Two Berserk Dogs Come Out And Scratch The Hell Out Of Me

What the fuck is this? Is Satan building up crazy things in my neighborhood? What the heck is the problem? I don’t know my neighborhood this messed up. But, let’s get back to the day. After a long day of distress, I sort of felt unusual to the part that elluminates we’re going to be called Class Connect Sessions and that I have had a whole week without elluminate classes. It’s still pretty weird now, I just feel sort of bored, and don’t know what to do. So, after my long morning of elluminate class missing, I moved onto my school. I had 4 sheets of homework to do on Math today, but it was really easy since my mom was able to give me some shortcuts on how to complete some problems without much stress. After that, I had to write a compare and contrast essay on the Water Cycle and the difference between the ocean. Well, I kind of got a 89% on that since I was too occupied thinking what the hell was I going to be studying on Social Studies, and at one point about my blog.

After Literature, I plopped myself on Social Studies, and oh man, it was really easy. I had to study about Russia’s history, and the get tested with 5 questions and then move on. I finished that easy subject in less than an hour, and went towards Study Island to see if I had any assignments. Unfortunately, I didn’t, and I was starting to feel extra worried about it. So, I k-mailed m teacher about it, and she said we won’t have assignments ti’ll tomorrow, so I was okay with it. Afterwards, my mom and brother, Matthew, had to take a conference with Matthew’s teacher, Ms. Childree. She was super nice throughout the class, and was very patient with Matthew whenever he’d read the word snow, and instead said snowing. 😀 It was a pleasant time, especially that we got at 3 o’clock Wendy’s food. The hamburgers were extra great, along with the new style fries, though, Burger King is still my favorite kid fast-food.

Well, when I went upstairs, and started imagining that I had elongated nails, along with extra long 7 inch fingers to look like a zombie, I got a call from somebody anonymously. I just ignored it until they stopped calling cause I didn’t deal no more with the stupid crap maybe Nayyir was going to put me up, or if it was those gangsters. Which I highly doubt since I haven’t given them my phone number. So, when I was done playing with my imagination I read through Harry Potter a little bit, and then got interested in the book again, finally. I think I read about 30 pages to get back on track, well not so much on track, because I should’ve been at page 598, but I’m at 467. But, when that was done I went outside, and boom, a bull dog and a huge black lab comes out of nowhere. Shit. I run in the woods, and it takes them like 20 minutes to figure the way in, once the got to me once of them grabbed and bit my knee and then the black lab harassed my leg. God, luckily, I didn’t kill them.

I was so freaking scared, and I was bursting into tears. I finally managed to get away cause Christian eventually found me being attacked and he stopped them by throwing metal things at them, he helped me come home, and I was in stitches and in bed throughout the day, that’s all I could remember.


4 comments on “Two Berserk Dogs Come Out And Scratch The Hell Out Of Me

  1. roxy189 says:

    Those dogs sound horrible. That must have been painful, when they were attacking you. They sound like my neighbors dog. He chased me to the front door of my house, and almost got inside.

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