I For The First Time In My Life Feel That I Can Rely On Friends More Than My Family

Yes, I had loads of homework to do today. Even though, the weather outside was frightful, and my dear is still learning. As long as you occupy my so, let it learn, let it learn, let it learn. Get me? It’s a song. Anyways, first thing I did was Social Studies. I had an essay about Russia, and I had to both plan, and outline it. I had to write about 4 pages about it’s environmental problems, and how it should be improved. After that, I had to study on a quote some Russian dude wrote that was important towards Moscow (and if you don’t know what Moscow is, it’s a special city/state in Russia). Once I finished with Social Studies, I moved on to Math.

Math, let me just say, it was a piece of cake. So, I’m probably not going to mention it. Literature was easy today, and the rest of school, except for my GUM semester assessment test. I had about 50 questions though, and got them all correct. Go for me! Oh, and I hanged around with Simon, Christian and King. I may have mentioned a post about him. I don’t exactly remember. Christian and I were enjoying the snow like little babies that just went into the world. We threw snowballs on Simon, and tripped King on the ice. Lol. It was really hilarious. Oh, and our river is freezing up pretty well. But, not as good. So, when I went inside (it was 7 PM), I played Mexican Train with mom, dad, and my brother: Matthew. I went into a lot of arguments. I officially feel like I can’t trust them. I’m too tired, so this post isn’t going to be long. Sorry.


10 comments on “I For The First Time In My Life Feel That I Can Rely On Friends More Than My Family

  1. Sorry to hear about your arguments with your family but it happens to all of us. You’ll find as time passes that friends come and go but your family will always be family 🙂 When push comes to shove (as the saying goes), nobody sticks by you like your family does 🙂

  2. roxy189 says:

    I have a heap-load of homework too. Man, it sucks. I have an English essay, culminating task for geography and a novel study. Good to hear that you aced your test 😛

    • Andrew says:

      Wow, I still have an exam I have to finish tomorrow, and I’m done with the rest of my exams. I also have a leading essay with Earth Science about Hemocytoblasts cells and Pluripotent stem cells. I have to finish it due tomorrow. God, I just finished my Earth Science today. I just need to finish with my essay. Wish me luck!

  3. scizzorlizzard says:

    LoL i’ve never trusted ANYONE since i was 4. But i started trusting again (a bit) last year. ._.’
    And i’m stil jealous about the russia thing…lol.

    • Andrew says:

      Wow, really expected that from you. Well, not to be rude, it’s kind of obvious for Sammy. But, I was really shocked when you said that.
      I could quiz you! Just kidding. Lol.

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