Sorry For Not Posting

I was actually thinking about posting two days ago, but I was watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and reading Harry Potter the Chamber of Secrets. I also went with my old enemy, Savino to a Civil War Reenactment with his mom. I have to say, Savino’s mom is real annoying. But, besides that, yesterday, I was busy at church, I also had to stay outside and play, plus, I went to Best Buy and Fry’s with my dad to check out the electronics. Man, I was sweating when I was playing the drums on Rockband 3. Oh and BTW, Rockband 3 stinks. Don’t buy it.

So, I’m sorry for not posting. I’ll start posting tomorrow since I was so busy. I was here, blogging, I just never found the time to post. Also, I remember the power went off three days ago. So, it couldn’t work. I think it was laziness that I didn’t post four days ago. I guess Christmas caught me. Speaking of Christmas, my tree is not lit up. So, I’m bored and dull. Plus, Mary (my crush) has a new blog now. Might wanna visit her. I’m not going to advertise her on a post. You’ll see her in the blogroll soon enough. Oh and hope you had a great time without me, I subscribed to Willow’s blog, so my e-mails are starting to get real packed with his posts. I still have 32 e-mails in my folder because I haven’t checked it in a day. Lol. People love my e-mail. Plus, I would be happy to announce that I get far in my brochure, but am stuck on the Mathematical section. Lol. I don’t really remember how to convert a fraction into a decimal, and then into a percentage with the whole population with Venezuela and Brazil. Lol.


6 comments on “Sorry For Not Posting

  1. Prima says:

    Hey I have falling snow finally, LOL
    Do not feel bad just because you don’t post anything. Sometimes you just need to forget about all things related blog or internet for awhile. You will get a good quality time in other way with your family, friends, study, or else, in the same time you will refresh your mind, then you get ready for posting again. imho.
    happy blogging! and good luck with your brochure.

    • Prima says:

      hey sorry didn’t reply your msg in FB, I was writing this comment, then you were offline already… good nite!

    • Andrew says:

      You actually have snow in Indonesia??? That’s a big surprise. 😛 I should feel bad because blogging is an activity I chose to do, and I’m not doing that activity/job properly. Plus, I have a girl on Facebook who wants me to text her and call her, which is a big pile up. And actually it’s a travel brochure (thank you).

      • Prima says:

        No, we don’t have snow in Indonesia, It must be the end of the world if that happens, lol. I talked about my blog have snow like you do.
        Yes, it is your choice. I feel start “challenged” by writing posting when I start have a job, a busy job, it’s good if you can manage your time and your life, I am learning to do that. 😀

      • Andrew says:

        Yeah, Indonesia is HOT. Lol. And next time say for me to wait on Facebook chat so I can wait for that message. 😀 Yes, managing time is a good thing.

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