Winter Break Sleepover Part 2

Okay, so um… yesterday I forgot to mention since I was busy, that Michael and Daniel, plus Christian and Matthew woke up before me. We had no trouble sleeping last night. Oh yeah. I forgot to mention the continuating of yesterday’s night problem. Well, we had to stay up last night, and was almost killed because something, or someone was inside our house. Christian was acting creepy. As usual. Michael… Michael I have no idea. Daniel was just… um… acting scared I guess. Afterwards, Christian, Michael, Matthew, Daniel did wake up before me. Which was a big surprise, because once I woke up in my room, I had to look through a HUGE blur cloud, and then found I was deserted. What the??

I went downstairs, and of course Michael and the rest were downstairs. So, since it was a Winter Break, they immediately jumped to the Wii and started playing Super Mari Bros. Wii. I got angry for a moment since that’s all they would do for the whole morning. But, I kind of exected it since it was nearing to the edge of Christmas break ending. So, I kind of, got into this game called Assassin’s Creed (Discovery). Even though, it wasn’t in such good quality, I still managed to get so addictive toward it. 😀 Michael and Patricia finally came to an end where they stopped playing and we went outside. Daniel and I were basically the only ones enjoying going outside, cause Michael just went direcly inside. Wow. So, afterwards, I chatted with Mary Kate, and then talked with Christopher Gilreath. A friend from school. I also got 4 flirts and 2 friend requests from some hot chicks on Myyearbook.

Later on, everybody got bored, especially King, and his cousin: Elijah. Basically the most annoying bitch you could’ve ever encountered. He was showing off most of the day, and then vandalizing my home tree. Which didn’t really matter since the tree was like 7 inches thick, and all he did was make some cratches that would show the Sap in the tree. But, not really important. Later on, we had to walk Christian home from our sleepover since my mom didn’t like him so much, or just didn’t know how to relate to him as much as she liked Simon. Speaking of Simon, I wanted to talk to the boy so bad. Unfortuantely, he wouldn’t pick up the phone. So, later on, we just played Super Mario Bros. Wii, and then I just played Assassin’s Creed again. I really want to play Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood on either the Xbox 360 or Playstation. Good day BTW.


4 comments on “Winter Break Sleepover Part 2

  1. A “blur cloud”? Like a ghost or something? I had to fight a black one off one time. I think it was a demon. I’ve sent ghosts away before but this was the only demon I’ve ever encountered. I sent my Guardian Angels to drive it away from my bff because it was harassing her really bad and it came to me so I sent it away.

  2. Mark Vallor says:

    Hey, I’m starting my own WordPress site, and I find you’re website to be very interesting. I’ll be subscribed. Okay, let me make this comment more related to the post.

    I would like to know why everybody really abandoned you, and what kind of friend would really do that. Not that I think of your friend so bad. But, I don’t think that would really help a friend relationship if it continues. Sorry though, that Elijah had to make vandalism. Is he African, because I don’t think he’s showing much Patriotism toward the United States at his age. By the way, how old is Elijah?

    • Andrew says:

      I saw your blog, it took awhile to find it by your e-mail. Well, it was really rude, but they did it to get on with their lives, and I would’ve done the same to them. And Elijah’s like 8 or 9. He’s annoying, let me tell you that. Well, he’s actually New York, and how would you guess that he was African because of his looks?

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