted everywhere in the buildings of the church, and the 2nd corridors that would usually be abandoned. If I’m right, the preacher about 4 weeks ago said that there had been 3,000 or 4,000 people signing up for this event. People from ourch church. People from Buckhead. People from another church, and probably some other people.

So, once my dad and I got there, there were slots of selections with last name letters, and we were in the P section. Therefore, we were in a line of almost a hundred people. Though, we got there, just in time, so we got through the line in about 10 minutes. We went past 4 corridors, to my small group. Though, when we ran into August (the son of the parent’s who we were going over for the past 3 days), we found out that our usual small group didn’t have our leader in. So, we eventually found our way, and found another small group. I immediately noticed Michael, Eric, Jonathon, Peyton, this new dude called Ethan and Nathon. Only Michael, Jonathon, and Ethan took notice of me. But, the rest were just too cool to notice me and they only noticed August. 😐

I’ll be honest. When Asa came over after a long time, everybody including me acted like he was the best thing that was coming, I got agitated. Why did everybody go for Asa when he had barely done anything in small groups or in Worship time. Was he the one who gave treats everyone for the past weeks last year? Was he the person who bailed Jonathon from almost getting in trouble with the church minister? Was HE the one who saved Peyton’s ass when he accidentally fell over the baptism bath, and almost made a fool of himself? NO HE DID NOT! I tried to ignore that fact. But, it still kept buzzing in my head continuesly. Though, Peyton already convended something with Asa, August, and Eric. I did not know what it was about. But I sure did not want to poke my nose into the subject.

Eventually when 45 minutes passed, and my dad was long gone, the leader told us before we were going to start our itinerant journey, that we would need our sleeping bags, money and stuff like that (I already had everything besides a Bible since I read his e-mail he sent to my dad). Turns out, Michael’s mom also participated in helping the kids. Ms. Ginger (Michael’s mom) signed up for taking half of the boys of the small group to August’s house. Turns out, August, Asa, Eric, Michael and I were going in that car. Immediately, Ms. Ginger recognized me, and said “hi Andrew”. She hadn’t said it to anybody else since she hadn’t known them. So, when we got in the car, I discussed about some horror movies like the Grudge and the Ring with Eric, and than had quiet interesting monologue with August and Asa (since us three were in the backseats).

Eventually, when we got to August’s house, we had some fun. They had an amazing basement. Though, I knew I wasn’t supposed to take pictures of other’s houses, or else I could get in trouble. August’s mom was very nice, and August’s dad was the only one out of the whole group who had recognized me. August’s dad and I talked about how I was doing in school, and so far, how the experience of Walking Wisely Weekend was. Than, unfortunately, August’s dad was interrupted abruptly by Mr. Kenn our group leader, and he told me to go downstairs cause they had something to do. So, I went downstairs, and immediately noticed the table of Cheetos, Skittles, Chocolate Popcorn, Chocolate melted Cookies, and water bottles. I took everything except for the Skittles and Chocolate Popcorn.

We all played Black Ops all night, except for the time we did small group inside the house, and Mr. Kenn tried to struggle sleeping over the noise Eric and Asa was making playing basketball, and the noise Ethan and Jonathon was making playing Ping Pong, and over the noise Ethan, August, Michael, Matthew, and I were making over the Black Ops game. Though, he was able to sleep. Which surprised me. When we came to the point where we were playing until 1:23 AM, we all went to sleep. Michael, Ethan and I, though, were allowed to stay up a little bit and talk, since we were the calmest out of the rest. We talked about the book called the Warrior which I hadn’t known about, and than we went to sleep.

