The Snow Is Acting Retarded Now

Okay, about 7 inches of snow has already hit. So, that’s good, but before I could go through the process of the chilly outside experience, I was sleeping on my bed. Last night’s dream was a bit scary. I had a dream about zombies that were in an airplane that hit right in my neighborhood. The zombies spread out, and you know, started killing everybody outside. Though, in the dream, all I could hear was screaming since none of the zombies dared to enter. My sister later than, when it was the middle of the night (in my dream), got up and pointed a sniper in my backyard, and head shot 12 zombies crawling on our patio. Once it was 6 PM (in my dream), all the screaming went to a stop. Then, a couple of zombies kept crawling in. I had to punch it through, my brother had to scream through the experience of watching zombies heads, and hands falling off once we finished with them.

Later than, the girl Hermione (from Harry Potter) came in, and asked me to come with her to check the town hall (well I didn’t exactly know that she lived in Atlanta, GA). Once we progressed there, which took like: 2 seconds. And out of the blue, when we just arrived at the Atlanta city, a leaper (which is a zombie from Dead Space 2 the video game) came out of nowhere and started threateningly jumping at us. At one point, the zombie jumped on Hermione. But, I was able to kick it off on the head. But, it restarted jumping again, and Hermione already had a bloody nose, but than, when I said it was a bad idea, the leaper really jumped on her, and was attached to her. She said to run, and hell yeah I did. I could only get glimpse of screams, and her blood streaming by the road. Than, I somehow teleported back to my room. But, than I realized that a bunch of business man were talking outside, I just ignored them, until they came to a stop. All of our bullets were out. So, Patricia and Matthew went to sleep. I just tried to get into the closet without noise. But, the zombie peaked at me, and then flinched, and then made his eyes turn pitch black.

I ran towards him, and he ran away by being frightened. I got to him, and punched the sockets out of him. LITERALLY. But, than the dream ended, and I realized that I forgot that snow was outside still, and it was about 6 inches, as far as I could tell. Everything looked so pale. Until I heard somebody calling through the phone. Luckily, both phones were in my room, so my parents didn’t wake up. I answered and said: “hello this Andrew, whom am I speaking with?”. There was a long pause, and then a boy answered. It was nobody I knew. The guy sounded like he was about 17 years old. Gosh. He asked me if a girl came strolling around to pay for my band. Whoa whoa, what? I asked him first how he knew my band. He just ignored it, and repeated his question. I said yeah in a pissed off tone. Like who calls my phone number at 7 in the morning for that? Honestly. Than he started to get serious and said: “Okay, you step away from my girl, and don’t even think about getting to her. She’s my girlfriend you fucking whore!”. Whoa, what the hell was that? I replied and said I already had somebody I liked (and it’s you Mary Wexel). He didn’t believe me. Like I expected.

He than started calling me a cocksucker, asshole, bitch, prick, carcass and then said my boner was pretty small. Wow. And that was only half of what he said. I just hung up, because I didn’t want to take anymore nonsense from him. I just went directly outside, and started playing with the kids. Though, when I was in the middle of building two igloos with Simon, the girl the guy was talking about was right behind me. Except, she wasn’t the person I saw last time. She was blonde, had black eyelashes, and was just about an inch higher than me. She tried to grab me. But, I pushed back, than I realized the guy whom I spoke too, he just appeared. Simon than realized that they popped up, and muttered “what the hell is a hot chick doing with you?”. I laughed, but the guy was no laughing matter. He looked a lot like Cedric Diggory from Harry Potter, except without the twilight look, and the pale face. He walked up to me. I was shaking. The guy actually was 16 years old, and I bet the girl was 15. The guy than landed a punch on my face. WTF?! I landed on the ground, and stood there for about 16 minutes.

