Some Sunday Pictures


2 comments on “Some Sunday Pictures

  1. Prima says:

    Hmmm…. the best pictures so far! LOL

    Hey, do you gain weight recently? :lol:, it’s ok, you still look good 😀

    Matt look like harry potter wanna be… I wanna see his face without that annoying glasses, lol

    who are they? your parents?

    • Andrew says:

      Wow, I just uploaded them because since my mom doesn’t know I post without her permission, or acknowledgement, she asked why don’t I post anymore on my blog. She gave me some pictures I could post on. And I put it.
      And Matthew usually doesn’t wear glasses. It just ends up in his pictures. And Matthew has to have black hair in order to be the next THING.
      I have gained weight luckily. Just not so it looks to bad.
      Well, near the end, the picture is with my parents and my mom’s high school friend, with her husband. On the left is my parents. And on the right is her friend’s.

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