The Journey

Once we woke up around 7 in the morning or so, I had to go upstairs and puke a couple of times from eating that food. It wasn’t really that pleasant at all, to be honest. Though, August, and the rest of the kids went back to playing Black Ops. Eventually Michael came up with a compromise to play this new game called Marvel vs. Capcom, and so far, Michael and I were the undefeatable team, until August played me in the 5th round, and beat me. I aksed Mr. Kenn if I could go outside, and oddly, after 15 minutes Ethan and Jonathon followed me. Though, the good part was that some neighbors of August came over in the backyard. One of them showed us this new way to use the rope August had in his backyard that was attached to his tree. It almost felt as if you were flying. Oh and FYI, August had a Treehouse, Tree Hang, 15 huge trees, and a trampoline. So, I felt pretty replenished. 😀

Anyways, when the neighbors finally left with their dog, Eric came around, and was starting to push Jonathon around, and all. Though, everybody knew that I was tougher than everybody in the group. Even though Eric looked bulgish, I was still able to push him, and we would look timid. Eventually, Eric dared me to climb on the top of a 40 ft cliff. I was able to get to the top without falling off. He was surprised. So, I was able to prove to him I could do it. Eventually he went back inside to play with the rest of the kids video games. Jonathon and I eventually went in since we had to go to Stars and Strikes. It was a good time there, for three reasons. First reason, Eric donated money to me since I had no money for food, Second reason, this dude with a huge camera that you would only use for movies was filming me playing guitar hero, and said “Ready to be on Youtube?”. I was so happy by than. Plus, I attracted a crowd of 20 people along with the small group to it, since I was kicking ass at the game.

And the third thing was that a couple of people were donating me credits for games out of nowhere. Now the suckish parts were that I was sucking at bowling majorally. Except for the time when I got a strike, and that some kids were making fun of my hair behind my back. I was sort of annoyed, but I stayed grateful beacuse God had blessed me with that youtube dude, and the crowd of people watching me. Eventually when people started making fun of my hair again, a couple of teenage girls that I’m guessing wasn’t from our church, came and said “shut the hell up!” and pushed them away. I said thanks to them and than they said “Don’t sweat it”. Well, that was the first time I got that from a girl. I just tried to make a joke out of it, and I said I’m not sweating it, and they laughed loudly, though, before I could get into a conversation, Mr. Kenn pulled me out and said we had to go. A bunch of parents signed up to take us places. I felt so much like an itinerant traveler.

Afterwards, the day went over, they played video games, and I stayed outside. So far, a normal day, without paranormal activity. I felt happy, except for the fact that everybody was making fun of me, and skipping me, and acting like I was a piece of trash. It wasn’t pleasant. We eventually didn’t sleep at all this time, and I had sore eyes. It kinda hurt, but it was pleasant that I was struggling like a grownup. Oh and Jonathon and I were checking on each other girlfriends on his Android phone that looked like an Iphone. Oh and when it was near the end of the day, we went to a concert that had people playing 20 songs and people were throwing thousands of streamers allover the place! It was FUCKING CRAZY!

The Last Day

Now nothing that interesting happened today. All we did was get news from Mr. Kenn that we were behaving for August’s mom, and that Mr. Kenn gave us notice that we were going to church so we could be dropped off. So, it was basically the end of the day. So, when we got there, everybody was having fun. Michael and I desperately walked around with Jonathon looking for our parents. After playing with a bunch of 7th graders some game, Ms. Ginger was going to pick me up and drop me to my parents. So, when I got there, I heard that Patricia’s friend was there, and that we were hosting. So, I was the king, plus the church hadn’t looked the same after a long time. So, I realized that Patricia’s friend was trying to attract attention to me, but honestly, she was such a big turn-OFF. Lol.

We got home, and Walking Wisely Weekend ended officially. Now I can only tell you from my private day of Sunday that I got in trouble because my dad figured out about my Facebook account, and that I screwed up badly in Soccer. So, ya, and tomorrow’s my brother’s birthday. 😀

A Whole Day Of Ihop And Shopping

I hope this post will be able to get through. But, I’m going to post about Friday. First of all, I had a beautiful sleep, and after I woke up, I slept again, thinking about Samara from The Ring, trying my attempt to dream about her. Unfortunately, the dream turned out to be about zombies. I remembered the dream in the morning, but than, I forgot. All I could remember was that near the end of the dream, we met this special group of zombies that said they didn’t eat humans and they at this (they were pointing at some crackers), and I was WOW. But, I didn’t want to laugh at the consistently tall zombies, or else I bet my butt would get kicked in my dreams.