I looked up, and saw that he was still there. He pulled me up and said my ass was getting kicked. Well, thank you very much for reminding me that. I replied this: “FYI, your ass is going to get kicked”. I tripped him without him knowing, and than landed 5 punches in his stomach. Later he ran away, and his girlfriend, or should I say x-girlfriend was still there in shock. But, at one point, she left. I played around in the snow until my feet started freezing, and without me knowing, my hands were bleeding from the impact of the punches. I washed them, which was really cold washing both the frozen hands, and the bloody scars. I said I never wanted to play in the snow again. I MEAN AGAIN. Well, I think that’s going to change tomorrow. I played with Christian, and then finished my school. I also finished my Reading exam. I only got a 77.6 % though. I don’t think I tried at all. Oh and yes, my brochure results. I passed everything, except I was around developing, and average for my presentation. Besides that, I passed it like heck. IT WAS AWESOME. I never got these big results for those big things except for my compare and contrast essay. I literally got everything correct. 😀


34 comments on “The Snow Is Acting Retarded Now

  1. roxy189 says:

    WOW. That’s an epic dream. I never dream of stuff like that. The only cool dream I had was meeting Led Zeppelin, Dylan, and Guns at the Hyatt House.

  2. nayyirnensi says:

    Yeah dude the snow may was maybe acting like a retard but still, there was like 10 inches snow at my place by yesterday afternoon. I think the sleet was helping it spring right back up. And dude, I’m not trying to be rude or anything, but that dream was really long, and dreams aren’t usualy long. Second, THE SNOW WAS AWESOME, I WAS PLAYING IN IT ALL DAY besides school, BUT IT WAS SO COOL! SLEDDING, SNOWBALL FIGHTING, lemme repeat, EPIC SNOWBALL FIGHTS, snow angels, snowman making, FIGHTS, AND LAST, I BEAT UP AUSTIN!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT.

    • Andrew says:

      You’re awesome finally man. And I found 6 feet icicles. We also brought out REAL guns outside, and started making bullets shoot out places like Modern Warfare.

      • nayyirnensi says:

        What do ya mean? Real guns, awesome! But what did you mean about the awesome thnig b4 that.

      • Andrew says:

        Well, if you count those guns with real metal bb’s than yeah. We had protection. So, we didn’t have to worry.

      • marywexel12 says:

        lol u get guns i get a snowball fight with police officers lol r lifes r soooo different hehe u prob couldnt get away with pegging a police officer 😀

      • Andrew says:

        Um… Mary let me tell you that you probably wouldn’t get away BY ANY CHANCE IF YOU POKED AN ARABIC SOLDIER. My dad was born in Arab, and man, dude, I pegged him in the face, and all he said was don’t do that, and grinned. You know, Arabic soldiers are the most deadliest men in the world. I bet you probably wouldn’t get away with THAT MARY WEXEL.

  3. scizzorlizzard says:

    That is an interesting dream! LoL I can’t relate to it at all, I’ve never had a dream that included my siblings or zombies or famous people at all, let alone all together. ._.
    Anyway, dude you’re hardcore! Nice way to show the bitch hole who’s boss! XD

    • Andrew says:

      Yeah, I can give you a lesson on how to make your own dreams, and live them. Believe me. And zombies, yeah… ain’t taking me down. Those slimy *****. Pfft, I’m only 11, and I’m hard core. Though, my birthday is coming. Hope you’ll be there. 😀

      • scizzorlizzard says:

        I wish i was hardcore when i was 11…lol i was just a nerdy bitch. XD
        And really!? .O. I wanna control my dreams more lol.
        And XD XD XD! I might have to steal that sometime, the thing about zombies being slimy whores…XD XD XD
        And I shall! When? 😀

      • Andrew says:

        Well, I wish I too was nerdy. I wish we could switch lives. You know? Lol.
        Yeah, all you need to do are these few steps.

        1. Once you’ve waken from a huge sleep at night, think about something for about 30 minutes, and then precisely at 7:30 AM fall asleep, and you can dream your biggest dream. 😀

        Zombies are annoying, yet interesting. 🙂

      • nayyirnensi says:


      • Andrew says:

        Yes, that’s a little more better. Not so much lord hail and all.

      • marywexel12 says:

        lol i dont want 2 be a nerd and im not wich is deff a good thing cause if i was nerdy i would be a total outcast in my neighborhood lol oh and andrew my friend macala wants 2 meet u lol 😀

      • Andrew says:

        Um… well I want to be a nerd, that looks good. LOL. Yeah, that’s my goal in life, besides others. Oh actually, I really don’t give a fuck if I’m an outcast in my neighborhood, I just be whoever the hell I wanna be. And who the heck is she? Where does she live? And how in the world does she know me?

