A Girl Has A Thing For Me

Let me just say that today was pretty fucked up. I am also glad to hear that Willow’s posting some more interesting posts, and that Sammy is back from her vacation in Florida, plus today is the last day of 2010. Can’t wait? Yes, I could really wait. Anyways, today when Daniel, Michael, my brother, and I slept in the bonus room, I had to vaguely and reluctantly wake up and have to tolerate with Michael’s pitiful slaps in my face to wake me up. Honestly, before I used to be an early bloomer. Now, I just sleep in until I feel I’ve slept too much, or until someone wakes me up. I guess Michael was the only one left upstairs, while Daniel and Matthew already put their clothes on and went downstairs to eat breakfast. So, I had to groan a lot, and then at one point pull my head up. At this point, the only thing that would keep me away from boredom would be starting on the 4th Harry Potter book. I mean, the last time I told you I read a lot, is because I was reading the book while watching TV. Which distracted me, so I decided to start the whole thing over. Unfortunately, my stomach was too hungry I was only able to read 4 pages of the book.

Voldemort now seems to creep me out, plus now that Harry Potter is defined differently by his looks, I imagine him as an Asian somehow. Not, that I’m trying to be rude or anything. But, it’s seeming more and more like that. I patched on some clothes so I wouldn’t have to go downstairs in my boxers, which only Daniel does at his mom’s house. I went downstairs, and immediately, grabbed a set of Trix cereal. The cereal seems to not occupy your mouth much. I was kind of hoping for that sweet taste to occupy my mouth. Later on, I went back to playing Band Hero, with Daniel. Unfortunately, my guitar skills don’t work on Band Hero. I only work good with the drums. Afterwards, I got bored of the game, and quickly rushed outside with Daniel, we played with Daniel’s dog, Rebel. He’s a mix of Border Collie and Husky. No wonder I love him so much. 😀 Later on, Daniel and I found the emo girl, or she just accidentally ran into us. Daniel was confused when I said “great party wasn’t it?”. She answered a little boringly in her British accent, or I think it was French. Didn’t know the French could be emos.

After we were done talking to her, we went over to Hunter’s house, and how we met, didn’t really do good. He had no pants on, so he had to answer the door with his shirt over his legs. Daniel laughed at him, I only smirked, and Hunter grinned. We had to wait about 30 minutes for him to come out. Once we got him out, we starting acting like people that were escaping from the big monster in Cloverfield. It was fun until some more birds started pecking us again, we went inside, had some lunch, than went back outside, today there was a larger crowd. The same people, except just some more people: Colby, Bryce, Colin, Kyle, Danny, Jack, Madison, Hunter, and Daniel and I. Michael was too busy excluding himself from the world, and playing video games. At one point, when it was just Bryce, Hunter, Colby and me, there was this girl that was eying me. I went up to Michael’s house, which ended up to be the neighbor of the girl, who was eying me, house. OnceI got in the backyard, she just kept spying at me constantly, at one point she said “I LOVE YOU!”. Hunter heard it, almost everybody heard it.

Hunter tried to make fun of her, and me too, that we were in love, and I just couldn’t stand it, yesterday I dance with a girl, and I still love another girl, now a girl loves me, and I still love another girl. What the hell is wrong with my cuteness???!!! At one point when we went inside the girl just went inside and gave up on me staying outside. Later on, Bryce broke the drums for Band Hero which pissed me off big time, and Mr. Kristian, basically Michael and Daniel’s dad, said that they were in trouble and responsible. Not such a good time to mess with their dad if I were you. Oh and I read the Harry Potter book successfully far, I’m at page 112 pages. 😀 Oh and Happy New year BTW.

A Quick Speech Of What Happened That Day

I went over to Michaels’s house, and it wasn’t exactly the same experience I would’ve thought it would’ve been, plus I’m starting to lose the WordPress touch. BTW, Johnny Test sucks, or it can be funny at thought, but not so much. I also found a new friend, Colin, Bryce, Colby and some other kids since I was outside boring myself. I also started messing with them, or just playing since they were bored too. The last thing we would expect would be these 5 eagles swooping down and pecking us. Luckily, Michael had his bb gun out. So, I immediately took off the hatch and aimed for those assassins. Bryce was bleeding on the nose, so Colin had to take him to cover while he was getting pecked numerously by eagles. It took me awhile to aim for the bird’s body, but instead the bb gun’s accuracy shot the eye of the eagle I shot. It went plummeting down. I gave the gun to Colby, and he shot down every eagle by the next 3 minutes. I noticed I was bleeding as well on my arm, but it was only a little scratch.

