Come On School, Make Things Challenging For Me Again

Well, I’ve officially decided I might want to post about today, instead just about the crappy news. Though, it’s pretty late… wondering what I’ll do. Anyways, I had a dream that I was this sort of human chameleon. In a figure of a brick wall made in the 80’s. When I was walking around, everybody looked at me so daringly. One of them almost looked like they wanted my autograph or something. I passed by hundreds of crowds, ignoring their daring looks, until this black, hairy figure dude was in front of my way. My words swept by me, and I said to move along. The person looked up, and immediately, I could tell it was Michael Jackson, the super star of hip-hop. I wanted to bow down to him, and his worthy 90’s hip-hop costume. But, my words swept through me, and I said for him to walk away, and to keep his hip-hop to himself.

Okay, in the mind, I’m standing there thinking WHAT THE HELL HAVE I DONE???!!! He was the hit of hip-hop I should slap myself for that. Than the dream faded away, and it shifted me to the Grand Canyon, it was almost like I was using Floo Powder from Harry Potter. There Michael Jackson was there, along with Jay-Z. I think I was zoomed all the way back to 2004 or something, because people we’re regular clothes, and using normal hair, besides Michael Jackson. The dream shifted again, and this time, I was on the edge of the Eiffel Tower, or I was. I saw G.I.JOE playing under me, and then they shot the nuclear chemical at the Eiffel Tower (just like in the movie). I fell off, but than time froze and I hit the ground slowly. Michael Jackson walked up behind me out of nowhere, and said, “do you wanna dance until you die?”

The only words that came out of my controlled mouth were  “FUCK YEAH!”. We danced for about 3 hours, at least that’s what I thought coming from the fact that we were sweaty, and my eyes were bloodshot red. Than, eventually, I won the competition, the crowd was admiring me, and then said that hip-hop rules, and rock n’ roll, along with metal, sucked. I felt so angry, I actually emerged out of my human chameleon body, and I said “FUCK NO!”. I grabbed a guitar, all my band players were there, and we rocked the house. For about 40 minutes. Michael Jackson, and my used to be body exploded of total rockness. Michael Cera and Anna Kendrick showed up, and said I passed the next level, and that they would be meeting me soon another time. The dream stopped, and I knew it was the end. It was too bad, I was having a great time having fun. But, it ended.

I went towards the computer, and blessed God for keeping mom at work for so long. I had 14 lessons on a Research Essay, well, I already did an essay, plus, my teacher Ms. Lauen told me that I needed to complete the unit. So, I did, no big thing I did really. Afterwards, school started to get boring again. Oh, and yeah, it’s the first time I’ve actually tried coloring my letters, I hope it helps my blog. Yep. So, when I was done, I decided to bring a knife for some stupid reason, upstairs in my room, and act as if I was in Modern Warfare stabbing people with a knife. What kind of imagination is that? Lol. Although, when I was imagining my little sister, Anabelle caught me and said, what’re you doing with that thing, and I just ignored her until she went away. I went back to school, went through Science fast, and last but not least, note things down about Russia’s old history as government for an hour and a half.

Nothing really interesting. COME ON SCHOOL, you can do better than that. Give me essays, more work. Come on. Well, let’s get to the bottom of this. Nothing really interesting happened, and I’ll have to figure out some time to put pictures for you all, because the dull sky outside just made me smile, and I wanted to show it with you all. But, besides the dull sky, my parents were watching recorded American Idols, while I was sitting plump on my seat studying. Oh yeah, and my friend Shahnoor Dhanani, yeah, we went into Myyearbook, and started video chatting, and if Nayyir sees this and gets jealous, let me only tell you we had fun… playing Chess and all sorts of other things. When I finished school, I gazed at the sky for awhile, until I started to see a dark figure in the bushes.

I looked away, and went to some other business. I read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, damn, the book is so good. In just 10 minutes I managed to get to page 54. Not so fast, but successful for me. 😀

Just Some More News And A Little Pep Talk

Well, this is the last and very last day of January. I know everybody must be happy about it, except for some people I know. But, it hasn’t been good for me. For the past three months I haven’t been really caring whether or not how much views I get. And yes, I have been receiving bad views. About 800 last month, 1,000 two months ago, and this month: 1,945 views. I think we can do a little bit better. I’m not ungrateful though the fact that I know you guys comment a lot and care for me, but I would please be VERY grateful if we can try to up the views for February. I’m only asking for a favor, that’s all.

‘Bullying’ Teens Busted After Beating 13-Year-Old [VIDEO]

Police arrested seven teenagers at a school in suburban Philadelphia after a video one of them shot showed them beating a 13-year-old boy, tossing him in a tree and then hanging him from a wrought-iron fence by the hood of his coat.

The seventh, and final teen was arrested today after six others were led out of their school in handcuffs Monday. “It’s bullying. It’s bullying in America at its worst,” said Michael Chitwood, superintendent of police in Upper Darby Township, Pa., according to NBC’s “Today” show.

Nadin Khoury, 13, says he was on his way home from school when seven older teenagers jumped him and began punching and kicking him outside an apartment complex. One of his alleged attackers filmed the assault, which went on for more than 20 minutes before a woman driving by the scene leapt out of her car and chased the bullies off.

“There’s nothing you can do,” Khoury told Fox 29 in Philadelphia. “You can’t fight back or it comes down even worse. You can’t say anything except call for help.” Khoury said the group of teens has targeted others as well. “They do it for no reason,” he said. “Anybody that’s smaller than them, just to get their kicks.”

