A Quick Speech Of What Happened That Day

I went over to Michaels’s house, and it wasn’t exactly the same experience I would’ve thought it would’ve been, plus I’m starting to lose the WordPress touch. BTW, Johnny Test sucks, or it can be funny at thought, but not so much. I also found a new friend, Colin, Bryce, Colby and some other kids since I was outside boring myself. I also started messing with them, or just playing since they were bored too. The last thing we would expect would be these 5 eagles swooping down and pecking us. Luckily, Michael had his bb gun out. So, I immediately took off the hatch and aimed for those assassins. Bryce was bleeding on the nose, so Colin had to take him to cover while he was getting pecked numerously by eagles. It took me awhile to aim for the bird’s body, but instead the bb gun’s accuracy shot the eye of the eagle I shot. It went plummeting down. I gave the gun to Colby, and he shot down every eagle by the next 3 minutes. I noticed I was bleeding as well on my arm, but it was only a little scratch.

Afterwards, the neighbors noticed the dead eagles, and us holding the bb gun standing right next to them. So, they started to curse us out, and said they would report to our parents. Luckily, my brother and I didn’t live in Michael’s neighborhood, so I didn’t really have to worry, except that Michael was grounded into his room ti’ll 4 o’clock in the afternoon. It was kind of boring without him, but I managed. Colby, Colin, Bryce and I had to clean up the mess. But, Bryce was too scared of having to pick up bloody birds from the ground. But, since Colin was about twice the size of all of us, he had to listen. I just don’t get why didn’t the neighbors notice or at least care for Bryce’s bloody nose, except for Michael’s mom. We almost had nothing to do again, so we just walked around the neighborhood, and then at one point there was this huge crowd watching some kind of music. I already noticed it was from Bullet For My Valentine music. But, the band was really playing here?

It took us awhile to get through the hundreds of crowds of people, to notice it was just 4 kids doing a front yard gig. I felt really happy to know that if our band was going to do that, and if kids were going to gather up around there. Most of the girls there were about 12 or 11 there. Mostly around my age. Bryce and Colby went home since they were too embarrassed to be around too much girls. But, Colin, Daniel (whom eventually came) and I went. Daniel eventually started talking to this 14 year old punk looking guy about getting some kind of Pokemon in Heartgold. It almost made me vomit about a 14 year old still enjoying Pokemon. Colin ended dancing with a 13 year old girl who looked as if she was a Moxi Girl wannabe. Lol. I was just kind of standing there in the middle of a crowd of metal heads. At one point I got tapped at the back. There was a girl exactly my age emo and girly like looking at me. At one point I said hey, and then she told me I was very cute, and if I wanted to dance with her. I know, I know, I’m still in love with Mary. Don’t worry. I clearly stated to her, that I had already someone else, and that the dancing wasn’t personal.

She agreed heartedly, and we danced. But, don’t think that at metal songs we would dance as if it was soft, NO, we just break danced together. I was performing all these crazy stunts, at one point the whole crowd started saying aaaaaah, ooooooh. The girl I was dancing with did really good to for her age. Once we finished, everybody cheered, and finally the girl left, I just felt like asking her, her name. Jessika. Wow, weird name. So, I walked away from the amazing band, and went back to Michael’s house and played Band Hero. Woo, this wasn’t a quick speech was it? Lol.


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