Afterwards, the neighbors noticed the dead eagles, and us holding the bb gun standing right next to them. So, they started to curse us out, and said they would report to our parents. Luckily, my brother and I didn’t live in Michael’s neighborhood, so I didn’t really have to worry, except that Michael was grounded into his room ti’ll 4 o’clock in the afternoon. It was kind of boring without him, but I managed. Colby, Colin, Bryce and I had to clean up the mess. But, Bryce was too scared of having to pick up bloody birds from the ground. But, since Colin was about twice the size of all of us, he had to listen. I just don’t get why didn’t the neighbors notice or at least care for Bryce’s bloody nose, except for Michael’s mom. We almost had nothing to do again, so we just walked around the neighborhood, and then at one point there was this huge crowd watching some kind of music. I already noticed it was from Bullet For My Valentine music. But, the band was really playing here?

It took us awhile to get through the hundreds of crowds of people, to notice it was just 4 kids doing a front yard gig. I felt really happy to know that if our band was going to do that, and if kids were going to gather up around there. Most of the girls there were about 12 or 11 there. Mostly around my age. Bryce and Colby went home since they were too embarrassed to be around too much girls. But, Colin, Daniel (whom eventually came) and I went. Daniel eventually started talking to this 14 year old punk looking guy about getting some kind of Pokemon in Heartgold. It almost made me vomit about a 14 year old still enjoying Pokemon. Colin ended dancing with a 13 year old girl who looked as if she was a Moxi Girl wannabe. Lol. I was just kind of standing there in the middle of a crowd of metal heads. At one point I got tapped at the back. There was a girl exactly my age emo and girly like looking at me. At one point I said hey, and then she told me I was very cute, and if I wanted to dance with her. I know, I know, I’m still in love with Mary. Don’t worry. I clearly stated to her, that I had already someone else, and that the dancing wasn’t personal.

She agreed heartedly, and we danced. But, don’t think that at metal songs we would dance as if it was soft, NO, we just break danced together. I was performing all these crazy stunts, at one point the whole crowd started saying aaaaaah, ooooooh. The girl I was dancing with did really good to for her age. Once we finished, everybody cheered, and finally the girl left, I just felt like asking her, her name. Jessika. Wow, weird name. So, I walked away from the amazing band, and went back to Michael’s house and played Band Hero. Woo, this wasn’t a quick speech was it? Lol.

Winter Break Sleepover Part 2

Okay, so um… yesterday I forgot to mention since I was busy, that Michael and Daniel, plus Christian and Matthew woke up before me. We had no trouble sleeping last night. Oh yeah. I forgot to mention the continuating of yesterday’s night problem. Well, we had to stay up last night, and was almost killed because something, or someone was inside our house. Christian was acting creepy. As usual. Michael… Michael I have no idea. Daniel was just… um… acting scared I guess. Afterwards, Christian, Michael, Matthew, Daniel did wake up before me. Which was a big surprise, because once I woke up in my room, I had to look through a HUGE blur cloud, and then found I was deserted. What the??

I went downstairs, and of course Michael and the rest were downstairs. So, since it was a Winter Break, they immediately jumped to the Wii and started playing Super Mari Bros. Wii. I got angry for a moment since that’s all they would do for the whole morning. But, I kind of exected it since it was nearing to the edge of Christmas break ending. So, I kind of, got into this game called Assassin’s Creed (Discovery). Even though, it wasn’t in such good quality, I still managed to get so addictive toward it. 😀 Michael and Patricia finally came to an end where they stopped playing and we went outside. Daniel and I were basically the only ones enjoying going outside, cause Michael just went direcly inside. Wow. So, afterwards, I chatted with Mary Kate, and then talked with Christopher Gilreath. A friend from school. I also got 4 flirts and 2 friend requests from some hot chicks on Myyearbook.