Khoury was not seriously injured in the beating, but he has been unable to go to school because of the threats he and his family have received since the Jan. 11 attack. He said the teens, who range in age from 15 to 17, had bothered him before and said his family will likely have to move to a different town. He also told Fox 29 that he believed he had been targeted because his family is from Liberia.

On the video — which the teens later posted to YouTube — Khoury’s attackers can be heard laughing at him as tries to get away. And one young woman, apparently a fellow student, is seen on the tape ignoring Khoury’s cries for help and simply walking away.

Chitwood said people need to take responsibility for bullies in their communities. “I find it offensive when members of the community stand up and talk about the cops not doing something when not one person called 911,” he said.

The teenagers were arrested and booked at a juvenile detention facility on charges of kidnapping, reckless endangerment and assault. “We’re dragging them out in handcuffs,” Chitwood said,according to the Delaware County Daily Times. “We want to send home a message that this type of behavior will absolutely not be tolerated.”

Khoury said he plans to testify against the teens in court. “Don’t be afraid to speak out; tell somebody what’s going on because if you tell them, maybe this will happen and somebody will take action,” he told NBC.

My Parents Are Taking Over

Well, yeah, today is Sunday. Church day! So, during 1 in the morning, I made a plan to go on my computer before going to church and bringing it. Well, the plan didn’t work to well, since two days ago when I was waiting on Saturday to get a hold of that computer, and I didn’t get too much sleep. So, instead my dad had to wake me up around 8 am. It was weird, because we were supposed to wake up around 7 or 6.But, anyways, when we woke up than, I asked my parents why we were waking up so late, and they said it was leadership room day. Well, for Patricia, Matthew and Anabelle that’s what today meant, for my parents and I it meant that we have host team. Though, I’m not really in the host team, I just help my dad and steal doughnuts. Lol.

Once we got all our fancy clothings on, I put on my black socks and set to the car. I’m thinking once I’m 16 or 17 I’ll get a car and be able to drive to church instead of having my parents drive me there. Though, it’s not like I hate my parents driving me around a lot. I just wanna see how it feels to drive on my own in the future. When we got to the church, my dad was throwing a sissy feat at my mom, and she just couldn’t take it. So, I tried comforting her and asked her what was on her mind. She said the f word in the end of her sentence, which kind of startled me, but it was kind of normal. I used to cuss so much outside, I don’t get why I’m startled. But, okay. When we got inside, and I decided to skip the 11 o’clock Transit service, I went with mom and dad to the Host team room. If Prima’s reading this, than yes, that”s where I was when I was chatting with you. When I was in there chatting, two grownups came passed me and said in surprise “that’s a Netbook?!”

I loved kind of being the abnormal person in church. Being 11, and carrying a Netbook, while being wired into it. Plus, when I went to go get a doughnut (that’s when my parents went and took care of the big halls), this grownup man (whom I’ve seen a lot) walked up to the sink and said “that’s a Netbook if I’m right.”. I said yeah, he asked for the logo and also what service or something. I told him Gateway and Windows 7. He said it was pretty cool to be at my age and own that laptop. But just when he said that I was lucky to have parents that cared for me enough to buy it, I just had to correct him and tell him that I spent half the cost too. The man, started getting into other important things than, and I decided to walk around the church, for no reason. During service (basically, the time when the preacher spoke to the many thousands of crowds), I was typing on my computer and chatting with another friend. By than, my dad got onto my computer and basically took everything under his control. When I told him specifically that I wanted him to do the theme, he was checking, and deleting programs left and right. Pus, he put his user in control of the whole computer and found this option to put time limits onto my computer.

Basically, if I tried logging in onto my Netbook when they said I wasn’t supposed to, it would block me. So, that was the crappy part as well. When we got from church, Christian was outside, except shaved BALD. He looked so much like Eminem. Except for the eye brows. He started getting rude and in his ungrateful attitude. So, I just ignored him and went to the little kids. What I didn’t expect was that they said Ms. Kacey, the person who banned us from our own clubhouse, told them they couldn’t spend time with me. It was outrageous, I went to talk to Savino’s mom, until my dad and mom came around, and we talked. Unfortunately, Savino’s mom wasn’t responsible, and said that what Ms. Kacey actually meant to say was to not play with me in there. Which was weird but okay, so the kids and I rode around in bikes. I talked with Nicholas about some horror movies, and I talked with Logan about Wizard 101, my guitar teacher came around, and told me that I’d need to bring back his acoustic guitar. I eventually did, and I brought my electric guitar for training. We went into some major tips like the pentatonic scale and all. But, when I showed him that I knew how to play Yesterday, by the Beatles, and Dream On, by Aerosmith, he was so amazed, he said he’ll need to research some songs for me, at my level, so practice was short.

I noted what he said, and helped clean up the house. Eventually, I found out that Patricia’s friend walked up to me, and wanted me to introduce her to her new friend. Well, um… I couldn’t see her so well in the sunlight, but I only caught a glimpse of her covered in a jacket you would only wear if you lived in Siberia. Well, the day ended softly, the grownups came, we had a party, they left, and we were sent to bed. Tomorrow, I’m reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Spending Time With My Aunts

Okay, well, today I was just flushing throug my laptop, yeah, I know, I posted yesterday (but it’s because I posted on January 29th in the real life, and scheduled it back to January 28th [Though, this is about the day when I posted the yesterday post]). I was flushing through my laptop left and right. All I did was download, and put on Google Chrome. Well, the laptop came with Windows 7, odd, but okay. I didn’t realy want a Windows Explorer or anything that had to relate to Windows on my computer, used to stroll the web. So, I downloaded Google Chrome. I’m still trying to figure out how to download Microsot Word, not the new version though. My aunt, Tania, was downstairs way before me, so when I was actually looking over my computer, I at one point: found out that probably Microsoft won’t work on this laptop, so instead, it came with Microsoft Office Word. I’ve been hearing about that thing for about awhile now.

