I’m Getting Tired Of My Little Sister Being A Smart Ass

Well, today is the last day of November. And it’s now at the edge of December. “Christmas in, Christmas in, Christmas in July! Open up our presents. And find a hairy guy.” I just had the need to sing that melody. But, that’s copy written from Cartoon Network. But, what the hell. Okay, in the morning I was suspecting something to go wrong as usual on my un-lucky day, Tuesday. This day always ends up bad. But, I tried not to hide from most things and do whatever I could. And to tell you, actually nothing really happened much besides the fact that mom hit my brother in the head because he was being stupid, and annoying during homework. I on the other hand, was doing good. I was working on my brochure. So, far I have a picture put down, and two paragraphs. Well, not as much, but good enough for a start. I chose Brazil and Venezuela for my travel brochure for three reasons.

1. So, that I can write about a country in Latin America that I enjoy learning from (I love Venezuela’s climate, elevation and precipitation [I also love Brazil un-weary wet forests, cold climates, animals, and history {which BTW, I think it was when they mentioned about the Aztecs and the Incas when it involved Brazil history}]). 2. It’s a lot easier to learn things from those two countries. They just keep it simple, but when it comes to Columbia, Puerto Rico or Haiti, they just mention to much fruits they have in different temperatures and hwo the economy works. While Venezuela is kept simple, and Brazil’s economics a little easier to catch up on. 3. Because I just adore Brazil. Reminds me of a lot. I guess I like Venezuela because it sounds like a complicated, and interesting name of a country. At first I could pronounce it. Lol.

Well, once I took a break from my Brochure, I worked on first, my Literature (I’m only one lesson ahead on finishing the book), and then took care of my Vocabulary. It’s so hard to note down the words, but in the end, it’s good success. I finished my Math at one point. 🙄 OKAY, I didn’t do my Math, but I put in the results, so it looked like I did it. I am so smart. Lol. The only part was that I couldn’t do my Social Studies because the computers or the school was acting up. So, all I got from it, was that I had to study a special European language/culture called Judaism. I got so fed up with it not working. I don’t think I’ll be able to finish it. Anyways, um… so I was grounded throughout the whole day for not really paying attention to my brother’s mistakes in Reading, which was like WTF?

I got also so pissed today, because Anabelle was being a direct asshole. Yep, I said it. She was being a smart ass. She tries yelling and defending for her friends, even though her friends are people who enjoy talking about sex and like taking of Barbie’s shirts off. Perverted minds I tell you. At least Patricia’s friend didn’t come strolling around. And at least Patricia didn’t give me an attitude. 😀


4 comments on “I’m Getting Tired Of My Little Sister Being A Smart Ass

  1. Prima says:

    Nice, I have a lot friends from Brazil, they are nice people and so friendly, almost like indonesian 😆

    I want it, 🙄

    How can it be… snow falling on your blog! 😯

    • Andrew says:

      Seriously??? The people I’VE seen in Brazil are like one of those gangsters. Or probably they’re Colombian.
      You want what???
      Um… there’s an app for that my dad downloaded for me on my blog. I don’t know where to find it, but if you look deep in the tools. You’ll probably find it. Enjoy life man. 😀

      • Prima says:

        I searched about that, kind of plugin in WP, I’ll try later.

        IMHO, Brazilian have so many kind of people in color and ancestry. I found one of my friend who a bit dark is “mixed native”, others have ancestry from Portugal, Germany, Netherlands, and around europe…
        How about you? Where did your ancestry come from? let me guess… Russian? Eastern Europe? 🙄

      • Andrew says:

        Well, mine Ancestry was in Russia and Southern Europe, not Eastern Europe, and in Western Europe, America and Canada. But, most of all, I’m going to make my ancestry. The electric guitar.

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