Later on, everybody got bored, especially King, and his cousin: Elijah. Basically the most annoying bitch you could’ve ever encountered. He was showing off most of the day, and then vandalizing my home tree. Which didn’t really matter since the tree was like 7 inches thick, and all he did was make some cratches that would show the Sap in the tree. But, not really important. Later on, we had to walk Christian home from our sleepover since my mom didn’t like him so much, or just didn’t know how to relate to him as much as she liked Simon. Speaking of Simon, I wanted to talk to the boy so bad. Unfortuantely, he wouldn’t pick up the phone. So, later on, we just played Super Mario Bros. Wii, and then I just played Assassin’s Creed again. I really want to play Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood on either the Xbox 360 or Playstation. Good day BTW.

Christian + Michael + Daniel Is Sleeping Over

Yes, this day was awesome, and I thank you all for still waiting on my blog, and immediately commenting on my new recovering posts. Who had a great Christmas? Wait. Christmas passed. Okay, before this post is going to start, I will want to ask you to first write in your comments what you will be doing for New Year. Well, I have a post about last year’s new year, might wanna check it out if you missed it. But, don’t worry about commenting on it, it has enough comments.

Okay, what really happened today was this. I first woke up having a huge headache, or a brain ring. It would basically pinch my ear and make a huge shrieking harmonic noise. So, during the day, I had to keep my head near Feefee (which is our Hamster’s name) and worked on my book. Okay, I’m starting to feel like I’m actually having some success in my book. Sophisticatedly, I used words that I before didn’t make sense of, until now. It’s weird. But, I don’t want to lose the feeling. So, um… I also got Mary Kate’s phone number. I’m not sure why that’s important, but I guess that was important. I worked some homework just for fun after receiving her phone number. Soon, I’ll have exams, and I need to get ready. So, I got studying on the hardest parts of Pre-Algebra. Geometry. I passed the unit already, but I’m reviewing just encase. Afterwards, I also finished my Harry Potter book yesterday (December 27, 2010). So, I started reading the 4th Harry Potter book (The Goblet of Fire). I’m starting to feel really disappointed with the 3rd book (The Prisoner of Azkaban). The movie was totally different from the book.

I just really felt dissappointing. So, I just continued on with the 4th Harry Potter book. Unfortunately, I only got 30 pages through in a minute because Christian rang my doorbell, or did he? Cause, he just walked up to me in surprise. So, me and him were training. Christian after 4 years of being away from the guitar is still good, and I am still good even though I’ve been playing for 3 years on the guitar. Afterwards, the snow was melting, and everything got blurry, Christian and I also went into a graveyard far from our neighborhood, passed our neighborhood creek, and then in the forests. Fortunately, the graveyard was not there, and behind us was this Mexican guy. Sorry for putting people in categories, because I couldn’t tell anything besides the fact that he was Mexican. We had to hide behind trees, so the guy wouldn’t notice us. Plus, the guy had a shock gun. I than thought about calling the cops, but the guy already shot a bullet toward a tree. We already figured that he knew we were here. At one point, I did the most craziest thing……….

I walked from behind the guy, and knocked him down. He wasn’t that tall, so don’t think I was invincible. Christian punched him, and I pulled the guy’s shock gun, which felt really heavy. Shot him in the stomach. It was such a loud effect. Christian and I ran, later on, mom said we were going to Walmart, and said we could bring Christian over, so, we had to go to his dad’s house, and ask him for permission. He could, and I guess it was pretty awesome. Later on, we had the idea for Christian to sleepover at my house, which to my thought at first, was CRAZY. But, at one point I agreed. BTW, Christian has only had 1 sleepover in his life. So, both of our parents agreed, and he was sleeping over. But, what made it better, was the fact that when I was in the middle of playing Raining Blood from Slayer, Michael and Daniel were sleeping over for two days, and then I was sleeping over for two days at their house. Christian and I were so amazed, we went like crazy. So, when Michael and Daniel came, all we did was play Assassin’s Creed. Not Brotherhood unfortuantely. I loved the game.

We also stayed up all night last night. I tried to finish reading the 4th Harry Potter book. But, I had really no time. I tried to make a horror scene during the sleepover. So, if you want to figure out REALLY what we did staying up last night, you’ll have to check next post.