Afterwards, when I woke up, and than decided to move downstairs, I did my jog, and ran into a Teenage guy with blonde hair, and this dark-skinned dude. I ran into them, and than I eventually realized they were walking their way to 4th coldasac to get to the bus, so I got out of there way, though, the dark-skinned dude, pushed me on the ground, and I started to get really pissed. The blonde guy than started kicking me in the thigh and the rear. I was right about at the point where I was about to bleed, but than Simon came around and noticed I was getting bullied, so (as I expected) he jumped in, and than started stabbing them with his tiny nail sword he always keeps around. The dark-skinned dude though jumped him, and started hurting Simon. But, by than, I ran like a fool back to my house. The blonde guy try to catch me, but I was too fast for him, or at least something stopped him. I don’t know.

After I lost him, I went back in, and decided to do 25 push-ups on Wiifit, and do 90 seconds on the plank. I was exemplary in all of it. But, I got bored, and decided to do some of my assignments for Study Island. So, I took about 3 assignments, and yet, I still have loads to do. I did a Pre-Agebra lesson, and as usual I do full percent grades on my assessments. Eventually my mom came home, and we went with my dad and her to Ihop. I’m going to be honest. This is the first time I’ve been there. My dad ordered a dish of bacon and eggs, along with waffles on his side. My sister ordered a full tray of waffles with blue syrup and bacon and eggs on the side. Matthew just had a pancake with white cream and syrup since he didn’t want to spoil himself.

I had 5 layers of pancakes, with Cinnamon on each layer, with juicy butter, and side dishing of salads and bacon. MMM! It was a good meal. I’m even drooling over it. After an hour or two we left to some store to get me some sports shoes and a sleeping bag for Walking Wisely Weekend. Though we spent most of our time there riding scooters, bikes, and skateboards. We had a great time. I found my favorite sport shoes and rode around with a skateboard around the store, and the managers and workers didn’t care. One would only just give me the evil eye and that’s all.

We eventually got to Anna’s Linens and all, but now I’m just so bored. SO, I’m going to get this over with soon. Once we got home, we stayed and laid around. After that, I hung out with Logan and than with Savino, eventually Patricia’s friend’s mom was trying to attempt to ask for Patricia’s friend to have a sleepover, but I kept Patricia away from her, so she wasn’t able to. I talked to Simon, and that’s pretty much all, except that I went to Walking Wisely Weekend. It’s going to be awesome!

Picnic and Camping Outside

I realized that I always seem to have a decent, or good title for my everyday posts. It’s really nice to know that I have all the time ideas of what to call my posts. It gives a sign of creativity. 😉 So, anyways, back to the day. I don’t feel as paranormal anymore, because of Brenda and her hilarious comedy of making horrifying things look stupid and retarded. So, with that taking care of my problem, I actually got to sleep in, and I woke up as fresh as a bloom.

The only problem though, was that I had CCS Enrichments today, and 2 essays I had to write for Earth Science (on the Milky Way and the Planets) and Social Studies (on Europe’s government and the Cold War). It was going to be difficult on the other fact that I had just learned about the word the Milky Way and only knew it was our galaxy and bla bla bla! So, when I started my first essay on Europe’s Government and Cold War I started to feel some stress coming in. Though, the essay was finished easily. I only I had to write about two pages about those two. Though, I had to research on the Milky Way for about half an hour, and plus the Milky Way took up 3 pages and the Planets only two. A little big essay if you ask me.

After I was finished with my essays, and it was 8 AM, I went directly to ALP Language Arts CCS (where I belonged). It was a fun class, and the teacher did introduce the new students and I to the class of like 120 students. Plus, I learned a lot more in Language Arts about Conjunctions and about Advertisement essays that only exemplary students like me were going to have. I seemed pretty prepared, though class ended very quickly around 8:45 AM. After that I had to skip Earth Science class for the 9:00 o’clock class for the Ratios CCS class.

The teacher made the whole class, or just me feel so much better in class. Which was a good way of teaching. Well, it was a sign of it. Theoretically, the teacher only gave other students second chances in participating on writing on the white board some rather hard questions, and if they’d fail constantly, she wouldn’t be agitated. So, I got through a difficult class, and than skipped Social Studies CCS for OLS work and Study Island work. Ya, I skip things like that. Lol. I finished about all my subjects, and finished the last conclusion for the Milky Way, finishing all of my essays. I had 4 sheets to work on in Math. Luckily, my mom helped me with it, cause learning Ratios in a difficult way and than learning an Algebraic form of Fractions dividing messes up your brain.