My mom said I could only keep one game, or two downloaded, so I immediately checked out some games like Wizard 101, Star Wars the Clone Wars: Adventures and also DDO. Let me just say that Wizard 101 was the only coolest game under my laptop privelages. Star Wars the Clone Wars: Adventures made everything Member ship like (pffft, no wonder it’s not as popular as Freerealms). Oh and I forgot to mention that my laptop is fully HD. I measn the video games are really clear, and so is the light and sound. Everything looks awesome. I tried Wizard 101, it was really good, though I wanted to try out DDO. So, I tried it, and really: it fucked up. Constantly, I put my e-mail on, and then it would say I need the password, and than it said I’d need to agree the huge list of Agreements. I did that, but they wouldn’t let me. And now, they kept sending me these e-mais to me about it. Really, I just figured about now, they screwrd me up.

When 3 hours passed, and my mom came around, I showed her my new Google Chrome theme, and needed dad’s help with trying to widen the screen (since I didn’t know laptops as well as desktops). He helped me, though, when I was done doing that, he asked me to check my subscribers, and I noticed I got one more new one. I didn’t even notice. But, what really made my stomach hurt, and start to creep me out, was that three days ago, Willow’s friend Amber (my blogging enemy) was subscribed to MY BLOG??!! If you’re reading this Amber, I would like you to comment or at least leave me a message through e-mail on why you subscribed to my blog. Anyways, the movie, the Social Network was still stuck in my head, especially when the nerd got sued by his best friend for putting him on low chart for not giving him credit on this new program they made called: The Facebook (which soon turned into Facebook). At one point, when my dad left, and my mom (leaving me with my two aunts), also when my brother and sisters left, I felt so free at the moment. When the battery of the computer showed that 8% low battery was shown. Already? So, I plugged my baby (laptop) and let it charge for awhile. Though, whe n dad came around, I had the neccassity to go on it during charging. Unfortunately, I realized that it took (yesterday night) about 7 hours to recharge to battery completely, without touching it. But, whe nI was touching it continuesly during its charge, I found out that the battery was going a whole lot faster. It went directly from 8% all the way to 43% in 5 minutes while it was charging. So, when people started coming over to my house and to ask to hang out, I immediately had the only feeling I felt like doing after 3 YEARS.

I showed off that baby, and they were all drooling over the HD quality and the fact that it was all to myself. Afterwards, well after like 2 hours of hanging out, Tania came to get me and told me we were going to the airport so we could drop Alexandra off. Well, in my mind I wanted to listen by myself the London Linkin Park concert, though, I would’ve felt bad for myself, plus, I haven’t been to the airport so much in my entire life. So, I just went with them for the heck of it. We passed the Atlanta town, which was such a beautiful sight. I wanted to just take a picture with my camera, though there were some cops, and I just didn’t feel too comfortalbe about it. So, when we got to the airport, I was holding a 23  pound case of luggage while my aunt Alexandra was heavy luggage that only God knows how much it weighs. While I waited for about 2 hours for the line to go passed, I was writing on my book, and yes, I  still feel the awesome freedom of it. Whe nthe line was over, I had to come with my aunts, and aunt Alexandra had to go passed through security in order to get to the airport. While me and my aunt, Tania, went to go and get a large size Sprite drink, orange bottle and also a sort of chocolate chunky cupcake. My aunt drank the orange, whiel I sipped down in just a minute my Sprite drink. We talked on the way home, and had to get the car washed. It looked sparkly, clean. I loved it, when we came home, after going to Walmart, we saw my mom, and she kind of got into an argument with me about how I should’ve left the computer home to charge. I kind of didn’t take it so seriously. So, afterwards, I went to bed, and rested my head.


I Got A Laptop

My day has been good, and the cool thing is that I got a computer. It’s really amazing because after four years I’ve been wanting and craving for a laptop, but instead I get a cool netbook that looks AWESOME. It has an exquisite design on the top of it’s layer, and I can type really fast on this computer without even looking. Plus whenever I put the words in capitalized form it always gives out this small lock sign whenever I do. So, I don’t have to worry about puttign wors that are wrongly capitilized. 😀 It’s awesome. But, let me get to what happened to the day. Right?

So, this is what happened, I woke up, with my boxers and found my distasteful mother. Who’s been aggravating me the past week, plus how she annoyed me greatly by bringing Patricia’s friend over to this big Church event in our church. I’m still pissed off at my mom for that. Eventually we came into a discussion on how I was old and I deserved better respect from her, but instead for a result, I got told that I could get my own laptop. I said she was joking and told her to stop messing with me. But, she said she was dead serious, so I immediately flunked back and blinked in surprise. It was amazing, or the thought was, I would have my own laptop, and I got to download and check out whatever I wanted on it. Oh, I was so hyped up I started chippering and picked on myself. I looked with my mom on the selections. But, I still had to do school. So, I grabbed 3 sheets of homework on Math, and worked on a bunch of Math problems. I think about 73 problems for the second sheet and then about 34 problems on the third sheet. While Math homework, people were walking through my backyard in gangster clothes. One of them looked at me, and gave me a grim look.