Pictures Of Christmas

Today Was Awesome

So, um… I’m going to start wit what happened yesterday (really yesterday). Just check the calendar this post was posted, and you’ll see which day I’m talking about. I keep getting comments that you guys think I’m really talking about TODAY. So, anyways, I forgot to mention yesterday on Christmas Day I watched Inception. I missed that part. So, um… we didn’t watch the whole movie yesterday, so we finished the rest of the movie in HD through this website. Honestly, I think the movie is awesome. You should really watch the movie.

So, after we finished the movie I felt really awkward and shocked at the end of the movie. I was training most of the time on my guitar. Throughout the day, I was practicing on the song Dream On by Aerosmith. I wanted to keep it a surprise from mom and dad. But, it was so irresistible not to tell them. So, once my mom went with my sister, Annabelle, and my brother, Matthew to Burlington Coat Factory, and my dad was talking with his business friend downstairs in the kitchen about the computers, I practiced my hardest on the song, and at one point, I learned the song, or just remembered the chords that plays the song because I couldn’t play it in rhythm fully since it was a minor-shortage song.

I was watching The Gilmore Girls with mom. I really think Patricia should be talking to mom more like the girls in that show. After that, I was talking to my dad’s business friend about programming and how I wanted to be a programmer in my future after I graduated from Georgia Tech College. He was really impressed with my grades and wishes toward that. He also gave me some tips on computers, and honestly, it really helps, and somehow, my dad had the tendency to tell his friend that I was a passionate guitar player. Now if I was explaining that to Tania, she would just lecture me on the fact that being a guitar player leads to drugs and sex and she says I’ll go to Hell for doing those things once.

I actually feel really good about talking to my dad’s friend. He was in so much shock that at my age I was playing the guitar. But, at that point the guy had to leave, and to my assumption, I don’t think he’s coming back anytime soon. Unfortunately, later on, when mom got home from Burlington Coat Factory, I showed my dad and mom how I played Dream On, and they were amazed, except my dad. He wasn’t AS amazed, but he was amazed. He just told me that I would need to be in perfect rhythm to the song just like Christmas Canon Rock. But, that song barely has any guitar notes, plus the solo is so easy. It kind of feels slow if you’re used to tabs like me. Afterwards, my dad’s friend came back telling my dad he was done using his car for work. I was surprised dad let him use my dad’s car. I like today!

Christmas Was Literally Fucked Up

Okay, sorry I haven’t been able to post awhile, but I’m going to give you a summary from what happened from Christmas day all the way to this point of day. Okay? On Christmas day, I woke up, finding Tania, my aunt downstairs with her laptop awake. It’s normal and usual for her to do that early in the morning. It kind of bugs me because I alway have Tania watching me. Later on, I realized it was Christmas Day. I get to open my electric guitar today. Well, I had to wait for 12 minutes for mom to come downstairs, than I had to back upstairs and wake up everybody so they could see me open my present. While the wait, I wrote on my book. Yes. I’m writing a book. Writing is ALMOST my passion throughout other things except programming, and computers.

So, once everybody, including my other aunt, Alexandra, came downstairs, I shredded my present, while my dad was taking a video with his EVO so he can both test his phone, and keep his memories there. It took awhile for me to cut the UPS box with my 4 inch knife. IT WAS AMAZING. My electric guitar was exactly what I wanted. I may have gotten a better amplifier. But, I couldn’t have gotten a better guitar. It was named the Tobacco Sunburst Electric Guitar. Might wanna search online for pictures, cause I ain’t putting or putting any effort in putting any of the Christmas pictures. So, after the presents were open, my dad tuned my guitar, since I didn’t have a tuner, and since my dad has a musical ear. I also learned Animal I Have Become by Three Days Grace and Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne. Later on was just a bla. It didn’t feel like Christmas. My aunt was leaving the house with my other aunt, plus, to make myself down, nothing good was on TV. Besides the 24 hours of A Christmas Story. I started getting more depressed and depressed by the moment.

