I’m Packed On Homework

Meaninglessly, I’m getting over packed with more and more homework. Man, it’s snowing, you except me to do all that homework, when all of the snow might come to a point where it might melt. I’ve killed someone before (by accident), but this time, I feel like wanting to hunt down my school principal. Lol. I’m only kidding. I love Matt Arkin (our principal). I’ve even met the guy before with Nayyir, and got his autograph. Anyways, when I woke up after another zombie Apocalypse dream again, I continued with my school, and basically my life. I had a lesson on Math about one of the dividing equations, which started to become really hard. So, it took me about an hour to make sense of it, and then a half hour to do 40 questions of practice. Really, Math isn’t all that hard, and I intend to keep it that way. Though, Social Studies had to be pulling on my leg today. I had to finish my essay today, and then read some more about environmental causes, and stuff like that. Afterwards, I had a pop quiz on it, which was really easy. Though, because of thinking about my essay, it made me make 1 mistake out of 10.

Essays can be really hard. I’m serious. Afterwards, for Science, I had a 2nd Semester Assessment. This time, it was loads easy. They only questioned me about humidity, permeability, tropical climates, warm climates, warm fronts, cold fronts, the special eras (like the Mesozoic, Precambrian, Cenozoic, Paleozoic), fossils, porosity, and about some metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks. It sounds like a lot, but I’m just glad they didn’t ask me long scientific questions, and they didn’t suggest I take special Science tests. Lucky me. Though, I only got 97%. Last time, I got 100% on my semester assessment test which I probably haven’t mentioned about in the past. Oh and I also was quizzed by my dad about future perfect progressive verbs, and how to identify them, and to tell the different verb tenses. GUM, let’s just say was a lot easier since my dad (who is an expert at Language Arts, and probably everything else) was there to help and support me from burn outs.

Afterwards, my brother was acting like a complete jerk, going on our accounts, and seeing if we finished our homework, like he always does whenever he finishes school first. I had to get another pop quiz for Vocabulary, except it was really easy words to learn. Though, I learned the word: ode. I just don’t exactly know what it means. Lol. Afterwards, um… I have no idea what other subjects I had otherwise than my two exams I finished. I exceedingly beat it. With really, a lot of stress. Later on, I went outside, and made another 3/4 of an igloo, and ice skated on the river. Well, the river is basically our neighborhood lake, which doesn’t really look much as a lake, but more a river. Or maybe both. Don’t know. 😕 Well, the ice almost cracked, but luckily, when I was standing on a icy river (that was 20 ft deep) I didn’t fall. Or else, I wouldn’t be talking, and posting to you on this very day. Once, I finished individually ice skating on the river, I went, and talked to my parents for a little while, and we made laughs together. Than, we all had to start picking on the icy stairs, so when we could descend down the stairs, we wouldn’t slip.

It took me an hour to clear about 30/100 of it. It was that hard. Than, Patricia’s friend came around, and tried to persuade Patricia to come up the street, go out of the neighborhood, and go to her friend’s house (which was 23 miles) on bikes, and go clean up the ice. First of all, that’s illegal for girls about Patricia’s age to do that. But, Patricia, as a good and clean sister, said no, and plus, my dad said he would never approve of it, and lectured Patricia for it. Too bad he couldn’t lecture Patricia’s friend. So, they just randomly started picking at people’s icy garages, and asked for 40 dollars. Well, my sister declined, and we went inside to have tortillas. One of the reasons would be that we all figured that my dad and my little sister, Anabelle, we’re part Latinos, and that Matthew, Patricia, my mom and I were Vikings that lived in Siberia, and defeated Napoleon. Well, we were too Romanian, but I like to refer myself as the Russian Viking, named: Andrew! Once we finished our tortillas, we went to our beds, and I just started studying on Russia, and it’s ancestrally vikings. I jsut wish one of the vikings were called Victor Krum. 😀

8 comments on “I’m Packed On Homework

  1. roxy189 says:

    Wow. That’s a lot of homework. And I’m learning about the same Science/Geography stuff that you are right now. It’s probably the most boring thing ever. 😛

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