After Math homework, I finished Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Well, yesterday (which I haven’t posted about), I got to page 600, but than over night I got 78 pages through the book, and today, I finished the rest of the book. I honestly didn’t think this book ending was as good as the Sorcerer’s Stone, or the Chamber of Secrets. The Prisoner of Azkaban’s ending was okay. But, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, eh, it wasn’t such a missing ending. I liked the whole plot, and the whole concept of the story, along with that there were other things going on, during the plot. It’s my first 700 page book I’ve finished in my life. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix has about 860 pages. So, that will present a new challenge for me. When I was finished doing my reading job, I planned out a 3 day break from Harry Potter, so, I shuffled towards the rest of school and learned some new words in Vocabulary. Though, I didn’t note them down, so I can’t shuffle them down. I shopped with my mom later on in like 2 hours. It took us awhile to find the right choices from Micro Center and then we moved on to Fry’s that’s where I went to buy a latptop, or what it’s called Netbook. My sister and my other sister, while the while I had to wait for 3 hours for the orders to come in. Though the client was very respectful. So, when we were done, we went home, and found our aunts. Aunt Tania, and Aunt Alexandra. We had fun talking until our un-natural neighbor, Ms. Kacey. I knew she only came to get me in trouble, she brought up the story from a month ago about hoI was[i]w I was picking out this kind of warning electrical item, and she said there was no way I could doubt it since she saw it. Well, I would be able to doubt it since I know my own damn body, and what it’s doing.

So, she than started saying we couldn’t go over to our clubhouse just when we became really successful on our base.               I was so ticked off, though I wanted to show understanding towards Ms. Kacey, instead of having to doubt it and make it worse, because she said, that if I did that again, she would beat the crap out of me. When she finally left, I told my mom it was all bullshit, well, I didn’t tell her directly that it was bullshit, but it was bullshit. Dad seemed a little back-forward. Basically, he didn’t seem to believe the story. So, after a bunch of yellings, dad cleared out he did care, but it was hard for him to decide. I told them I was not going to beat up for something I haven’t even done. Mom said she wasn’t going to touch me. So, that made everything a lot better. Afterwards, I watched the Social Network with my mom and dad, along with my aunts. It was an interestign movie in the beginning, but than the nerd, along with Justin Timberlake started going into a lot of drug parties and girls were just taking of their clothes so much. It was good in the beginning, but than it ended just dumbly. It was a bad ending, and I thought the nerd was just being down-right rude. Afterwards, when we finished the movie,

I went to sleep, and waited for the next day to come.


Challenger Disaster 25th Anniversary: Where Were You?

I feel like putting some news since I’m too lazy to post about it.

A quarter-century after the Challenger disaster, the memories are still clear for those who witnessed the shocking loss of seven astronauts.

At a time when space shuttle flights had become fairly routine, the Challenger mission was intended to inspire a generation of students by putting the first teacher in space. TVs were turned on in classrooms nationwide on the morning of Jan. 28, 1986 so kids could watch Christa McAuliffe and her six crewmates begin their adventure. A New York Times poll estimated that nearly half of the 9- to 13-year-olds in America watched the launch at school.

Their shared celebration turned to stunned disbelief 73 seconds after liftoff. “I was in school and I remember actually that we were watching it on television as a class and everybody was so excited. And so as a class we watched it blow. I think I was in sixth grade, and it was devastating,” Stephanie Nicholas recalled in a recent AOL News on-the-street interview in Denver.

“I was in the apartment complex and I was in the swimming pool when I heard about it on the radio,” said Hank Hagerman in New Orleans. “I went inside later on and saw the clips from the news showing three pieces blown apart in the sky and where they landed.”

People who didn’t see it live found out what happened almost immediately and, like Hagerman, watched the horrifying images replayed over and over on television. The news spread with unprecedented speed in an era before texting, social networking and all the other forms of instant communication we now take for granted. Within an hour of the tragedy, 85 percent of Americans knew about it, according to a 1989 study published in Journalism Quarterly.

Where were you and what do you remember about the Challenger disaster? Click on the video above to see what people in cities across the country told us. Hundreds of readers have also shared their recollections with us by posting a comment on this article. Scroll down to see some of their stories and CLICK HERE to send us your Challenger memories.

I was in Mr. Votto’s class, he was so eager to see the first teacher launch into space. I remember seeing his disbelief and then a tear roll down his eye. As children, we really did not understand the significance of the event but Mr. Votto’s reaction never left me and marked a significant event in my life. — Dede

It was my son’s 6th birthday and we were so excited that it was a teacher workday and no school in Chesapeake, VA. We were at home parked in front of the TV. My son, Scott, daughter, Rebecca and myself watched as the shuttle launched and the TV camera showed the shuttle crew families, in the stands pointing up and smiling and everything seemed fine. Then there was a pop in the sky and smoke was everywhere. At that time the broadcasters didn’t really know what to say. I remember Scott saying that was just the rocket boosters making the shuttle go faster and then they detach and fall to the ground. That’s what we thought happened until the cameras started showing the faces of the families again. We knew it was horrible as we watched the smoke trail go downward the kids started commenting that the capsule they were in would parachute down. So we looked for the parachute. We didn’t see one. My son turns 31 today and I remember that day like it were yesterday. — smilmakr32

I still remember that horrible sight. I went to high school in central Florida and I was in my 11th grade history class and we were standing outside of the classroom looking up at the sky when it happened. At first we were confused, because throughout our life time we had watched many of the launches from our backyards and this was nothing like what we had seen in the past. We were shocked and the school was very quiet the rest of the day. A very sad day in history.