  4. michf98 says:

    My older sister’s boyfriend lives in Georgia (Atlanta), and he calls her a lot to tell her about the snow. I guess living in New England is different- check that, I KNOW it’s pretty different. It must be really strange to one day have nice weather, and then BOOM, snow. My older sister’s boyfriend said that it had all turned to ice, also. That must have been terrifying. :[

    I had a dream about zombies, too! But mine made no sense, at all. I was in this, like, prison. And a zombie apocalypse was going on. So we all grabbed like machine gun type things and started shooting at the zombies. Then, I decided I wanted to leave prison, because the gate had been unlocked and I kinda ran out of bullets. :/ So, I got out and started running down this weird, black, creepy, dark path that led to the city. I eventually got too creeped out, so I turned around and started to go back. That’s when the scene changed. We had actually saved some zombies and “made them good citizens”, I guess. They were working around the prison, orange jumpsuits and all. And that’s where I woke up.

    • Andrew says:

      Nice… WAIT! So you live in New England. Oh, I heard that place was awesome. Does your older sister live with you? And if her boyfriend lived in Georgia, and you lived in New England, how in the world did they meet? Facebook? Myyearbook? Myspace? What? Maybe she was going for a trip. But, that’s beside the point. Actually, I love the snow, except for the thick ice on the street. I fell on my back hard, trying to get through it. Though, I was able to ice skate on the thick river water. It’s frozen shut. 😀

      Wow! Your dream started making sense until the end. Did the zombies look like regular humans? Did they just start behaving like humans? That was the only confusing part. Well, at least I know that you have a keen sense of imagination. D’you know that the kind of advanced looking dreams you have show how your brain works with imagination. Like Willow, he can’t even remember his dreams. That’s because he’s lost his sense of imagination. Oh I had a great dream this morning. 🙂

  5. michf98 says:

    Aha, yeah, this is where the weird part comes in. I’m pretty sure they met over Diviant Art when they were our age. They’ve had a long distance relationship since not too long ago, and it’s kinda pathetic, well, I think of it that way.

    New England, well… I’d much rather live in Atlanta than here. New England is mainly for people who LOVE sports (that’s how I think of it). I don’t like sports, so it’s pretty useless to me. But yeah, Boston is pretty cool, though. :]

    The zombies in this dream kinda looked like the zombies in Plants vs. Zombies. Ya no, the app. But I happen to love those zombies, I think they’re cute, even if I really did try to keep killing them. And why did we use machine guns? Why not pea-shooters or lawnmowers like in the game?

    And who is Willow?

    • Andrew says:

      Wow, so you do live in New England? Everything to you sounds based. Basically, you judge things by how it feels. Which made me laugh a lot. Atlanta is awesome. Let me tell you that. Linkin Park is also performing in Atlanta at January 25th. Boston? I only remember it from the band Boston that sings: More Than A Feeling. Zombies will be zombies.

  6. michf98 says:

    Yes, I do live in New England. It’s a pretty nice place when people aren’t talking about sports. Seeming, that happens a lot. I bet Atlanta is amazing. I’m jelous because of the weather, mostly the weather. The weather here is bipolar, always changing. And, you should probably go to that concert, okay? :] Boston = Massachusett’s capital.

    Yeah, I guess zombies will be zombies, they just hate plants and like pools, and somehow get onto your roof.

    • Andrew says:

      Well, I might travel there once. Don’t know. Atlanta, is kind of messed up too. So, don’t get yourselves to high. 😀 Zombies, oh they will be continually zombies.

  7. michf98 says:

    Well, I guess is kind of depends on how you look at it. What is Atlanta known for, exactly? What are the pros and cons?

    • Andrew says:

      Well, I would have to go through a whole essay about that. Or a report. Because I wrote a whole portfolio about Georgia last year. I just wish I had it saved so I could send you an e-mail.

  8. michf98 says:

    Wow. Impressive. I bet it’s a great place.

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