Gangsters Try Killing Me And I Get A Whole Week Off Elluminates

I have to say today was pretty decent. Except for the part that today was another accidental killing day for me. Let me explain, I was outside at 10 AM, while everybody was asleep. I took a jog with Simon before he went to school (because his school was delayed for an hour), we talked a lot, until we met a group of gangsters that was also jogging and smiling. Simon had the tendency to call them a bad word, and they just laughed. Simon kept saying a couple of bad words, and then I joined in and cussed. But, the fun ended once I called them a homie. Was that too far? They pointed a gun to me and said I was going to hell for doing that. They put the gun right to my head. Luckily, I karate kicked the gun out of his head and grabbed the gun, I didn’t mean to shoot any of them, or at least I didn’t know I did. Simon yelled, when I was closing my eyes, still pointing the gun in front of me, that I had shot them, and he told me to run to my house.

I did, and woo, luckily, those gangsters didn’t follow. Oh and BTW, my mom doesn’t I have killed two people. So, don’t even ask that. I went inside, and checked my k-mails. One of the k-mails said I had a week off elluminate classes, and that only the 8th graders will be having Language Arts classes because of their mock writing test starting at January 19. Well, luckily, I got the easy part of being a 6th grader. Unfortunately, I had to write about 4 sheets of paper for homework on Math, which was so easy, somehow. I had after that: another essay I had to write about on Russia, except I had to write about the Trans-Siberian bridge. I just learned it today, now I need to write an essay about it. Goddamn this work I have. I had to write three poems to my mom because of what they required me to do in Literature, and then I had to write four paragraphs to conclude my following Literature Unit Assessment test. Basically about the special politics I’ve learned in the unit.

During my Earth Science lesson, I saw a bunch of gay guys walking past our backyard, and I could tell they were gay because since they didn’t have a shirt on, they were wearing bras, ew… It totally messed up my thoughts during Earth Science because I was learning about water cycles, and just thinking about those gay guys in bikinis sweating. UGH, I don’t wanna even think about it right now. My neighborhood today is loco. Anyways, after my lab experiment during Earth Science, I took a long nice break, and just started listening to music all day long. I listened to: Blessthefall, Three Days Grace, System of a Down, Bring Me The Horizon, some Escape The Fate songs, and then mostly some Bullet For My Valentine (or for short for everything: BTF, TDG, SOAD, BMTH, ETF, BFMV). πŸ˜€ When that was done, I took my GUM lesson, and noticed I was doing pretty good so far. Afterwards, Nayyir called and I was busy than write now writing down a sheet of paper for the lyrics and the tabs for our band.

After that, when my mom finished working upstairs, she came downstairs and slept when I was in the middle of writing my book. My mom than got woken up because of my sister, Anabelle, and mom ended up getting all cranky on me. So, after a couple of yells, I went into a normal conversation with her, and said I was going to read Harry Potter (which I wasn’t, since I wasn’t in a good mood), and then do my book. I did my book first, and the pretended to read Harry Potter. That’s when the day ended.


34 comments on “Gangsters Try Killing Me And I Get A Whole Week Off Elluminates

  1. Cuts123 says:

    Tut tut, you shouldn’t even by trying to kill, you should’ve just ran away by the minute. And I had to write a whole portfolio about the Trans-Siberian bridge. God that was hard.

    • Andrew says:

      Sorry about that. Even as a Christian I’m frustrated towards the situation. Plus, since I’m half viking I think that’s where I got the accidents from killing. Well, this one was sure hard as hell.

  2. nayyirnensi says:

    Oh no crazy gangsta attacks!

  3. roxy189 says:

    Gangsters in your town? Wow, that’s so cool. There’s no crime in my town. I’ve always wanted to meet one. My friend said she would take me to meet a Hells Angel, but she never did. That’s sad that you had to kill someone again, but if it’s in self defense, then what can you really do about it? Maybe someday I’ll meet a really cool gangster like Edward G. Robinson’s role in Little Caesar. That must’ve been a cool sight seeing those guys in drag. It’s really funny to see, actually.

    • Andrew says:

      Actually it’s not when you have the feeling that if you’re going stay home alone of you’re going to come outside that they’re going to find you and finish you. I’ve got the fear now, and it’s really bad. Hells Angels? I have no idea where that is located. Well, yeah, but I’m starting to think Mich kind of got afraid of me now because she thought I killed just for the heck of it. πŸ˜€ Wow. I’m scary. Well, actually, the gangster was all bloody on the stomach, and the other gangsters had to drag him away, while that happened, I ran away.

  4. Prima says:

    😯 You didn’t kill them, did you? *this is a joke, or what!

  5. Nuug says:

    Wassup andrew? Haven’t been on your blog in a while. Sorry i couldnt get on. Every piece of my life is busy nowadays. Field trip tomorrow and i gotta get up early…

    But man, you sure live in a gay neighborhood. Cool that you killed the dude. Self defense is always awesome. There are these two ***holes at my school that always try to mess with me. I’ve tried to come up with legal ways of self defense on school grounds, but seeing as this is california, and the government is too stupid to actually let someone use a kobutan or whatever, nothings really good…. I have tried to see if i can make my nails infectious to dig into their skin (they don;t play by the rules, so why should I? They come up from behind, and always come in groups of three cause they are too afraid to fight by themselves). However, if you find a legal way to defend yourself at school, LMK! I should be around more often. Have adjusted to high school through the first semester now.,..

    • Andrew says:

      Hey, Wassup Nuug, I haven’t really seen you in a while, and it’s okay, you’re in high school, and you have lots of busy stuff. Well, Mich has a different story. Plus, would I really kill someone innocent? I would only kill or try to telling them to stop if they put a freaking gun to my head. People can be assholes, but let me let you on a little secret. People are messed up. Not bad. But messed up. The difference is that messed up people are people that do bad stuff without knowing or not. Bad people don’t exist, that’s what only Christians, Catholics, Jews, Muslims and religion especially non-religions made up whenever they’d get pissed off at someone, and they can’t control their anger. Bad is only what is described as the devil and his minions. And I wish I was there were you were so I could try to kick ass for a purpose, and not accidentally. LMK? Please explain what that is. And I’m on my second semester for 6th grade, and I have to say, Middle School is TIGHT!

      • Prima says:

        Very deep thought andrew… πŸ™‚

      • Nuug says:

        Yeah, i wouldnt kill cept in self defense or for a good cause, like if osama bin laden gave me the opportunity to shoot his face off.
        ANyway, these two assholes always come from behind, and put me in suffocating headlocks, but the school officials dont give a shit, cause theres a whole lot of druggies here…. anyway, i wouldnt feel guilty if i killed them in self defense, and I would be SUPER happy if they died of any cause soon.
        Middle school is pretty awesome, but once ur out of 8th grade, life gets hecka busy…

      • Andrew says:

        Nuug, all I can say is that you are still amazing, and that you can kick butt no matter what. Okay, I just felt like saying that.

      • nuug says:

        Thanks. I found out California’s kinda a wimpy state, they have outlawed shurikens, nunchuks, and blowguns… oh well, pens can be used awesome in self defense. learned some cool moves and where the best nerves to hit are.

      • Andrew says:

        Really? Cause I was suggesting in my grownup years to move there. Thanks for the tip Nuug.

    • roxy189 says:

      That must suck about those two guys. I hate when people bug me like that. Did you just start high school too? It’s really tough. Exams are so stressful.

  6. michf98 says:

    Oh, Andrew. You’ve gotta stop killing people.

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