Years later when I was in college I was got a scholarship that was named after one of the brave Americans we lost that day. I’m proud to say I was a Ronald E. McNair scholar at Jacksonville University. — T. Brooks-Evans

I was underwater in the north Atlantic in a nuclear submarine on patrol. We heard about it from a radio broadcast and radio traffic. When we returned home for off crew, my brother in law had taped the launch, and subsequent explosion. It amazes me that I actually remember the exact moment that I heard about the explosion while on the boat. — js4024

I was in Engineering school heading to my Kinematics class when I saw a small crowd in front of a TV in the lobby of the building. We watched in silence the rain of smoking fragments, understanding fully that there was no chance for survivors. It was a very subdued class. Our professor had done some consulting for NASA and he started the class with the following statement, “You must understand that when you, as an Engineer, make mistakes, people can die.” It definitely stuck with me all of these years. — Rob ROy

I was teaching kindergarten when it happened. My students were in gym while I was watching it on TV in the teacher’s room. After they returned to class I sat them in a circle and explained why I was crying. I wonder if they remember it as vividly as I do. Years later I was teaching 5th grade. As an assignment I had my students research why their parents gave them their names. Christa found out she was named after the teacher astronaut. It touched her as much as it did me. — missfay10

Space shuttle launches had become so ‘routine” by 1986 that none of the broadcast networks even covered it live, only CNN did. I was anchoring the launch coverage with Mary Anne Loughlin and the then space reporter Tom Mintier, so it was we (CNN) who brought our countrymen the live coverage of the castastrophe. As the Challenger blew up, we were, simply, stunned into silence. Mintier stopped talking. We listened to the voice of Mission Control intone, “Obviously, a major malfunction.” There was simply nothing for any of us to say. We recovered quickly and went on to cover the disaster throughout the rest of the day and for days afterward. As we learned later of the cause (the faulty O-rings on the solid fuel rocket boosters), shuttle travel became safer, as it had following the 1967 (Apollo) launch pad fire and the disintegration of the Columbia on re-entry in 1993. That’s the way it’s supposed to work in a dangerous and pioneering endeavor. But on January 28, 1986, we were confused, saddened souls, looking for answers that were slow to come. —Bob Cain, CNN (retired)


Cops Start Acting Awkward And I Start To Worry

After a long and busy day, I’m going to say that my views are doing very well. I still thank everybody for commenting and checking my posts. At least what matters to me is that somebody reads and actually cares about my life. That’s what’s most important to me. So, anyways, homework was a ton today, along with loads of CCS during the day. I missed Language Arts because I slept in, and my mom woke me up around 8:31 AM. I grabbed my clothes on and withdrew Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and kept next to me during Science class just encase I might get bored and might be thinking about the book for a moment. For the 2nd semester of Earth Science, our Earth Science teacher announced that we will be studying throughout the semester based on water. Well, if you think about it, water doesn’t sound like something to really learn about throughout the whole semester. Well, our teacher gave us 50% of the kind of topics on Water we will be studying on throughout the semester. So, I had to write them down.

Collection Area
Water RunOff
Water Distribution
Water Collection Areas
Human Activity
Energy in the Water Cycle
Ocean Water
Ocean Salinity
Ocean Salinity Map
Air Temperature on the Ocean
Ocean Temperature Varies by Depth
Ocean Water Density
Ocean Layers
Salinity Affects Density
Ice Changes Salinity
Ocean Surface Topography
Ocean Currents
-Direction of the Wind
-Earth’s Rotation
-Earth’s Geography
-Temperature of the water
-Salinity of the water
-The topography of the sea floor
-Sea surface height
-The shape of the coastline
Surface Currents
-Gulf Stream
-Canaries Current
-Labrador Current
-Equatorial Current
-California Current
-Antarctic Circumpolar Current
Prevailing Winds and Surface Current
Coriolis Effect
Thermohaline Circulation
Downwelling and Upwelling
Convection Currents

It was a lot of work. But, I was able to note them down, thank God though I could write down the different currents for the Gulf Stream, since our teacher handed us a pdf. file of it. So, we didn’t have to worry about it. Well, school went on for a long time, along with the drilling outside. I went to go check on the cops, and turns out their acting very awkward now. They seem, well I don’t know scared. I’m starting to worry for them. What happened? I don’t know, so I went inside, and slept to myself. It was a good sleep though, let me tell you that.

The Awkwardest School Day This 2nd Semester

Well, jigs up, I have no idea whether I can tell if this day was normal or not. But, don’t worry, this is not the kind of awkward days when I start talking to someone and they say something weird (or probably unorthodox, if I should add that) and then everything would sound so awkward. Nah, this is one of the averagely awkward days. You know? Well, I’ll explain. I had this dream I was in the middle of an icy cold lake and that it started making these awful crack noises only dense glass would make. Than when the ice broke, which I wondered how dumb was I to not realize that freaking loud cracks meant I was going to sink? I catapulted down 60 feet. Which immediately made my skin start to rustle and than I could hear my rib cage cracking, but eventually my lungs started to puff up, and it went into a complete explosion. I drowned down the deep floor, and eventually after a bunch of piranhas started bitting and tearing my skin to shreds, the dream ended. Awkward, anyways, it was a Monday day, so I put on some clothes and went directly into my CCS.

Only that there weren’t any today, so I felt embarrassed to myself. I had to a write another essay on Russia and it’s Cold War, and then eventually I took my lesson, and called my friend Simon, he constantly had to remind me that the Cold War wasn’t about people fighting, and that it was about really the economies hating towards each other, and bunch of other stuff. So, after I took my essay, I streamed to Pre-Algebra, and had to work about 6 sheets of paper on Math. It was awkwardly boring, and yet embarrassing that I had to take that much work. I grabbed a lemonade drink, and scooped it all up in my mouth like tomorrow’s breakfast. My Literature was starting to get more and more important by the minute, along with the fact that during the weekend I had to read a book called “Thank ya m’a’m.” Which no sounded a little weird, because I was supposed to be off school during the weekend. Nothing really exciting happened throughout the day. It was all like bla, and I was bored. I went outside to get some fresh air, and eventually grabbed another lemonade can.

