An Unsuccessful First Day Of School

God, I just feel so worthless at the moment. Plus, the day just keeps getting worse and worse until the end comes, and there is a solution to my problems. So, um… the beginning of the morning started when I first watched King go over to Savino’s house. Last time I checked, which I haven’t mentioned in my posts, that I got in trouble with Savino’s mom (which I’m not going to even tell you her name), and I almost got grounded for that trouble, but at one point, I seemed to defend myself in the speech explaining how Savino was getting me all pumped up, and mad. Unfortunately, the only thing she could do was ground Savino to his room for 5-10 minutes, since Savino’s mom was so into the fact that Savino always needed friends around, like his friend Erik. Whom I now mostly hate. He’s a Savino wannabe and Savino’s servant. He would follow Savino everywhere, and lets Savino’s mom boss him around since his mom gives sweet, sugary food and lets them play Grand Theft Auto.

Well, afterwards, my dad had to cuss her out (or at least I think that’s what he did), and Savino is grounded from me, funny also that Savino’s mom says that Erik isn’t allowed either, around me. What a damn whore. Yeah, that’s right. I think of Savino’s mom as a Smoking and Drug-addict asshole. I could literally call her all the bad names right now, because she basically tried to make my life miserable since I wasn’t able to hang out with Savino. Oh… right, so Savino’s the center of the world? No you bitch, nobody is the center of the world besides God. God I’m so pissed when this thing happens. So, when I was in the middle of cheating on school, except for Social Studies, and Science. I felt so unsuccessful. Really. I really thought that bitch was getting to me. But, I ignored, and admitted the fact, that I had to really stop getting used to cheating like this regularly. But, I don’t think it’s going to change. So, otherwise, I went outside, and everybody liked me, except Savino and Erik.

Nobody had anything against me, except that everybody wanted to follow the popular kid, and I wasn’t allowed near Savino. I just felt like shoving the bitch down the concrete. But, I wasn’t even able to do that. So, everybody just ignored me. It’s like, whenever I got things for them that’s interesting, they’d follow me and say I’m their best friends, but then somebody else gets some popular stuff, and they follow for that. So, I was the only one left outside by my own. And at one point, they all just rumored about me, and UGH, it irritated me. I’m just happy I’m not friends with that prick. Oh and afterwards, when I was feeling so good about myself, listening to this band called Bring Me The Horizon, and their song (I Used To Make Out With) Medusa, we went to the library. My mom and I were reading our almost favorite realistic book Delivering Happiness and then I was talking about book business. Afterwards, the day felt GOOD.


5 comments on “An Unsuccessful First Day Of School

  1. Cuts123 says:

    I would say that these kind of ‘being ignored’ actions would be the worst affection in your feelings. Yes, Savino’s mom indeed is a dirty whore, and should be taught a lesson. Let’s hope that your dad did cuss out Savino’s mom. And yes, I’d really suggest you do not skip school, it’s going to totally ruin your life. You’ve got exams right? And plus, the CRCT is soon coming. You better be ready. Don’t just sit around and listen to heavy metal music. That’s what got me into detention constantly in your age of grade. High school I was learning Plant Biology, and Advanced Mathematics. College, I started studying for the job investments, and that’s what got me this rich. I was in the middle of deciding between a car seller job like Honda, or being an investor.

    • Andrew says:

      Being ignored, besides being made fun of, is almost the worst emotion I’ve ever felt. The woman wants my life to be miserable because I’m not friends anymore with his ‘center of the Earth’ son. God, I hate it when that happens, that’s why right now, I’m staying home most of the time doing my homework. And exams are starting today, my brother (who’s in 2nd grade) also has exams as well. Well, nice talking with you Cuts123. 😀

      • Cuts123 says:

        Yes, like I stated. Being ignored because you’re not allowed to play with Savino doesn’t have to make you fall under her pressure. Also thinking you’re the ‘center of the Earth’ is an arrogant or most ignorant way to look at yourself and other people. Exams were hard back in my age. 😀 Good times.

      • Andrew says:

        Thank you for sharing with me this piece of information. 😀

      • Cuts123 says:

        I really need to find a gravatar to change my profile pic. Hold up. 😀

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