I Got A Laptop

My day has been good, and the cool thing is that I got a computer. It’s really amazing because after four years I’ve been wanting and craving for a laptop, but instead I get a cool netbook that looks AWESOME. It has an exquisite design on the top of it’s layer, and I can type really fast on this computer without even looking. Plus whenever I put the words in capitalized form it always gives out this small lock sign whenever I do. So, I don’t have to worry about puttign wors that are wrongly capitilized. 😀 It’s awesome. But, let me get to what happened to the day. Right?

So, this is what happened, I woke up, with my boxers and found my distasteful mother. Who’s been aggravating me the past week, plus how she annoyed me greatly by bringing Patricia’s friend over to this big Church event in our church. I’m still pissed off at my mom for that. Eventually we came into a discussion on how I was old and I deserved better respect from her, but instead for a result, I got told that I could get my own laptop. I said she was joking and told her to stop messing with me. But, she said she was dead serious, so I immediately flunked back and blinked in surprise. It was amazing, or the thought was, I would have my own laptop, and I got to download and check out whatever I wanted on it. Oh, I was so hyped up I started chippering and picked on myself. I looked with my mom on the selections. But, I still had to do school. So, I grabbed 3 sheets of homework on Math, and worked on a bunch of Math problems. I think about 73 problems for the second sheet and then about 34 problems on the third sheet. While Math homework, people were walking through my backyard in gangster clothes. One of them looked at me, and gave me a grim look.

After Math homework, I finished Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Well, yesterday (which I haven’t posted about), I got to page 600, but than over night I got 78 pages through the book, and today, I finished the rest of the book. I honestly didn’t think this book ending was as good as the Sorcerer’s Stone, or the Chamber of Secrets. The Prisoner of Azkaban’s ending was okay. But, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, eh, it wasn’t such a missing ending. I liked the whole plot, and the whole concept of the story, along with that there were other things going on, during the plot. It’s my first 700 page book I’ve finished in my life. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix has about 860 pages. So, that will present a new challenge for me. When I was finished doing my reading job, I planned out a 3 day break from Harry Potter, so, I shuffled towards the rest of school and learned some new words in Vocabulary. Though, I didn’t note them down, so I can’t shuffle them down. I shopped with my mom later on in like 2 hours. It took us awhile to find the right choices from Micro Center and then we moved on to Fry’s that’s where I went to buy a latptop, or what it’s called Netbook. My sister and my other sister, while the while I had to wait for 3 hours for the orders to come in. Though the client was very respectful. So, when we were done, we went home, and found our aunts. Aunt Tania, and Aunt Alexandra. We had fun talking until our un-natural neighbor, Ms. Kacey. I knew she only came to get me in trouble, she brought up the story from a month ago about hoI was[i]w I was picking out this kind of warning electrical item, and she said there was no way I could doubt it since she saw it. Well, I would be able to doubt it since I know my own damn body, and what it’s doing.

So, she than started saying we couldn’t go over to our clubhouse just when we became really successful on our base.               I was so ticked off, though I wanted to show understanding towards Ms. Kacey, instead of having to doubt it and make it worse, because she said, that if I did that again, she would beat the crap out of me. When she finally left, I told my mom it was all bullshit, well, I didn’t tell her directly that it was bullshit, but it was bullshit. Dad seemed a little back-forward. Basically, he didn’t seem to believe the story. So, after a bunch of yellings, dad cleared out he did care, but it was hard for him to decide. I told them I was not going to beat up for something I haven’t even done. Mom said she wasn’t going to touch me. So, that made everything a lot better. Afterwards, I watched the Social Network with my mom and dad, along with my aunts. It was an interestign movie in the beginning, but than the nerd, along with Justin Timberlake started going into a lot of drug parties and girls were just taking of their clothes so much. It was good in the beginning, but than it ended just dumbly. It was a bad ending, and I thought the nerd was just being down-right rude. Afterwards, when we finished the movie,

I went to sleep, and waited for the next day to come.



22 comments on “I Got A Laptop

  1. roxy189 says:

    Wow. That’s great that you got a netbook! Things are so much nicer when you have your own computer. I have a desktop, which is fine for High School, but when I graduate, I want to get a Macbook pro for college/university. Oh, and congrats on finishing Harry Potter. The longest book I’ve read was about 600 pages, and the book I’m reading now is like 500.