Nothing happened, I plopped myself on my bed, and read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire until I got about 106 pages through the book. I think I have about 136 pages left now. I don’t know, I just know that I’m right now waiting so enthusiastically to get on with the book, and see what happens on the Third Task of the Triwizard Tournament. I’m starting to love Cedric Diggory’s attitude, and am getting angrier and angrier at Fleur Delacour. It’s just that her ambition along with her arrogance just makes me so mad, and along with Viktor Krum. I don’t get the man, and plus, he pronounces Hermione’s name wrong. Now, besides the fact that Mr. Crouch (another character in the story) dazed Krum, which made me laugh awfully, I don’t see any interest in him. Plus, I think he needs to get a life, and Harry is getting more annoying by the minute entering Divination class. I think the Professor Trelawncy, or however you spell her name, is getting more distasteful as she was last time in the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Afterwards, the rest of school became boring, and I became as random as thought. Though, FrontierVille is still helping a lot. I think I’m going to put some more wishes on my wish list for it. Haven’t figured it out yet. But, the only thing interesting at all today were these 4 cop cars zooming in around our sub-division, and all they’d do is just wave at me (cause they noticed me from my Kitchen window) and I’d wave back. There was nothing really suspicious going on. I think the cops were just being a little over protective this time. I went outside and found a trio of gangsters cornered in the middle of the outside of the street. There was an ambulance too, though it didn’t really go off at all, it just picked up an anonymous person, I didn’t know, into the ambulance. While the gangsters were getting pinned down by like I don’t know 5 cops. I really don’t see why there’s 5 cops needed for each person. After that was done, some cops were still striding around, looking to see anything suspicious going on.

At one point, I asked one of the lady officers (since I can only talk to lady officers without gasping at the hand gun in their pocket) what they were doing, and she said that they heard something wrong was going on with the oxygen and that their might be some kind of nuclear gas under the streets, which about when she said that, I realized some kind of bulldozer came strolling in, and picking on the streets. So, I went inside so I my curiosity wouldn’t go to high. I waited for about 3 hours, and then at one point, when my parents came downstairs after long day’s of work, we watched this kind of band performing in Palladia. Funny, because our last name is Paladie. Lol. Anyways, my sister, Anabelle, started to notice some racket was going on up the street, and asked me what the heck was going on, and I said: “Some classified business m’a’m.” lol. I went up the street, and the last thing I’d expect was that everybody was in gas masks, so I immediately walked away. Not wanting to be part of anything going on, and went to bed, just encase I breathed some nuclear gas in. 😀

Oh and here are some cute pictures I found of some Hamsters.

Randomness: Justin Bieber’s Obsession (Designed By Me)

My Dad Embarasses Me And I Hate My Mom

Unconsiderally, I haven’t been posting recently. I’ve been too busy with some friends for the past days. But, I’m going to tell you what happened today. It was a Sunday, so we had to go to church, and since my sister, Patricia was coming to church, her friend came with us, along with her other friend. Whom used to be my ex-girlfriend (not because of my choice BTW), but now, is a complete asshole. She’s grown up, and she just loves to embarrass me and loves putting me down now. I think it’s because I broke up with her for Mary two years ago. I don’t entirely remember. So, anyways, Christian also slept over at my house, so he was coming too, but since there was too much people coming over, Christian, Matthew, and I had to go into my dad’s car, and the girls with my mom. When I got there, and Christian and I went to go to class, we found mom there before us, I was so frustrated that the girls were already here. I sophisticatedly punched the walls in anger. Well, it was sort of sophisticated cause I punched hard, but it didn’t make a sound, I didn’t mean to punch, but I did.

It was sort of confusing. The downfall part of going there was that Michael was playing with another person foozeball and they were unbeatable, everybody celebrated them. Though, Michael followed Christian and I and still treated me valuable to him. Michael was surprised Christian was coming over again. Though, as usual, Christian always would mutter that he needed food, unfortunately, we only had water. So, during Worship, Christian and I, along with Michael jumped around the chairs, and there was this I don’t know, 7th grader looking at us crossly, and looked at us as if we were terrorists. We kept on doing it, except for me since Michael and Christian kept hitting me, Christian would punch me, and Michael would keep slapping me in the head, it was SO annoying, I stopped, and during the time the worshiper spoke, they were making loud noises, and I was just ugh! So, I stepped away, and in the next 2 minutes, Michael and Christian came to a point where some grownups came and had to chew us in front of like 4,000 students. Luckily, I backed away, because when the grownups came, I was blamed for it.

But, than the 7th grader dude, told the grownup that he saw everything that happened, and said I had nothing to do with it, so Michael got into trouble with our small group leader, Christian just sat apprehensively, watching him, having about a thousand eyes eying him. Luckily, after a baptism, with my sister’s friend, Michaela’s brother, it was so embarrassing because he did NOT know how to speak properly (probably cause when my sister told me that he didn’t speak to much [well, you jackasses out there that think that not speaking a lot makes you wiser, let me just say, it gives you a lot of problems in speaking]). Lol. Plus, after half a crowd of girls giggled and a bunch of boys laughed, he looked menacingly at them, and then just went on with it. 2 girls walked up to me. They were blondes, so I had interest already in their life. 😀 Kidding. When they walked up to me, they said how it would’ve felt to be next to Christian and Michael during that time. So, they asked me to sit next to them, but all I could say was “I already have someone (I muttered this in my head: Fuck OFF!)”. They walked away disappointed.

