Spending Time With My Aunts

Okay, well, today I was just flushing throug my laptop, yeah, I know, I posted yesterday (but it’s because I posted on January 29th in the real life, and scheduled it back to January 28th [Though, this is about the day when I posted the yesterday post]). I was flushing through my laptop left and right. All I did was download, and put on Google Chrome. Well, the laptop came with Windows 7, odd, but okay. I didn’t realy want a Windows Explorer or anything that had to relate to Windows on my computer, used to stroll the web. So, I downloaded Google Chrome. I’m still trying to figure out how to download Microsot Word, not the new version though. My aunt, Tania, was downstairs way before me, so when I was actually looking over my computer, I at one point: found out that probably Microsoft won’t work on this laptop, so instead, it came with Microsoft Office Word. I’ve been hearing about that thing for about awhile now.

My mom said I could only keep one game, or two downloaded, so I immediately checked out some games like Wizard 101, Star Wars the Clone Wars: Adventures and also DDO. Let me just say that Wizard 101 was the only coolest game under my laptop privelages. Star Wars the Clone Wars: Adventures made everything Member ship like (pffft, no wonder it’s not as popular as Freerealms). Oh and I forgot to mention that my laptop is fully HD. I measn the video games are really clear, and so is the light and sound. Everything looks awesome. I tried Wizard 101, it was really good, though I wanted to try out DDO. So, I tried it, and really: it fucked up. Constantly, I put my e-mail on, and then it would say I need the password, and than it said I’d need to agree the huge list of Agreements. I did that, but they wouldn’t let me. And now, they kept sending me these e-mais to me about it. Really, I just figured about now, they screwrd me up.

When 3 hours passed, and my mom came around, I showed her my new Google Chrome theme, and needed dad’s help with trying to widen the screen (since I didn’t know laptops as well as desktops). He helped me, though, when I was done doing that, he asked me to check my subscribers, and I noticed I got one more new one. I didn’t even notice. But, what really made my stomach hurt, and start to creep me out, was that three days ago, Willow’s friend Amber (my blogging enemy) was subscribed to MY BLOG??!! If you’re reading this Amber, I would like you to comment or at least leave me a message through e-mail on why you subscribed to my blog. Anyways, the movie, the Social Network was still stuck in my head, especially when the nerd got sued by his best friend for putting him on low chart for not giving him credit on this new program they made called: The Facebook (which soon turned into Facebook). At one point, when my dad left, and my mom (leaving me with my two aunts), also when my brother and sisters left, I felt so free at the moment. When the battery of the computer showed that 8% low battery was shown. Already? So, I plugged my baby (laptop) and let it charge for awhile. Though, whe n dad came around, I had the neccassity to go on it during charging. Unfortunately, I realized that it took (yesterday night) about 7 hours to recharge to battery completely, without touching it. But, whe nI was touching it continuesly during its charge, I found out that the battery was going a whole lot faster. It went directly from 8% all the way to 43% in 5 minutes while it was charging. So, when people started coming over to my house and to ask to hang out, I immediately had the only feeling I felt like doing after 3 YEARS.

I showed off that baby, and they were all drooling over the HD quality and the fact that it was all to myself. Afterwards, well after like 2 hours of hanging out, Tania came to get me and told me we were going to the airport so we could drop Alexandra off. Well, in my mind I wanted to listen by myself the London Linkin Park concert, though, I would’ve felt bad for myself, plus, I haven’t been to the airport so much in my entire life. So, I just went with them for the heck of it. We passed the Atlanta town, which was such a beautiful sight. I wanted to just take a picture with my camera, though there were some cops, and I just didn’t feel too comfortalbe about it. So, when we got to the airport, I was holding a 23  pound case of luggage while my aunt Alexandra was heavy luggage that only God knows how much it weighs. While I waited for about 2 hours for the line to go passed, I was writing on my book, and yes, I  still feel the awesome freedom of it. Whe nthe line was over, I had to come with my aunts, and aunt Alexandra had to go passed through security in order to get to the airport. While me and my aunt, Tania, went to go and get a large size Sprite drink, orange bottle and also a sort of chocolate chunky cupcake. My aunt drank the orange, whiel I sipped down in just a minute my Sprite drink. We talked on the way home, and had to get the car washed. It looked sparkly, clean. I loved it, when we came home, after going to Walmart, we saw my mom, and she kind of got into an argument with me about how I should’ve left the computer home to charge. I kind of didn’t take it so seriously. So, afterwards, I went to bed, and rested my head.



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    can’t writing here… 😦

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