Everything was really boring. I put my face under a couch to almost kill myself, or almost commit suicide, while my brother and sisters were playing Mario Super Bros. Wii for about 2 hours. I started tearing my eyes around 5 PM, when it was pitch black outside since it was the Winter season. But, to light up my spirits mom talked to me and negotiated with me. I felt better to also know that it was SNOWING IN GEORGIA THE FIRST TIME ON CHRISTMAS. I immediately strung out my guitar and sang some carols. I was so good singing also Christmas Canon Rock with Simon on the bass. Even the neighbors came around and started cheering because of my solo during the song. About 32 crowds of people came and enjoyed the music. Christmas was fucked up at the start, but mom’s words, and plus my electric guitar, and God, helped me through my Christmas. I think I’ll put up the version of Christmas Canon Rock on this post.


I’m retiring from blogging until Winter Break is over. Nothing interesting appears to be happening. 😦

I’m Going Through F.E.A.R Part 1 and Part 2

December 16, 2010
Have you heard of the video game/horror movie named F.E.A.R? Well, I know that I’ve seen it. And trust me, the movie is horrible once you’ve watched the FIRST video I watched. I thought I was watching a Resident Evil video with my favorite song (that BTW, came from Resident Evil Afterlife), unfortunately some youtube user commented and said it was the F.E.A.R commercial, or whatever. So, I watched the video. It wasn’t scary actually. Except for these two parts in the videos when this girl would yell like she wants to kill someone, and harasses with the camera.

Well, it all got serious until tomorrow’s observation. It was scary.

December 17, 2010
Well, last night I imagined a dark figure. I was assuming it was Elma, the creepy girl in F.E.A.R. It was scary. I’m serious. If I’d changed my head position, I’d imagine Elma was looking behind my back. And touching me. I don’t feel comfortable. I dreamed of myself dieing because of a mental break-down. I imagined Elma whispering in my ear. Unfortunately, I heard noises downstairs, I didn’t go. Luckily. 😦

What Happened On That Day

December 15, 2010
I started loving again, so I told my mom about it. And she was cool about it. At least I could calm myself down about the supreme importance of whom I’m going to marry. I even start thinking in my dreams where I was going to be married. I just hope I wasn’t going to get married on the Grand Canyon. Because I can personally be afraid of heights. So, I was checking Willow’s blog the other day. And I say, his posts are getting fascinating by the minute. The only problem was whether or not I was going to be able to comment. I found some time during the day when my mom wasn’t around the computer. So, I wrote down the comment. But, then got bored. It was irritating because all that was going through my head was bzzzzzzzzzzzz.

I couldn’t focus for one goddamn minute. So, in order to get focused, so my comment won’t be so crappy, I listened to music. Mostly BlessTheFall. I only like listening to their music because they sing screamo, but show that they don’t have to look Emo to represent their life sucks. Everybody says that since I’m a blonde that I look more babyish than serious. I get so freaking pissed when that happens. So, um… once I got into focus my mom came around. And yeah, I was able to save time not getting busted. But, I wasn’t able to save the comment. Uh-oh. So, I decided to work on school. Bla bla bla, I don’t want to talk about it. So, there you have it. I’m in love again, and pretty much nothing else. MY LIFE IS BORING!!!

~Fred out~ 😀

Some Sunday Pictures

I Have A Natural Problem With Girls

Oh God, I really don’t feel well today. I just feel round-headed. Plus, what’s worst is that I now hate or am irritated by girls/women. I’m not saying I’m gay. I think I’m going to say I’m just getting sick of them in general. It’s just that, I haven’t REALLY found one real responsible girl. Honestly, that’s why I’d wish I’d stop thinking this way. Because I know a few girls that are responsible. God help me. Anyways, today’s homework was going really well. Except for Science. I’m starting this habit of skipping Science. It’s really annoying because the next day I have to put in results I didn’t do. And then just get on with the lesson I was supposed to do on that day. So, yeah, I skipped Science today because my brain was hurting from all the pressure of the exams coming up and the semester assessment tests.