Afterwards, Patricia was in like a gang of girls. I JUST HATED IT! They were all gossiping, and I just felt like throwing Patricia’s friend, and her other friend out an Empire state building, at the very top. I was just so frustrated. Once we got home, they giggled a little more, and then they went over to Patricia’s friend’s house, while I did the chores, and did the work. I tried talking to dad, but he would just make me look bad right in front of mom. Throughout the day, mom was making me angry at her, and at one point, just so she could win in an argument, she yelled at me, and forced me to do the chores in the bathroom. I just hate my mom. She can be so fucking annoying. Afterwards, throughout the day, after Patricia, Anabelle, and Matthew were playing Mario Super Bros. Wii grownups came and we had ice-cream, along with the fact that we figured that a friend of ours is drugged so he can’t come over, also that our favorite little girl, Sharyl! She came over, and we babysitted her. It was an a-okay day.

False Alarm, Thank God

Simon, the person that said I killed one of those gangsters said he was playing a trick, and that the gangsters were out of bullets, and that I did pull the trigger, but nothing came out, and the gangsters were just pulling a joke on me by putting food coloring fast, and then acted as if I killed them. Now, I’m pissed, off, but God, I’m just happy I didn’t kill them. False alarm guys. 😀

Two Berserk Dogs Come Out And Scratch The Hell Out Of Me

What the fuck is this? Is Satan building up crazy things in my neighborhood? What the heck is the problem? I don’t know my neighborhood this messed up. But, let’s get back to the day. After a long day of distress, I sort of felt unusual to the part that elluminates we’re going to be called Class Connect Sessions and that I have had a whole week without elluminate classes. It’s still pretty weird now, I just feel sort of bored, and don’t know what to do. So, after my long morning of elluminate class missing, I moved onto my school. I had 4 sheets of homework to do on Math today, but it was really easy since my mom was able to give me some shortcuts on how to complete some problems without much stress. After that, I had to write a compare and contrast essay on the Water Cycle and the difference between the ocean. Well, I kind of got a 89% on that since I was too occupied thinking what the hell was I going to be studying on Social Studies, and at one point about my blog.

After Literature, I plopped myself on Social Studies, and oh man, it was really easy. I had to study about Russia’s history, and the get tested with 5 questions and then move on. I finished that easy subject in less than an hour, and went towards Study Island to see if I had any assignments. Unfortunately, I didn’t, and I was starting to feel extra worried about it. So, I k-mailed m teacher about it, and she said we won’t have assignments ti’ll tomorrow, so I was okay with it. Afterwards, my mom and brother, Matthew, had to take a conference with Matthew’s teacher, Ms. Childree. She was super nice throughout the class, and was very patient with Matthew whenever he’d read the word snow, and instead said snowing. 😀 It was a pleasant time, especially that we got at 3 o’clock Wendy’s food. The hamburgers were extra great, along with the new style fries, though, Burger King is still my favorite kid fast-food.

Well, when I went upstairs, and started imagining that I had elongated nails, along with extra long 7 inch fingers to look like a zombie, I got a call from somebody anonymously. I just ignored it until they stopped calling cause I didn’t deal no more with the stupid crap maybe Nayyir was going to put me up, or if it was those gangsters. Which I highly doubt since I haven’t given them my phone number. So, when I was done playing with my imagination I read through Harry Potter a little bit, and then got interested in the book again, finally. I think I read about 30 pages to get back on track, well not so much on track, because I should’ve been at page 598, but I’m at 467. But, when that was done I went outside, and boom, a bull dog and a huge black lab comes out of nowhere. Shit. I run in the woods, and it takes them like 20 minutes to figure the way in, once the got to me once of them grabbed and bit my knee and then the black lab harassed my leg. God, luckily, I didn’t kill them.

I was so freaking scared, and I was bursting into tears. I finally managed to get away cause Christian eventually found me being attacked and he stopped them by throwing metal things at them, he helped me come home, and I was in stitches and in bed throughout the day, that’s all I could remember.

Gangsters Try Killing Me And I Get A Whole Week Off Elluminates

I have to say today was pretty decent. Except for the part that today was another accidental killing day for me. Let me explain, I was outside at 10 AM, while everybody was asleep. I took a jog with Simon before he went to school (because his school was delayed for an hour), we talked a lot, until we met a group of gangsters that was also jogging and smiling. Simon had the tendency to call them a bad word, and they just laughed. Simon kept saying a couple of bad words, and then I joined in and cussed. But, the fun ended once I called them a homie. Was that too far? They pointed a gun to me and said I was going to hell for doing that. They put the gun right to my head. Luckily, I karate kicked the gun out of his head and grabbed the gun, I didn’t mean to shoot any of them, or at least I didn’t know I did. Simon yelled, when I was closing my eyes, still pointing the gun in front of me, that I had shot them, and he told me to run to my house.

I did, and woo, luckily, those gangsters didn’t follow. Oh and BTW, my mom doesn’t I have killed two people. So, don’t even ask that. I went inside, and checked my k-mails. One of the k-mails said I had a week off elluminate classes, and that only the 8th graders will be having Language Arts classes because of their mock writing test starting at January 19. Well, luckily, I got the easy part of being a 6th grader. Unfortunately, I had to write about 4 sheets of paper for homework on Math, which was so easy, somehow. I had after that: another essay I had to write about on Russia, except I had to write about the Trans-Siberian bridge. I just learned it today, now I need to write an essay about it. Goddamn this work I have. I had to write three poems to my mom because of what they required me to do in Literature, and then I had to write four paragraphs to conclude my following Literature Unit Assessment test. Basically about the special politics I’ve learned in the unit.

