It’s Almost December

It’s freezing inside and outside like crazy. We have our Christmas tree up, our socks above the fireplace, snowflakes around the leaving room/hallway/kitchen and we also have our Noel carpet. You know what day that represents. December!! Christmas time. Oh God, Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year because it starts around the end of the year. Yes, also I’m welcomed to say that it is almost 2011. A new year people. New technology, ideas, games, people, especially new school year. I just can’t wait for all of these special moments. I’m not really going to post about today. I’m just telling you about the near edge were at to December.


8 comments on “It’s Almost December

  1. Prima says:

    Yipppyyy!!! 😀 I am happy for you…LOL
    I had my sister Birthday today, but she have been studying in different island, I hope she’s fine and happy there 🙂
    I played some christmas songs here in my room, just because it is almost December, LOL… I am too excited sometimes :mrgreen:

  2. I’m back at my blog! Everybody come back to see the cool new updates!

    • Andrew says:

      Um.. that’s a little weird to just come crawling back and asking for advertisement. But, I’ll alarm everyone you’re back. Welcome to blogging again Kitty.

  3. Skydancer (Guardian Angel) says:

    We’re almost at the point where there’s only one more year left before the year in which the world ends! jk! I don’t believe in 2012. Do you?

    • Andrew says:

      Oh no!! It’s true. Just kidding as well. But, I do believe in 2012. It just all makes sense scientifically. It’s been about time for almost billions of years since the nova happened. So, yeah I believe it… 😦

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