I’ve already finished my Math semester assessment. Now I’m getting prepared lessons for the upcoming Literature semester assessment test. Yeah, I have to take 4 lessons and then I’m going for the test. I don’t have high hopes for Literature. Not that I can’t read, or comprehend. It’s just that they make me do loads of homework once I read something. And I hardly even learn anything about reading or comprehension. All I learn is some vocabulary forms and how to compare and contrast or tell the reader’s emotions. This feels a little more like Grammar. 🙄

I finished my Study Island tests, and just failed one test for Science. Holly crap, I can’t regain or repair that lesson because it was failed pretty hard. Math was really easy. Now come to think of it, Math is starting to get really boring without all the hard stuff I have to do. I’m still getting challenged with lessons I did since 5th grade. When am I going to do again hard calculations like percentages, geometry, multiplication or proportions. Stuff like that. Once I go to college, I’m so starting physics. Once I finished my Europe presentation Simon called, and asked me to come over to his house. It took me about an hour to get my last subject done and to get my jackets and clothes on since the temperature outside was dropping. I think it was about 45 degrees Fahrenheit. I really don’t know. It was just cold. REAL COLD.

So, again, all Simon could talk to me about was school, and about the bb gun I had. Get your own man. I have to wait ti’ll Christmas for it. UGH. Plus, I watched the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Man, it was beast. I loved the movie. The main actor was really awesome with his cranky, awkward voice. Nicolas Cage also did a good job with the movie. I might think about putting a movie biography about it. Don’t know really. Oh and now I really regret telling Nayyir first, instead of my mom, about my natural problem with girls. And please don’t get pissed off at me for all of the sudden having a great dislike towards girls. I want this to end as much as you do. I just hope my mom was right about my temporary dislike toward girls. And how it’s going to end tomorrow.

Thinking Like A Scientist

Today was very interesting. I finished Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Now, I’m moving on to Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Anyways, I missed you all. Not being able to post anything was a lot of rubbish I had to go through in my head. Oh and another thing, if you check this post (below) you’ll notice I wrote down my brochure. It wasn’t in the best quality as the power point, but it was the best I could put on my blog without trying to figure out how to attach files through computers. My scientific brain started working after I stopped listening to my week’s favorite band Godsmack. I’m not sure if that threatens God. But, I like the band’s messages and song. They also look awesome. Trust me. Any who, I sent my travel brochure in. And now I feel like a scientific thinker with all the thought I’ve put in. At that point, I decided to do a little research on erosion and rehaliabation on rain forests.

I also was lucky enough not to study such a hard Science lesson to my luck. I only had a Social Studies project that was so easy to finish, and a Literature Unit assessment test, plus I went into another Semester in Math because yesterday (December 12, 2010) I had to take a semester test, which wasn’t that hard to cry or tear about. Though I took some notes for today’s Math lesson. Which made it like 3 hour flew by, so I constantly checked the timer to see how long it took my to write down notes. I forgot to mention that we’re (which I’m referring to 6th graders) having exams around January. I heard my friend are having them around December. So, lucky me. I learned how to play Ozzy Osbourne’s song Crazy Train. Or at least the intro. I want to learn how to play Raining blood from Slayer. 🙄

School was finished in a jippy today. I also found a picture of my family and I under my church’s Christmas tree on Sunday. So, I decided to put it up. Check it out. It wasn’t really that nice with my red nose, almost as red as Rudolph and Matthew’s dumb and glum look. Patricia was giving a good look, but Anabelle kind of gave an awfully awkward look. So, um… my aunt sent me pictures of her at Chattanooga. Well, she lives there, it’s just that she visited a certain cabin in Chattanooga. I loved the pictures dearly. Unfortunately, whenever I upload them through WordPress it becomes real small. So, it’ll take me awhile to upload them, and make it big. Oh God, Mary Kate (not Mary Wexel) decided to make a new blog.

And don’t worry about Unknown or Jigsaw. They’re not our problem anymore. Me and Mary Kate took care of that. So, um… yeah, I also had to help my sister, Patricia, on her portfolio about technology and how it helps, which is due December 15th. Yikes. Could she have been warned a little sooner. Well, I helped her. And unfortunately, I could only make her laugh because of the stupid grammar, and spelling problems she had constantly in her papers. Well, dad was able to manage that problem. I still kept ringing over her head about how she’s able to do the most impossible math problems so easily, and she can’t even spell notice. 😀 I watched Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Jolly good movie. And um… yes, I’m trying to remember what else happened. Oh yes, I figured that our Hamster is hibernating. That’s probably the reason why it’s digging underground constantly. Lol.