During my Earth Science lesson, I saw a bunch of gay guys walking past our backyard, and I could tell they were gay because since they didn’t have a shirt on, they were wearing bras, ew… It totally messed up my thoughts during Earth Science because I was learning about water cycles, and just thinking about those gay guys in bikinis sweating. UGH, I don’t wanna even think about it right now. My neighborhood today is loco. Anyways, after my lab experiment during Earth Science, I took a long nice break, and just started listening to music all day long. I listened to: Blessthefall, Three Days Grace, System of a Down, Bring Me The Horizon, some Escape The Fate songs, and then mostly some Bullet For My Valentine (or for short for everything: BTF, TDG, SOAD, BMTH, ETF, BFMV). 😀 When that was done, I took my GUM lesson, and noticed I was doing pretty good so far. Afterwards, Nayyir called and I was busy than write now writing down a sheet of paper for the lyrics and the tabs for our band.

After that, when my mom finished working upstairs, she came downstairs and slept when I was in the middle of writing my book. My mom than got woken up because of my sister, Anabelle, and mom ended up getting all cranky on me. So, after a couple of yells, I went into a normal conversation with her, and said I was going to read Harry Potter (which I wasn’t, since I wasn’t in a good mood), and then do my book. I did my book first, and the pretended to read Harry Potter. That’s when the day ended.

Depression Hurts If You’re An 11 Year Old

Well, I’d say today on Martin Luther King Jr. day (or for short: MLK day) was very annoying, and yet hopeless at the same time. Anybody play Mario Super Bros Wii? Well, I may have not mentioned. But, Michael slept over at my house, and I’ll try to explain to you everything that happened this morning during the sleepover. Well, I was able to sleep normally throughout the morning, until at one point, after my vacuous dream about cameras, I woke up. At one point everybody has to wake up after a dream/imagination state. So, yeah, but the good sign was that Michael told me that it was 8 in the morning. So, afterwards, we started talking about some jokes we saw on MAD TV through Cartoon Network. We laughed a lot, until my dad (in his boxers) came in the room, and said we had to calm down. Afterwards, we started cussing in our talking, I knew my dad was listening, since Michael couldn’t control his tone, but it didn’t really occur to me that it mattered to him. He cussed a lot, and we both know that whenever I cuss (or curse, whichever way you like to say it) and that we make it into such a drama, it’s just going to lead into a pointless end.

We went downstairs, and started watching a bunch of adult swim Spongebob episodes that included a lot of sex cuss words, and other stuff moms wouldn’t approve of from their son’s sons. After that, I was missing you guys on the blog, as well, as the band stuff. I have a song, with lyrics, and guitar notes. If you want them, ask through the comments, and I’ll e-mail them. So, after thinking mentally about my other life, Michael and I went outside around 10 AM, in the freezing cold, and started swimming. YES! It actually feels good to start swimming in the cold water, especially in your pants. Well, actually, this is what happened. We went to our river, I told my mom that I was going to be outside for awhile. So, than we went over to the river, and noticed none of the water was really physically changed. So, Michael and I came up with the idea to jump in. I think it was like 43 degrees underwater. Especially if you looked at the whole river, there’s a bunch of junk. So, yeah, we got very energized, since the cold was waking us up a little bit.

Afterwards, Michael was just allover the Wii. Playing with my sisters, and brother. So, later on, when I started walking around the neighborhood, I started to stand on ice for awhile. Well, actually it was about 6 inches thick ice. I was able to stand on it. No worries, I didn’t fall through. When I became bored, I read unsuccessfully Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire. I’m only 445 pages done with it, so I have 723 pages total in the book, minus that and you would fine the answer. When Michael, Patricia, Matthew, and Anabelle than finished his entertainment, they became just as bored as I was. Michael followed me, and stood on the ice along with Patricia, Matthew, and Anabelle. Anabelle constantly screamed her lungs out whenever she’s slip and fall over on the ice, so, than when that happened, we all had to regain her faith in the ice. Though, when everybody got the hang of it, they wanted to stay and play on the icy water that they could ice skate on, but I didn’t want to. So, since I asked pleadingly and nicely for them to get off and so we can be on our way, they didn’t listen.

They just left me out of the situation. I went home and drunk two cans of Sprite and went back outside to go somewhere far from the neighborhood. I left the neighborhood, and than entered the graveyard (the place where I killed a guy by accident last), and then by 20 minutes, I was 3 miles out of the neighborhood. I saw this 80’s truck trailer lying around, and nobody was around it. So, I checked around it, and then decided I wanted to go inside it. I was trying to prevent the temptation of going inside that trailer. Luckily, I won against my temptation and left.

When I went inside, I found Michael, Patricia, Matthew, and Anabelle playing Mario Super Bros Wii. Mama Mia! They played all day, so I just played Wizard 101, and like usual, I lost on trying to defeat a Golem and collect a special item in this special quest in Wizard 101. So, I decided on learning some tips on how to build a website. I was about to show Michael, but than his mom came to pick him up, and then he left. I was all depressed throughout the day because he left, and because I yet had the thoughts that life was meaningless for me. I put myself in bed, and shed a little tears, but than I regained consciousness of myself. Mom had to pull me out of bed because she thought it was a bad idea that I was sleeping at this time. So, I watched my sisters and brother this new show on Nickelodeon called Supah Ninjas. If you haven’t heard of it, that’s fine with me, I would’ve understood. But, my mom was watching upstairs, House of Payne and then next Mike and Molly. I went to sleep immediately since I was laughing critically from the show Supah Ninja’s comedy. And that’s where the story ends.