My Dad Embarasses Me And I Hate My Mom

Unconsiderally, I haven’t been posting recently. I’ve been too busy with some friends for the past days. But, I’m going to tell you what happened today. It was a Sunday, so we had to go to church, and since my sister, Patricia was coming to church, her friend came with us, along with her other friend. Whom used to be my ex-girlfriend (not because of my choice BTW), but now, is a complete asshole. She’s grown up, and she just loves to embarrass me and loves putting me down now. I think it’s because I broke up with her for Mary two years ago. I don’t entirely remember. So, anyways, Christian also slept over at my house, so he was coming too, but since there was too much people coming over, Christian, Matthew, and I had to go into my dad’s car, and the girls with my mom. When I got there, and Christian and I went to go to class, we found mom there before us, I was so frustrated that the girls were already here. I sophisticatedly punched the walls in anger. Well, it was sort of sophisticated cause I punched hard, but it didn’t make a sound, I didn’t mean to punch, but I did.

It was sort of confusing. The downfall part of going there was that Michael was playing with another person foozeball and they were unbeatable, everybody celebrated them. Though, Michael followed Christian and I and still treated me valuable to him. Michael was surprised Christian was coming over again. Though, as usual, Christian always would mutter that he needed food, unfortunately, we only had water. So, during Worship, Christian and I, along with Michael jumped around the chairs, and there was this I don’t know, 7th grader looking at us crossly, and looked at us as if we were terrorists. We kept on doing it, except for me since Michael and Christian kept hitting me, Christian would punch me, and Michael would keep slapping me in the head, it was SO annoying, I stopped, and during the time the worshiper spoke, they were making loud noises, and I was just ugh! So, I stepped away, and in the next 2 minutes, Michael and Christian came to a point where some grownups came and had to chew us in front of like 4,000 students. Luckily, I backed away, because when the grownups came, I was blamed for it.

But, than the 7th grader dude, told the grownup that he saw everything that happened, and said I had nothing to do with it, so Michael got into trouble with our small group leader, Christian just sat apprehensively, watching him, having about a thousand eyes eying him. Luckily, after a baptism, with my sister’s friend, Michaela’s brother, it was so embarrassing because he did NOT know how to speak properly (probably cause when my sister told me that he didn’t speak to much [well, you jackasses out there that think that not speaking a lot makes you wiser, let me just say, it gives you a lot of problems in speaking]). Lol. Plus, after half a crowd of girls giggled and a bunch of boys laughed, he looked menacingly at them, and then just went on with it. 2 girls walked up to me. They were blondes, so I had interest already in their life. 😀 Kidding. When they walked up to me, they said how it would’ve felt to be next to Christian and Michael during that time. So, they asked me to sit next to them, but all I could say was “I already have someone (I muttered this in my head: Fuck OFF!)”. They walked away disappointed.

Afterwards, Patricia was in like a gang of girls. I JUST HATED IT! They were all gossiping, and I just felt like throwing Patricia’s friend, and her other friend out an Empire state building, at the very top. I was just so frustrated. Once we got home, they giggled a little more, and then they went over to Patricia’s friend’s house, while I did the chores, and did the work. I tried talking to dad, but he would just make me look bad right in front of mom. Throughout the day, mom was making me angry at her, and at one point, just so she could win in an argument, she yelled at me, and forced me to do the chores in the bathroom. I just hate my mom. She can be so fucking annoying. Afterwards, throughout the day, after Patricia, Anabelle, and Matthew were playing Mario Super Bros. Wii grownups came and we had ice-cream, along with the fact that we figured that a friend of ours is drugged so he can’t come over, also that our favorite little girl, Sharyl! She came over, and we babysitted her. It was an a-okay day.

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