Latin America – My Travel Brochure

One of the many countries in Latin America that is most interesting to visit would be Brazil and Venezuela. Also what would be the most interesting reason to visit Brazil and Venezuela would be their physical features. Like the Amazon forest, and Amazon River, or Pico Espejoe (the greatest mountain), and The Interior Savannahs. One of two major languages spoken would be Spanish and Portuguese. Brazil’s government is called a Democratic Republic, while, Venezuela is a Federal Republic form of government. One of their many natural resources that make those countries so interesting is: iron ore, tin, timber forests and coopers for Brazil. Venezuela, on the other hand, contains: natural gas, gold, bauxite, diamonds, hydropower, and petroleum. All of those reasons make up why Venezuela and Brazil are so interesting to travel to. 

Venezuela and Brazil are located near the equator and is partially located at the southern hemisphere. The picture (Example Picture #1) is highlighted in red to show the location of the two countries. Also what would be a good thing to mention would be about both countries’ climate. Brazil’s climate is thought more as a tropical climate. Most of Brazil is covered in rain forests, and villages surrounded by deciduous forests. Tropical may be cold from time to time. But, is actually a nice temperature to stop you from sweating. On the other hand, Venezuela is a very hot country. As you can see, the picture (above) shows that equator Venezuela is just on top of the. That shows why Venezuela is a hot country. We again know our natural resources. Coopers, timber forests and iron ore are for Brazil, while Venezuela has natural gas, gold, and diamonds. Brazil has exactly 56 per sq. mi. of population density. A pretty big percent you may think. But, Venezuela has 76 per sq. mi. of population density.

Some agriculture locations in Venezuela would be, for example, the argillaceous grounds, or the humíferos grounds. Unfortunately, Venezuela’s industry locations bring back a lot of history. So I’ll try staying on topic. One of the industrial regions in Venezuela would be the CVG the country’s most prominent regional development corporation and the major player in mining, increasingly entered into joint ventures with foreign companies by the 1990’s, when for the first time the CVG agreed to accept a minority share in some ventures. Now, let’s talk a little bit about Brazil more, shall we? Central Brazil contains substantial areas of grassland with only scattered trees.

Mexico is known to have the population of 107,000,000 people, Venezuela contains 26,700,000 people, Brazil holds up to 184,200,000 people, and Cuba has about 11,300,000 people. Now we can compare those populations to the whole Latin America (which contains about 545 million people).
Mexico contains 107/545 of Latin America’s population.
Venezuela contains 27/545 of Latin America’s population.
Brazil has 184/545 of a fraction of Latin America’s population.
But, Cuba contains 11/545 of Latin America’s population. (Numbers on the picture [below] represent one million)

If we would transform the country’s population into decimals, the numbers would be as following.
The way I found out the decimal of these countries, I divided the numerator of each country by the denominator.

In order for me to convert the decimal into a percentage of these country’s populations, I multiply the decimals by 100. The result is as followed.
Cuba–2% I will round these percentages to the nearest whole number in my circle graph. (Example: Picture #1)

Reasons why the Amazon Rainforest stabilizes the climate. Rainforests help stabilize the world’s climate by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is believed to contribute to climate change through global warming. Therefore rainforests are important in addressing global warming (Example: picture #2).

Rainforests provide a home for plants and wildlife. Rainforests are home to a large number of the world’s plant and animals species, including many endangered species. As forests are cut down, many species are doomed to extinction. Some rainforest species can only survive in their natural habitat. Zoos cannot save all animals (Example: Picture #3).