  2. Prima says:

    Hohooooo! New Netbook! I am happy for you! It should boost you up to write more and more…right? NICE!

    Hey, why so many gangster around your neighborhood, that’s quite scary… except you start get used to, LOL

    Oh, FYI, as I know, notebook is regular laptop which has specification almost like desktop, wide screen, big HDD, and DVD-drive included.
    Netbook is small version of notebook, which has small body (of course), small screen , small HDD, without DVD-drive, coz it concerns to a mobile laptop, light to carry, and easy to connect to internet (wi-fi), that’s why they said NET-book. cmiiw

    • Andrew says:

      Yepo, new Netbook, it’s really cool. And yeah, I’ll be writing more now that my mom stated that I can use up all the battery each day. 😀
      Um… well, the gangsters are around because they’re cooler than me. Yeah, I have no idea, bit it’s normal for me.
      Yeah, Notebook is just like laptop, except that most of them don’t have big HDD screens (unless your paying about 500 or 600 dollars [like the one my mom has]), and yes will have wide screen.
      Though, Netbook has a lot more specification, and all netbooks come in HDD screens, along with no DVD, but with free watching. Lol. Just kiding. Yeah, and I kind of didn’t get why they said.

      • C says:

        I have a big HDD screen HD Movie DVD watching free 60 day Trend Micro security Windows 7 Google earth and 64-bit memory light and portable slim body ASUS programing so when it stats up I recording me saying Hey welcome to your laptop and whenever i turn it on it says that

      • Andrew says:

        Well, I have a HDD screen (meaning HD everything), portability, well, I haven’t downloaded my security, and this one has Windows 7 too and has Intel ATOM inside and this has 160 bit memory. HA! k? That’s weird.

  3. nuug says:

    Sounds like a great day overall Andrew! your neighbor seems to be snorting shit.

    You’re lucky your parents give you more respect. My parents never respect, so I basically said bs with it and I am not gonna respect them. Today they were being evil… Me and my smelly sister were playing monopoly, and i was about to win. It was her turn, and she rolled. Since she rolled she couldn’t put a house on her orange block and she started whining. So my parents told us we couldnt play for a year, and yelled at us both, but they yelled at me more… I hate them a lot of the time… evil, evil, evil and they tried to help my sister win…so now i am on a hunger strike at home and will not eat anything my parents buy… i will only be eating whatever i can mooch at school… You are lucky, younger than me, and get more respect…

    The hunger strikes gonna suck. I have track practice monday and am gonna be starved…

    • Andrew says:

      Yeah, overall, but it was kind of really boring and aggravating, waiting for the computers to get ordered and my mom and dad’s decision. Snorting shit? Really Nuug? >_>
      Well, they don’t and they do give me loads of respect, it ‘s kind of a confusion. Lol. It’s very hard, because when my parents don’t respect me, I hate them, when they do, I like them. God it’s really fucked up. Yeah, it seems like she puts the trouble more on you, or like she hates you more. But, I think that your smelly sister already hated it since she got yelled in the first place. 😀 Hunger strike? You gotta teach me how to do that! I can’t survive without water for a whole day. But, don’t insult me for my age, I still don’t get respected.

      Yeah, BACKFIRE!!!

    • C says:

      Hey dude make the best of life while I do agree they are a little bit mean you’re put on this earth to respect your spouse and live my way of God. So whatever happens respect them and in return God will give you something much better than you realize.

  4. nuug says:

    Netbooks are cool! Are they the super thin ones?? You are also lucky to have your parents buy you aptops… I get second hand ones that always break, three of them have broken so far because of oldness and bad parts. So this time i got a second hand one, and a second hand spare. They gave my second hand spare to my smelly sister who already had a decent laptop… now my laptop is tryna get rid of a virus… life sucks sometimes… cant wait till i am eighteen…

    • Andrew says:

      Well, there are some Netbooks that can fold out and than turn clockwise, and then there is still some of them that are hugely thick, and then the one I have has full HDD and is super thin (just the way I like it). Actually, I’m only lucky because my parents paid half the cost for me. Did you know I had to save up my money in order to get what I wanted. So, don’t worry so much. 😀 18 is when people want Mac computers in college. 😀

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