Depression Hurts If You’re An 11 Year Old

Well, I’d say today on Martin Luther King Jr. day (or for short: MLK day) was very annoying, and yet hopeless at the same time. Anybody play Mario Super Bros Wii? Well, I may have not mentioned. But, Michael slept over at my house, and I’ll try to explain to you everything that happened this morning during the sleepover. Well, I was able to sleep normally throughout the morning, until at one point, after my vacuous dream about cameras, I woke up. At one point everybody has to wake up after a dream/imagination state. So, yeah, but the good sign was that Michael told me that it was 8 in the morning. So, afterwards, we started talking about some jokes we saw on MAD TV through Cartoon Network. We laughed a lot, until my dad (in his boxers) came in the room, and said we had to calm down. Afterwards, we started cussing in our talking, I knew my dad was listening, since Michael couldn’t control his tone, but it didn’t really occur to me that it mattered to him. He cussed a lot, and we both know that whenever I cuss (or curse, whichever way you like to say it) and that we make it into such a drama, it’s just going to lead into a pointless end.

We went downstairs, and started watching a bunch of adult swim Spongebob episodes that included a lot of sex cuss words, and other stuff moms wouldn’t approve of from their son’s sons. After that, I was missing you guys on the blog, as well, as the band stuff. I have a song, with lyrics, and guitar notes. If you want them, ask through the comments, and I’ll e-mail them. So, after thinking mentally about my other life, Michael and I went outside around 10 AM, in the freezing cold, and started swimming. YES! It actually feels good to start swimming in the cold water, especially in your pants. Well, actually, this is what happened. We went to our river, I told my mom that I was going to be outside for awhile. So, than we went over to the river, and noticed none of the water was really physically changed. So, Michael and I came up with the idea to jump in. I think it was like 43 degrees underwater. Especially if you looked at the whole river, there’s a bunch of junk. So, yeah, we got very energized, since the cold was waking us up a little bit.

Afterwards, Michael was just allover the Wii. Playing with my sisters, and brother. So, later on, when I started walking around the neighborhood, I started to stand on ice for awhile. Well, actually it was about 6 inches thick ice. I was able to stand on it. No worries, I didn’t fall through. When I became bored, I read unsuccessfully Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire. I’m only 445 pages done with it, so I have 723 pages total in the book, minus that and you would fine the answer. When Michael, Patricia, Matthew, and Anabelle than finished his entertainment, they became just as bored as I was. Michael followed me, and stood on the ice along with Patricia, Matthew, and Anabelle. Anabelle constantly screamed her lungs out whenever she’s slip and fall over on the ice, so, than when that happened, we all had to regain her faith in the ice. Though, when everybody got the hang of it, they wanted to stay and play on the icy water that they could ice skate on, but I didn’t want to. So, since I asked pleadingly and nicely for them to get off and so we can be on our way, they didn’t listen.

They just left me out of the situation. I went home and drunk two cans of Sprite and went back outside to go somewhere far from the neighborhood. I left the neighborhood, and than entered the graveyard (the place where I killed a guy by accident last), and then by 20 minutes, I was 3 miles out of the neighborhood. I saw this 80’s truck trailer lying around, and nobody was around it. So, I checked around it, and then decided I wanted to go inside it. I was trying to prevent the temptation of going inside that trailer. Luckily, I won against my temptation and left.

When I went inside, I found Michael, Patricia, Matthew, and Anabelle playing Mario Super Bros Wii. Mama Mia! They played all day, so I just played Wizard 101, and like usual, I lost on trying to defeat a Golem and collect a special item in this special quest in Wizard 101. So, I decided on learning some tips on how to build a website. I was about to show Michael, but than his mom came to pick him up, and then he left. I was all depressed throughout the day because he left, and because I yet had the thoughts that life was meaningless for me. I put myself in bed, and shed a little tears, but than I regained consciousness of myself. Mom had to pull me out of bed because she thought it was a bad idea that I was sleeping at this time. So, I watched my sisters and brother this new show on Nickelodeon called Supah Ninjas. If you haven’t heard of it, that’s fine with me, I would’ve understood. But, my mom was watching upstairs, House of Payne and then next Mike and Molly. I went to sleep immediately since I was laughing critically from the show Supah Ninja’s comedy. And that’s where the story ends.


32 comments on “Depression Hurts If You’re An 11 Year Old

  1. Cuts123 says:

    Yes, the depression or pain you’re going through right now is loneliness, and some other word I learned in my 20’s, that I can’t seem to remember. All, I can say is that feeling that life is meaningless can lead to suicide. If I was to commit suicide, I would’ve at least left a message on Facebook or a voice mail through the phone to my friends, mom and dad, along with my brothers and sisters. You must not fall for suicide. God says it is not good, and shouldn’t have been committed. I for one like to keep it that way, and so should you. But, thank God you didn’t go into that truck trailer left alone, it would’ve happened like in one of those suspension movies whenever kids get into places not allowed. πŸ˜€

  2. michf98 says:

    You killed someone?! I’m sorry, but please explain.

      • michf98 says:

        So, you just killed someone. Not knowing who it was, what they were doing, and if they were innocent or not? I’m sorry, but….

        What the fuck.

      • Andrew says:

        Say whatever you want, this a freedom of speech blog, and I don’t care if you’re just trying to say something mean. Honestly, what would you would’ve done if somebody was about to kill you, and all you did in your pitiless life was go to school, and actually fall in love with someone, and then probably find a meaning to life. I was right now in that zone. I haven’t done the thing I’ve wanted to do in life, and I’m just going to let it end because I need to be concerned if someone is innocent or not? Really, I don’t give a fuck if they were innocent or not, because innocent people don’t just come and try to kill you, unless they have a reason. Try asking yourself what would you have done.

      • michf98 says:

        So, you just killed someone. Not knowing who it was, what they were doing, and if they were innocent or not? I’m sorry, but….

        What the fuck.

      • Andrew says:


  3. roxy189 says:

    Did you get the day off or something? I wish I had yesterday off but no … I had to go to school πŸ˜› That sounds like a fun sleepover … I basically just slept all afternoon today. (When I got home form school).

  4. LeadStains says:

    I’ve been through that kind of depression too. Except for some twisted reason i like it…but i hate it….its hard to explain…It’s just loneliness i suppose..

  5. michf98 says:

    As much as I love raging on the Internet, I’m not gonna fight with you. I understand that you were defending yourself and you love your family. I just find it peculiar when eleven-year-olds kill people… Twice. Because, well, you don’t see that everyday.

  6. Swimmer Girl says:

    depression hurts at 13, too πŸ˜₯

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