Rainforests help maintain the water cycle. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, “the water cycle, also known as the hydrologic cycle, describes the continuous movement of water on, above, and below the surface of the Earth.” The role of rainforests in the water cycle is to add water to the atmosphere through the process of transpiration (where they release water from their leaves during photosynthesis). This moisture contributes to the formation of rain clouds which release the water back on the rainforest. In the Amazon, 50-80% of moisture remains in the ecosystem’s water cycle. When the forests are cut down, less moisture is goes into the atmosphere and rainfall declines and sometimes leads to drought. (Example: Picture #4)

Rainforests reduce erosion. The roots of rainforest trees and vegetation help anchor the soil. When trees are cut down there is no longer anything to protect the ground and soils are quickly washed away with rain. The process of washing away of soil is known as erosion. As soil is washed down into rivers it causes problems for fish and people. Fish suffer because water becomes clouded, while people have trouble navigating waterways that are shallower because of the increased amount of dirt in the water. Meanwhile farmers lose topsoil that is important for growing crops. (Example: Picture #5)

The role of poverty in deforestation. Poverty plays a major role in deforestation. The world’s rainforests are found in the poorest areas on the planet. The people who live in and around rainforests rely on these ecosystems for their survival. They collect fruit and wood, hunt wildlife to put meat on the table, and are paid by companies that extract resources from forest lands. Most rural poor never have the options that we in Western countries take for granted. These people almost never have a choice to go to college or become a doctor, factory worker, or secretary. They must live off the land that surrounds them and make use of whatever resources they can find. Their poverty costs the entire world through the loss of the tropical rainforests and wildlife. Without providing for these people rainforests cannot be saved. 

Agriculture in the rainforest. Every year thousands of miles of rainforest are destroyed for agricultural use. The two main groups responsible for converting rainforest into farmland are poor farmers and corporations, Poor farmers in many parts of the world rely on clearing rainforest to feed their families. Without access to better agricultural lands, these people use slash-and-burn to clear patches of forest for short-term periods of time. Typically, they farm the cleared land for a couple of years before the soil are exhausted of nutrients and they must move on to new patch of forest. Agricultural companies are clearing more rainforest than ever before, especially in the Amazon where large tracts of rainforest are being converted into soybean farms. Some experts believe that South America will someday have an area of farmland that rivals that of the American Midwest. Much of this farmland will come at the expense of the Amazon rainforest. 

Saving rainforests through education. Education is a critical part of saving the world’s rainforests. People must see the beauty and understand the importance of these forests so they will want to protect them. Environmental education should occur both in western countries like the United States and in countries that have rainforest like Bolivia and Madagascar. In the United States, people need to understand their role in the loss of rainforests. For example, buying certain products like mahogany contributes to the cutting down of rainforests in other countries. If we as Americans make an effort to learn about the environment we can understand what we’re losing as rainforest disappears. We can also make decisions to buy products and support companies and organizations that help the rainforest. In rainforest countries local people sometimes do not know why forests are important. Through educational programs these people can learn that forests provide key services (like clean water) and are home to plants and animals found nowhere else in the world. Few children in a place like Madagascar know that lemurs are not found in America. They are quite happy when they learn that lemurs only live in Madagascar.

Rehabilitate and restore rainforests. In trying to protect rainforests we need to also look at how damaged forests can be brought back to health. While it is impossible to replant a rainforest, some rainforests can recover after they have been cut down — especially if they have some help through the planting of trees. In some cases it is also possible to use deforested lands for improved forms of agriculture so they can provide food for people living nearby. When these people have food they will not need to cut down more forest to plant crops. One promising area of research looks at ancient societies that lived in the Amazon rainforest before the arrival of Europeans in the 15th century. Apparently these populations were able to enrich the rainforest soil, which is usually quite poor, using charcoal and animal bones. By improving soil quality, large areas of the Amazon that have been deforested could be used to support agriculture. This could help reduce pressure on rainforest areas for agricultural land. Further, the “terra preta” soil as it’s called could be used to help fight global warming since it absorbs carbon dioxide, an important greenhouse gas.

As you can see, you can find many amazing things about Latin America or the Caribbean for that matter. All the wonderful and exquisite things I have just stated will help you figure out what needed to be figured in the first place. It will also, kind of give you a heads up on what you might need to know. Like the population Latin America, or the special environmental reasons why rainforest destruction is so important in both nature and human’s ways. Hope that you have acknowledged the better understanding of Latin America and the Caribbean’s natural resources, industrial regions, agriculture regions, and their role of government. I might recommend you, that you can’t find any other brochure to give you this much valid information about Latin America and the Caribbean. Unfortunately, our educational journey into Latin America and the Caribbean is over. So, we have concluded, that Latin America and the Caribbean can be, by far, one of the greatest places to travel and site-see.