So, it took us half an hour to finish the sheets, and than I got onto ALP Math CCS. It was sort of boring, so I decided to listen to music until the survey came up. I’m sorry guys for my laziness, but the teacher was just taking things in the lessons too long, and too boring. So, I listened to a bunch of Perfect Weapon since my girlfriend requested that I play Perfect Weapon by Black Veil Brides (since on my Myyearbook status says anybody can request a song). After that, I listened to more As I Lay Dying and this new band I’m listening to called Sirenia. After that I listened to some Blessthefall and than finally I watched this sort of news video on an Anaconda swallowing a hippo. It wasn’t pleasant guys BTW.

After CCS, I worked more on my Study Island tests, and my OLS. I finished my OLS, which was a complete relief. But, the bad part was that grownups were coming at our house around 7 PM. So, the whole family had to rearrange and clean the house. Even the stinky bathrooms which now I’m starting to like (now that it’s clean). Plus, my parents reminded me that tomorrow I’ll be going to this event in church, which I may have mentioned, called Walking Wisely Weekend. That means I’m going to be gone for 3 whole days. Well, two days, and than some part of Sunday, I’m just not so sure I’ll be able to post than. So, when we finished cleaning up the house, Patricia, Matthew, Anabelle and I decided to have a picnic and camp out inside our club house for a couple of hours.

We actually had fun. I made all the dirty jokes Brenda was making about the horror people in Scary Movie, and my sisters just laughed. Matthew kept reminding us that every 30 minutes he would fart, which was very annoying to Patricia somehow. But, I just let it slide. Mom and dad were watching this rated R movie that had Ben Stiller in it, and it was a Comedy. I’m not sure what it was about, but I was for sure it wasn’t Little Fockers the new movie. When Matthew had to go inside eventually, I had fun sleeping in our clubhouse on our patio (since there was carpet, and blankets), and we enjoyed talking. I decided to ask my dad if we could call up Papa Johns if they could give us some breadsticks and Pizza. Dad hesitated, but than mom made an exception, and we got some pizza, along with chicken nuggets.

We had a great time inside the clubhouse until the grownups came, and I stayed upstairs, since the day was so busy, I just decided to take a bath, and than a shower by myself, watch Everybody Hates Chris, do some CRCT preparation, and than sleep. All in all, a good day. 😀


A Rather Bothering Day

This day, was far among the most bothering days. Yesterday I had a discussion about poltergeists with my dad, and if they were real or not. But, since I got hard-core proof on some poltegereists acting up, I won the case, though had felt regret, because after that. Stuff started acting up. Anyways, when I woke up today, I found a rather bothering scar on my elbow, that I hadn’t had yesterday. It was sort of peircing. It looked like acid had sunk into my arm, and singed parts of my skin. So, after I distinctively looked at the scar for 12 minutes, I recovered myself, and started Language Arts CCS.

It was sort of boring, and annoying throughout the class, because the teacher was having some connection issues and problems with her microphone. Plus, some guys were making fun of me during class, and the teacher didn’t even care. So, I just sat in my bed, and decided to look through Youtube. I first of all, searched The Ring. This new movie I’m obsessed with. I tried to look for previews of Samara Morgan and her disgusting face. I can’t show you the picture, because it would look to horrifying. If you want the picture of her make-up, ask me, and I’ll send you a private e-mail. So, once Language Arts CCS was done, I ate breakfast, and than moved on toward Earth Science CCS.

It was rather fun, except for the part, that Language Arts CCS’s survey took so long that I missed the chat time. So, after the whole demeaning class about The Solar System, I finally found a link on Youtube, to the movie The Ring, in parts. So, I watched all the parts of the movie. I had to skip Social Studies CCS, and Advanced Math CCS for this. The movie was generally very good. Not to horrifying, but scary, and if you think about Samara Morgan and her ugly face in your room, you really can’t sleep. LOL. It’s such a good movie. I’d feel like putting a Movie Perspective about it soon. The only horrifying images in the movie were the victims of The Ring and how they’re face would look punctured.

