A Girl Has A Thing For Me

Let me just say that today was pretty fucked up. I am also glad to hear that Willow’s posting some more interesting posts, and that Sammy is back from her vacation in Florida, plus today is the last day of 2010. Can’t wait? Yes, I could really wait. Anyways, today when Daniel, Michael, my brother, and I slept in the bonus room, I had to vaguely and reluctantly wake up and have to tolerate with Michael’s pitiful slaps in my face to wake me up. Honestly, before I used to be an early bloomer. Now, I just sleep in until I feel I’ve slept too much, or until someone wakes me up. I guess Michael was the only one left upstairs, while Daniel and Matthew already put their clothes on and went downstairs to eat breakfast. So, I had to groan a lot, and then at one point pull my head up. At this point, the only thing that would keep me away from boredom would be starting on the 4th Harry Potter book. I mean, the last time I told you I read a lot, is because I was reading the book while watching TV. Which distracted me, so I decided to start the whole thing over. Unfortunately, my stomach was too hungry I was only able to read 4 pages of the book.

Voldemort now seems to creep me out, plus now that Harry Potter is defined differently by his looks, I imagine him as an Asian somehow. Not, that I’m trying to be rude or anything. But, it’s seeming more and more like that. I patched on some clothes so I wouldn’t have to go downstairs in my boxers, which only Daniel does at his mom’s house. I went downstairs, and immediately, grabbed a set of Trix cereal. The cereal seems to not occupy your mouth much. I was kind of hoping for that sweet taste to occupy my mouth. Later on, I went back to playing Band Hero, with Daniel. Unfortunately, my guitar skills don’t work on Band Hero. I only work good with the drums. Afterwards, I got bored of the game, and quickly rushed outside with Daniel, we played with Daniel’s dog, Rebel. He’s a mix of Border Collie and Husky. No wonder I love him so much. 😀 Later on, Daniel and I found the emo girl, or she just accidentally ran into us. Daniel was confused when I said “great party wasn’t it?”. She answered a little boringly in her British accent, or I think it was French. Didn’t know the French could be emos.

After we were done talking to her, we went over to Hunter’s house, and how we met, didn’t really do good. He had no pants on, so he had to answer the door with his shirt over his legs. Daniel laughed at him, I only smirked, and Hunter grinned. We had to wait about 30 minutes for him to come out. Once we got him out, we starting acting like people that were escaping from the big monster in Cloverfield. It was fun until some more birds started pecking us again, we went inside, had some lunch, than went back outside, today there was a larger crowd. The same people, except just some more people: Colby, Bryce, Colin, Kyle, Danny, Jack, Madison, Hunter, and Daniel and I. Michael was too busy excluding himself from the world, and playing video games. At one point, when it was just Bryce, Hunter, Colby and me, there was this girl that was eying me. I went up to Michael’s house, which ended up to be the neighbor of the girl, who was eying me, house. OnceI got in the backyard, she just kept spying at me constantly, at one point she said “I LOVE YOU!”. Hunter heard it, almost everybody heard it.

Hunter tried to make fun of her, and me too, that we were in love, and I just couldn’t stand it, yesterday I dance with a girl, and I still love another girl, now a girl loves me, and I still love another girl. What the hell is wrong with my cuteness???!!! At one point when we went inside the girl just went inside and gave up on me staying outside. Later on, Bryce broke the drums for Band Hero which pissed me off big time, and Mr. Kristian, basically Michael and Daniel’s dad, said that they were in trouble and responsible. Not such a good time to mess with their dad if I were you. Oh and I read the Harry Potter book successfully far, I’m at page 112 pages. 😀 Oh and Happy New year BTW.


14 comments on “A Girl Has A Thing For Me

  1. SAsammygirl says:

    “Didn’t know the French could be emos.”

    Andrew anyone can be emo, it’s not restricted because of cultural background, or ethnicity. Also, considering what their country has been through the past 200 or so years they have liable ground to be “emo”.

    • Andrew says:

      I was only saying a jerk, I wasn’t being rude exactly to a group of people’s ethnicity, or race. I don’t really care. I was trying to say a joke. It was your problem you didn’t get that. Oh and did you have to say something rude on your profile icon? Honestly, you can really start acting like a prick (and I mean by arrogant, and irritating).

      • SAsammygirl says:

        The internet’s bad at getting sarcasm across, and when did I say something rude? Do you mean my icon? Agnostic’s not a bad word, it’s a religious view.

      • Andrew says:

        I mean you profile information. ‘STOP THAT. You’re tickling my icon’s face you jowl perverts.’ than you edited just kidding.

      • SAsammygirl says:

        …The jk was there before?

      • Andrew says:

        Well, it is now, you looked really serious at that point without jk.

      • SAsammygirl says:

        AND just so know that WAS a joke, am I arrogant just because the internet was bad at getting my joke across? Mine’s no worse then ScizzorLizzard’s, hers is also a joke, in which she says, “You stalkers,”. They’re jokes, and-…

        You do know what jowls are right?

      • Andrew says:

        No no, you can be arrogant in the sense that you have to judge people on things and say that your opinion is right. But, now that doesn’t bother me, because I was having a bad day then. And, well, “You stalkers” well that’s kind of similar to the sarcasm you were trying to explain. I’ve pretty much heard of jowls. 😀

      • SAsammygirl says:

        A jowl is part of the jaw, the lower mainly, or the cheek. And when did I judge someone on anything in “profile icon”, or even for that matter say I was right? I did neither of those things, so how exactly would I have been arrogant?

        Judging people has little to with being arrogant, per say, being arrogant usually occurs when a person is to sure of THEMSELVES and assumes themselves superior, without any evidence. And again I’m not quite sure exactly quite grasp what arrogant means, I know I’ve posted the definition in one of my comments on here before…

        “Making claims or pretensions to superior importance or rights; overbearingly assuming; insolently proud: an arrogant public official.”

        Straight from Dictionary.com.

      • Andrew says:

        I said I did know what jowls was, and I didn’t relate to the profile icon as arrogant, neither the profile information, that was just a thing I added since I didn’t understand it was sarcasm. I know what arrogant is, sometimes you make statements that seem arrogant. But not most of the time. You only do it on occasions. But, in the definition you put it in totally claimed me wrong, but what dictionary exactly do you use?

    • SAsammygirl says:

      Oops, forgot a word.

      EDIT: *”And again I’m not quite sure YOU exactly quite grasp what arrogant means…”.

  2. nayyirnensi says:

    Did she say, “Kiss me you fool”. lol xD

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