Cops Start Acting Awkward And I Start To Worry

After a long and busy day, I’m going to say that my views are doing very well. I still thank everybody for commenting and checking my posts. At least what matters to me is that somebody reads and actually cares about my life. That’s what’s most important to me. So, anyways, homework was a ton today, along with loads of CCS during the day. I missed Language Arts because I slept in, and my mom woke me up around 8:31 AM. I grabbed my clothes on and withdrew Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and kept next to me during Science class just encase I might get bored and might be thinking about the book for a moment. For the 2nd semester of Earth Science, our Earth Science teacher announced that we will be studying throughout the semester based on water. Well, if you think about it, water doesn’t sound like something to really learn about throughout the whole semester. Well, our teacher gave us 50% of the kind of topics on Water we will be studying on throughout the semester. So, I had to write them down.

Collection Area
Water RunOff
Water Distribution
Water Collection Areas
Human Activity
Energy in the Water Cycle
Ocean Water
Ocean Salinity
Ocean Salinity Map
Air Temperature on the Ocean
Ocean Temperature Varies by Depth
Ocean Water Density
Ocean Layers
Salinity Affects Density
Ice Changes Salinity
Ocean Surface Topography
Ocean Currents
-Direction of the Wind
-Earth’s Rotation
-Earth’s Geography
-Temperature of the water
-Salinity of the water
-The topography of the sea floor
-Sea surface height
-The shape of the coastline
Surface Currents
-Gulf Stream
-Canaries Current
-Labrador Current
-Equatorial Current
-California Current
-Antarctic Circumpolar Current
Prevailing Winds and Surface Current
Coriolis Effect
Thermohaline Circulation
Downwelling and Upwelling
Convection Currents

It was a lot of work. But, I was able to note them down, thank God though I could write down the different currents for the Gulf Stream, since our teacher handed us a pdf. file of it. So, we didn’t have to worry about it. Well, school went on for a long time, along with the drilling outside. I went to go check on the cops, and turns out their acting very awkward now. They seem, well I don’t know scared. I’m starting to worry for them. What happened? I don’t know, so I went inside, and slept to myself. It was a good sleep though, let me tell you that.

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