Today Was Awesome

So, um… I’m going to start wit what happened yesterday (really yesterday). Just check the calendar this post was posted, and you’ll see which day I’m talking about. I keep getting comments that you guys think I’m really talking about TODAY. So, anyways, I forgot to mention yesterday on Christmas Day I watched Inception. I missed that part. So, um… we didn’t watch the whole movie yesterday, so we finished the rest of the movie in HD through this website. Honestly, I think the movie is awesome. You should really watch the movie.

So, after we finished the movie I felt really awkward and shocked at the end of the movie. I was training most of the time on my guitar. Throughout the day, I was practicing on the song Dream On by Aerosmith. I wanted to keep it a surprise from mom and dad. But, it was so irresistible not to tell them. So, once my mom went with my sister, Annabelle, and my brother, Matthew to Burlington Coat Factory, and my dad was talking with his business friend downstairs in the kitchen about the computers, I practiced my hardest on the song, and at one point, I learned the song, or just remembered the chords that plays the song because I couldn’t play it in rhythm fully since it was a minor-shortage song.

I was watching The Gilmore Girls with mom. I really think Patricia should be talking to mom more like the girls in that show. After that, I was talking to my dad’s business friend about programming and how I wanted to be a programmer in my future after I graduated from Georgia Tech College. He was really impressed with my grades and wishes toward that. He also gave me some tips on computers, and honestly, it really helps, and somehow, my dad had the tendency to tell his friend that I was a passionate guitar player. Now if I was explaining that to Tania, she would just lecture me on the fact that being a guitar player leads to drugs and sex and she says I’ll go to Hell for doing those things once.

I actually feel really good about talking to my dad’s friend. He was in so much shock that at my age I was playing the guitar. But, at that point the guy had to leave, and to my assumption, I don’t think he’s coming back anytime soon. Unfortunately, later on, when mom got home from Burlington Coat Factory, I showed my dad and mom how I played Dream On, and they were amazed, except my dad. He wasn’t AS amazed, but he was amazed. He just told me that I would need to be in perfect rhythm to the song just like Christmas Canon Rock. But, that song barely has any guitar notes, plus the solo is so easy. It kind of feels slow if you’re used to tabs like me. Afterwards, my dad’s friend came back telling my dad he was done using his car for work. I was surprised dad let him use my dad’s car. I like today!


8 comments on “Today Was Awesome

  1. Prima says:

    I think your dad had a good musical sense, like you said before, he got musical ears… kind of that people, tend to be a bit perfectionist, sometimes being melancholic and sensitive to false note, yeah, just like me sometimes… believe me, if your dad say that you are good enough, he a bit lie…but when he just amazed in silence, then smile, or clapping, it’s true… 😀 IMHO

    Hey, once I saw your dad picture on a post… he looked like someone on a film…I don’t know who, LOL

    • Andrew says:

      Yes, he’s not a perfectionist, but it wasn’t that hard for him to tell that I made minor mistakes. My mom noticed. She was just amazed because she was EVEN SURPRISED I COULD LEARN IT. He just knows if a song is in tune and how to play the guitar. Oh no, I don’t think he’s from a movie. Not sure… :/

      • Prima says:

        Hahahah…kidding… but maybe, just look like…

        Yup, even me maybe will be surprised that you have time to learn it, while your classes, your duties, and your blog… you must made so many effort on that..

        Anyway, that should be the best christmas gift for your parents, you performance… let say that we are proud of you man… 🙂

      • Andrew says:

        He’s not even close to looking like Tom Cruise. 😆
        Yeah, might wanna read what happened next day. It’ll be interesting. 🙂

  2. LeadStains says:

    Hey u seen like preetyy coolll. I wish i could play guitar haha i think i mite sign up for lessons or sumthing..Check out my blog??

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