False Alarm, Thank God

Simon, the person that said I killed one of those gangsters said he was playing a trick, and that the gangsters were out of bullets, and that I did pull the trigger, but nothing came out, and the gangsters were just pulling a joke on me by putting food coloring fast, and then acted as if I killed them. Now, I’m pissed, off, but God, I’m just happy I didn’t kill them. False alarm guys. 😀


12 comments on “False Alarm, Thank God

  1. You know something Andrew? I hate to say it, but I think you’re making a lot of this stuff up. Not that they aren’t good stories. 🙂

  2. Sorry, but come on! You kicked a gun out of a gangster’s hand and grabbed it? That’s every little boy’s fantasy!

    As for the 5 eagles you killed? Sorry, but I know a little about nature and eagles don’t travel in groups of 5, ever. And they don’t attack humans. And you couldn’t kill them with a BB gun.

    But they’re fun stories and I like them 🙂

    • Andrew says:

      Hey, they weren’t that tall BTW, they were only like short 16 or 17 year olds. And, that’s not my fantasy, MY fantasy is to get married and actually shoot people with purpose like in Modern Warfare.

      And BTW, I’m not sure they were eagles, they were some kind of birds that looked a lot like eagles, and yeah, I didn’t kill any, I told you my friend did, they were piercing our skins, along with the fact that the guy had a bb gun that shoots metal bbs. Metal bbs could pierce through your skin, it could literally give your bone a fracture, the ones I have can severely injure a bird, and only sting the skin, everything, I say in these posts, are 100% completely true.

  3. To be honest, Andrew, if I thought your stories were true, especially about killing people and your sister Patricia’s friend, I would probably have to call Social Services. I hate to be an adult. But, well, I’m an adult.

    • Andrew says:

      Well, first of all, I figured I didn’t really kill anyone, first of all, I’ve dealt with Patricia’s friend, and I really don’t care about you calling social services for Patricia’s friend. Remember, I’m telling the truth to my posts!

      • Ok, I’m glad you didn’t actually kill anybody! 🙂

        As for the “eagles”. Ok, I can believe it if they’re not eagles. 🙂 The problem with BBs is you’d never be able to hit an eagle with one no matter how powerful they are. With eagles, if they aren’t diving much too fast for you to hit, then they’re up too high.

        Anyway, sorry if I upset you but the talk of killing people was really starting to disturb me.

      • Andrew says:


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