Anyways, I think the movie deserved to be the best one I’ve seen this year. 😉 When I finished, my mom came back eventually from exercise, and I was fidgetating constantly. It was hard watching a horror movie by yourself at my age, and try to control your fingers sweating and your feet shaking (if you know that sort of experience). Though, dad was able to sign me up with a job that would help that fidgetating go away. I had to load the dishes. So, to give an excuse for fidgetating, I put hot water, and than pretended that the hot water was the reason I was fidgetating. Afterwards, I finished loading, and had to go back to CCS. I had a 6th Grade Math Review CCS (since I requested my teacher in my conference for some Math CCS to help me boost up my knowledge on Math).

So, I got onto CCS, and let me tell you, we were learning one interesting topic. It had something to do with Y=5x in a graph. Yeah, I think that’s what we were learning about. All in all, it was a great topic to review and learn about. Plus, the teacher recognized all the students (probably because there were only 10 students and me that thought we needed some boosting in our Math curriculum). And I don’t know about everybody else, but I had a great time. Once I got off the 6th Grade Math Review CCS I camped out in my bed. I took a relaxing nap, and than camped out outside in our camp area. It felt good. Until I heard in our backyard forest something was moving. Like human moving. I would keep looking back whenever I’d hear the rustling on the leaves. Eventually I only realized I was haloosinating from the naps I took.

I went back inside, and continued with the rest of school. I had a Literature Unit Assessment, which took awhile to finish (100%) because I had to write 2 sheets of paragraphs on the poem writers and also answer 60 problems online. After finishing that, I went directly to Pre-Algebra. It wasn’t as easy. Plus, I didn’t understand the concept at all! It was so ANNOYING! I totally don’t get how I can figure out this: 678 X 7xy(31P X D)=?. It’s such a hard topic, and an easily understandable concept. I feel frustrated. The only thing that kept me unfrustrated was watching show on Youtube called Scary Movie 3 The Ring vs. Brennda something. 😐 It was so hilarious. I should probably put it up for you tomorrow! Once I finished that, I got into loads of drama with my parents.

Why does my life revolve around drama??!! That’s my final question for this post!

The Social Network

Well, almost everybody knows about the one and only movie called: “The Social Network”. Said to be impeccably scripted, beautifully directed, and filled with fine performances, The Social Network is a riveting, ambitious example of modern filmmaking at its finest. Well, there you have your reviews that were said by the crowds that have watched this movie. So, of course you now want to be a part of what your friends/people saw, and see if they were right. Unfortunately, my family doesn’t work like that.

Whenever we see a movie that has very cool previews like the new Transformers 3 The Dark of the Moon, this year during the Super Bowl commercials. Well, before when my family saw Transformers 2 The Risen of the Fallen, we thought it was going to be epic. Unfortunately, we thought it was going to be so awesome, that we decided to watch the movie on the first day it came out in theaters. Fortunately, the movie sucked, and didn’t have an interesting plot. So, basically a waste of money. So, in our family, unless we know 98% for sure that the movie will be good, we just wait ti’ll a movie comes out on DVD, and than watch it. So, eventually when we heard that the Social Network was a world Grammy movie, we knew we’d have to wait ti’ll it came out on DVD.

So, eventually, we watched the movie, and the first time I saw it, I sort of thought it sucked. But, now it’s something I constantly think in my head about. I started to realize the movie better and it became more interesting. But, we can talk, talk, talk here for a long time about my history about it, or we can just get to the Movie Perspective about it.

Characters: There are only 3 main characters in this movie: “The Social Network”. Main character, Jesse Eisenberg, playing as Mark Suckerberg. Second main character, Andrew Garfield, playing as Eduardo Saverin. Third main character, Justin Timberlake, playing as Sean Parker. Jesse Eisenberg plays a big role in this movie as the one who came up with the idea of the new program called “Facebook” and his companion Andrew Garfield, who helps him in the idea of the program, while Justin Timberlake comes in and take over the whole system.

