My Parents Are Taking Over

Well, yeah, today is Sunday. Church day! So, during 1 in the morning, I made a plan to go on my computer before going to church and bringing it. Well, the plan didn’t work to well, since two days ago when I was waiting on Saturday to get a hold of that computer, and I didn’t get too much sleep. So, instead my dad had to wake me up around 8 am. It was weird, because we were supposed to wake up around 7 or 6.But, anyways, when we woke up than, I asked my parents why we were waking up so late, and they said it was leadership room day. Well, for Patricia, Matthew and Anabelle that’s what today meant, for my parents and I it meant that we have host team. Though, I’m not really in the host team, I just help my dad and steal doughnuts. Lol.

Once we got all our fancy clothings on, I put on my black socks and set to the car. I’m thinking once I’m 16 or 17 I’ll get a car and be able to drive to church instead of having my parents drive me there. Though, it’s not like I hate my parents driving me around a lot. I just wanna see how it feels to drive on my own in the future. When we got to the church, my dad was throwing a sissy feat at my mom, and she just couldn’t take it. So, I tried comforting her and asked her what was on her mind. She said the f word in the end of her sentence, which kind of startled me, but it was kind of normal. I used to cuss so much outside, I don’t get why I’m startled. But, okay. When we got inside, and I decided to skip the 11 o’clock Transit service, I went with mom and dad to the Host team room. If Prima’s reading this, than yes, that”s where I was when I was chatting with you. When I was in there chatting, two grownups came passed me and said in surprise “that’s a Netbook?!”

I loved kind of being the abnormal person in church. Being 11, and carrying a Netbook, while being wired into it. Plus, when I went to go get a doughnut (that’s when my parents went and took care of the big halls), this grownup man (whom I’ve seen a lot) walked up to the sink and said “that’s a Netbook if I’m right.”. I said yeah, he asked for the logo and also what service or something. I told him Gateway and Windows 7. He said it was pretty cool to be at my age and own that laptop. But just when he said that I was lucky to have parents that cared for me enough to buy it, I just had to correct him and tell him that I spent half the cost too. The man, started getting into other important things than, and I decided to walk around the church, for no reason. During service (basically, the time when the preacher spoke to the many thousands of crowds), I was typing on my computer and chatting with another friend. By than, my dad got onto my computer and basically took everything under his control. When I told him specifically that I wanted him to do the theme, he was checking, and deleting programs left and right. Pus, he put his user in control of the whole computer and found this option to put time limits onto my computer.

Basically, if I tried logging in onto my Netbook when they said I wasn’t supposed to, it would block me. So, that was the crappy part as well. When we got from church, Christian was outside, except shaved BALD. He looked so much like Eminem. Except for the eye brows. He started getting rude and in his ungrateful attitude. So, I just ignored him and went to the little kids. What I didn’t expect was that they said Ms. Kacey, the person who banned us from our own clubhouse, told them they couldn’t spend time with me. It was outrageous, I went to talk to Savino’s mom, until my dad and mom came around, and we talked. Unfortunately, Savino’s mom wasn’t responsible, and said that what Ms. Kacey actually meant to say was to not play with me in there. Which was weird but okay, so the kids and I rode around in bikes. I talked with Nicholas about some horror movies, and I talked with Logan about Wizard 101, my guitar teacher came around, and told me that I’d need to bring back his acoustic guitar. I eventually did, and I brought my electric guitar for training. We went into some major tips like the pentatonic scale and all. But, when I showed him that I knew how to play Yesterday, by the Beatles, and Dream On, by Aerosmith, he was so amazed, he said he’ll need to research some songs for me, at my level, so practice was short.

I noted what he said, and helped clean up the house. Eventually, I found out that Patricia’s friend walked up to me, and wanted me to introduce her to her new friend. Well, um… I couldn’t see her so well in the sunlight, but I only caught a glimpse of her covered in a jacket you would only wear if you lived in Siberia. Well, the day ended softly, the grownups came, we had a party, they left, and we were sent to bed. Tomorrow, I’m reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.


12 comments on “My Parents Are Taking Over

  1. michf98 says:

    “I’m gonna bring my laptop to church.”

    What a badass! 😀

    • Andrew says:

      LOL, that made me laugh hugely. You made the laugh of the day!
      And actually my mom came up with the idea to bring it. Plus, hundreds of grownups bring their technology over there. It’s like a cybernetic church. Lol.

  2. Mark Vallor says:

    Tut tut, how do I begin. Oh yes, why the hell are you bringing laptops into church?That’s completely revoking. So, abnormal, well, actually, I’m the only abnormal one, besides my colleagues, in church because we own Macs. Yep. My wife spent her money for that monster, so that my daughter and her can use it to themselves. But, I prefer more laptops, or notebooks as our generation calls it. Am I right?

    And congratulations on your very new Netbook. I hope you’ll treasure it. 😀

    • Andrew says:

      Tut tut, how do I begin this. Um…. it’s a cybernetic church you idiot! Oh and thank you, of course I’ll treasure my netbook. No doubt about it.

      • Mark Vallor says:

        Don’t call me an idiot for something I don’t know. Do I know your life? Well, actually I really do know you and your life. Pity me I haven’t been paying attention to whenever you bring up the church. 😦 Good, cause I thought it was going to break like all the other stuff I know you had but than broke.

      • Andrew says:

        Whoa, right now you commented on the exact time I was online. And yeah, you know almost everything in my life. DUH. Yes, I’ll pity you for your lost sense of hearing. 😀 HEY, don’t insult me, I kept my stuff away from Matthew and he ended up breaking everything along with Anabelle.

  3. roxy189 says:

    Wow. Sounds like an interesting day. That sucks that your parents took over your laptop. I feel bad 😦
    My parents really don’t care what I do on the computer, and they don’t care how long I’m on. That’s so funny having all of those people stunned at your laptop. Old people these days know nothing about technology. 😛 Well, in my opinoin.

    I’ve never been to actually Sunday church before so I don’t know what it really like 😛 But I’ve been in a church before because that’s where my drama troupe is. The people there are amazing 😛

    Now I have a craving to listen to Aerosmith and The Beatles.

    • Andrew says:

      Mhm, it sucks. Now, my dad’s administrator on the Netbook, and I don’t feel secure anymore. Well, I’m going to crack my dad’s password and try to change the time limit and beat him to it. They don’t? They don’t care AT ALL what you are doing? Wow. That would be a victory for me if I got my parents to do that. In your opinion? Well, in my opinion every grownup in Georgia has to get a hold of some special technology. And um… Sunday church is really awesome for me. I get to wake up early, go to church, go by myself to the Cabin, listen to a couple of stage band songs, we listen to Worship (the preacher speaking)

      I have a craving to listen to Bring Me The Horizon, Black Veil Brides, or Bless The Fall.

  4. C says:

    Hey dude my parents aren’t allowed on my computer just incase last time they touched it it gets a Virus (Knock on wood)

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