Just To Get It Over With

Today I worked mostly on my brochure so I could get a little faster on time with it. My dad was able to help me with it because the computer had a delay with it. And I’m still stuck trying to figure the Mathematical section of the Brochure. I might need Simon’s help to tutor me allover again on fractions converted to decimals and then converted to percentages. Anyhow, I didn’t really do much today. I did my school tests, and am expected to finish a 3 tests due my travel brochure. I also went over to Simon’s unfortunately, I talked with him outside, in the bitter cold, it was so cold my nose went red and my feet started to pop once I moved (and it’s still not snowing).

I stayed at Simon’s for awhile, and then got home, to only find Matthew sucking on his Language Arts lessons. My mom isn’t a good teacher when it comes to Language Arts or Grammar. So, later on, I watched with my sister, Patricia, and my mom a Christmas Carol for the FIRST TIME. I know, I haven’t seen the movie for a whole year. It’s embarrassing. Oh and I forgot, I almost broke up with Mary, because I said something wrong. Man, my dad was screwed at that point. And right now my dad’s making fish, so I’m wanting to get this done so badly because of the smell. UGH.

I had to do History with Matthew. Am I the only one that makes Matthew get about 100% rating on his tests. My mom agreed I was a better teacher at History than her. So, we both had unanimous discussions and arguments on whether I should be my brother’s History teacher. I don’t want pressure. Okay, now what else?? Oh yeah, on Facebook Nayyir was making fun of Savino for no reason, so Savino and I spoke up. Nayyir was still acting like a jerk, so I said that he is removed from the band. Everybody was in gasp. At that point I mentioned that my Facebook profile thought I was a female. Once I mentioned that, everybody started commenting on it. I think I got about 32 comments on it. Most were laughs. 😀


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