Come On School, Make Things Challenging For Me Again

Well, I’ve officially decided I might want to post about today, instead just about the crappy news. Though, it’s pretty late… wondering what I’ll do. Anyways, I had a dream that I was this sort of human chameleon. In a figure of a brick wall made in the 80’s. When I was walking around, everybody looked at me so daringly. One of them almost looked like they wanted my autograph or something. I passed by hundreds of crowds, ignoring their daring looks, until this black, hairy figure dude was in front of my way. My words swept by me, and I said to move along. The person looked up, and immediately, I could tell it was Michael Jackson, the super star of hip-hop. I wanted to bow down to him, and his worthy 90’s hip-hop costume. But, my words swept through me, and I said for him to walk away, and to keep his hip-hop to himself.

Okay, in the mind, I’m standing there thinking WHAT THE HELL HAVE I DONE???!!! He was the hit of hip-hop I should slap myself for that. Than the dream faded away, and it shifted me to the Grand Canyon, it was almost like I was using Floo Powder from Harry Potter. There Michael Jackson was there, along with Jay-Z. I think I was zoomed all the way back to 2004 or something, because people we’re regular clothes, and using normal hair, besides Michael Jackson. The dream shifted again, and this time, I was on the edge of the Eiffel Tower, or I was. I saw G.I.JOE playing under me, and then they shot the nuclear chemical at the Eiffel Tower (just like in the movie). I fell off, but than time froze and I hit the ground slowly. Michael Jackson walked up behind me out of nowhere, and said, “do you wanna dance until you die?”

The only words that came out of my controlled mouth were  “FUCK YEAH!”. We danced for about 3 hours, at least that’s what I thought coming from the fact that we were sweaty, and my eyes were bloodshot red. Than, eventually, I won the competition, the crowd was admiring me, and then said that hip-hop rules, and rock n’ roll, along with metal, sucked. I felt so angry, I actually emerged out of my human chameleon body, and I said “FUCK NO!”. I grabbed a guitar, all my band players were there, and we rocked the house. For about 40 minutes. Michael Jackson, and my used to be body exploded of total rockness. Michael Cera and Anna Kendrick showed up, and said I passed the next level, and that they would be meeting me soon another time. The dream stopped, and I knew it was the end. It was too bad, I was having a great time having fun. But, it ended.

I went towards the computer, and blessed God for keeping mom at work for so long. I had 14 lessons on a Research Essay, well, I already did an essay, plus, my teacher Ms. Lauen told me that I needed to complete the unit. So, I did, no big thing I did really. Afterwards, school started to get boring again. Oh, and yeah, it’s the first time I’ve actually tried coloring my letters, I hope it helps my blog. Yep. So, when I was done, I decided to bring a knife for some stupid reason, upstairs in my room, and act as if I was in Modern Warfare stabbing people with a knife. What kind of imagination is that? Lol. Although, when I was imagining my little sister, Anabelle caught me and said, what’re you doing with that thing, and I just ignored her until she went away. I went back to school, went through Science fast, and last but not least, note things down about Russia’s old history as government for an hour and a half.

Nothing really interesting. COME ON SCHOOL, you can do better than that. Give me essays, more work. Come on. Well, let’s get to the bottom of this. Nothing really interesting happened, and I’ll have to figure out some time to put pictures for you all, because the dull sky outside just made me smile, and I wanted to show it with you all. But, besides the dull sky, my parents were watching recorded American Idols, while I was sitting plump on my seat studying. Oh yeah, and my friend Shahnoor Dhanani, yeah, we went into Myyearbook, and started video chatting, and if Nayyir sees this and gets jealous, let me only tell you we had fun… playing Chess and all sorts of other things. When I finished school, I gazed at the sky for awhile, until I started to see a dark figure in the bushes.

I looked away, and went to some other business. I read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, damn, the book is so good. In just 10 minutes I managed to get to page 54. Not so fast, but successful for me. 😀

4 comments on “Come On School, Make Things Challenging For Me Again

  1. Prima says:

    exhausted dream… LOL

  2. roxy189 says:

    That’s so cool that MJ was in your dream 😛 And I can’t believe that you want school to pick up. It’s hectic!

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