Verdict: It’s an amazingly interesting movie. Not too geeky, and not too much misunderstanding in the movie. It’s just the right amount, for a good movie. I would even want to watch the movie again just to see Jesse Eisenberg get all badass with the computers, and so technological. He’s the reason why I still want to do complicated things and do un-familiar stuff at my age on the computers, plus I still envy his voice, and how speaks all of his words very fast and understandable. All in all, it’s a good movie, and I’d suggest you watch it. 😀

Demonic Possession And Paranormal Activity

Today was a rather freaky day for me. I think I was the only one that saw/noticed what happened today. But, before we get to that. I’ll just continue to how the day started. I had a dream about being a sort of little figure that was walking around in the street. Eventually I was floating in the air until my body started to freeze up, and that was pretty much all of the dream. An awkward dream it was. But, it ended rather quickly because my mom woke me up and we got ready for church. Unfortunately, to make things worse, when Patricia’s friend didn’t call for us to pick her up, my mom said we were going to pick her up for church. I was aggravated by then. Like what the hell was my mom’s problem. I know she admitted having Patricia’s friend was a burden. But, now it looks like my mom is trying to make the burden a lot worse on herself, or she was really lying about it.

Well, I didn’t have to time to think about that. So, I got into my fancy clothings, and had my hair designed by my mom. It looked really horrible, especially when I didn’t want my hair to be touched at all, and re-arranged unless it’s a really special occasion. So, without her looking, I would take bits and bits of pieces of my hair that was folded backwards, and put it in front of my big forehead. But, dad eventually started to notice, and said leave it alone. I kind of wanted to stay in my room for awhile before we left to go pick up Patricia’s friend and than go to church. I laid myself on my bed, and started to think about my girlfriend. Something that would make me happy. It did make me happy. But, something made my spine shiver. I heard the door in my room creak very loudly. I ignored it because I didn’t immediately want to come to a conclusion that something was going wrong.

So, I went on my laptop, and checked my blog. By then, my door started to open and creak very fast, and it was starting to scare me. But, maybe it’s just Anabelle and Matthew playing a trick on me. So, I immediately got up from my bed and opened the door. Funny thing was that they weren’t there. I looked everywhere in the hallway, and I realized I heard my brothers and sisters playing downstairs. I than was freaked out of my pants and I ran like a wuss downstairs. That wasn’t just some ordinary creak. That was a serious one. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. When Patricia’s friend entered our car, and started staring at me, I ignored her, still thinking about that paranormal moment. I’m going to skip the details for church. Because it was really boring, and I know it’ll just be a waste of my time. 😐

When we got back from church to our neighborhood, we dropped Patricia’s friend off to her house and went directly back to someone’s house. Unfortunately, we ended up in Ms. Amy’s house, the mother of the children Andrew, and Allison. It was sort of boring hanging over there because once I had the chance to play the computer, they said they would tell, and all I could do was say that they were a tattletale. Their mom came in and did a short Worship time with us, and than let us finish this movie called McGee and Me, the second episode was interesting (the first one I criticized a lot on), and the first one was boring. So, eventually when Bible time was over for the grownups, everyone went back upstairs. I still stayed in the basement, using my laptop. Eventually I went inside the basement’s bathroom, and hung out there.

Though, strangely I kept hearing muttering noises outside of the bathroom, but I only realized it was the drainage pipe. When I exited the bathroom, I totally forgot that Ms. Amy had a new born baby, and that it was sleeping in the basement’s crib. Lemme tell you, the basement looks so much like a leaving room. So, don’t worry about it being disgusting and all. So, I watched the baby for awhile, while everybody was talking. Though, I decided to get a beverage and than come back downstairs in the basement. I did, and the most shocking thing happened. When I was looking at the baby, it started to move in it’s sleep. I don’t mean move as in moving legs and hands. I mean move as if it’s body wasn’t moving and it was being pulled backwards by somebody. It was MOVING around in it’s crib, and nothing was pulling it. It was just anonymously being pulled around.

I ran fucking away from the fucking demonic possessed baby. I told Ms. Amy about it. She ran downstairs immediately, and guess what the hell happened. The baby looked freshly awake. We went home after the lunch, and I was scared. The rest of the day was sort of normal. I hung out with Jordan and talked about some band stuff. Oh and how the baby was moving was like this in the Paranormal Activity 2 movie in 0:42 to 0:45. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d2IvQBO1jiQ