It’s Amazing How Days Act Up On Me

Well, today was a victorious day for me, and I guess almost everybody else. But, I’m going to get to the morning. I woke up today around 5 in the morning. That’s actually the reason why I posted earlier yesterday. Anyways, once I woke up I tried turning on some small lights so mom and dad wouldn’t wake up. I worked on my book for about an hour, and then worked a little bit on Facebook. Once 6 o’clock hit, I saw a light in my mom’s room. So, I ate my breakfast quickly, and then ran without being noticed. When I got in my room, I started to browse around and see what was in store for me to do because I wasn’t really in a sleepy mood. I found Harry Potter on my shelf. So I picked it out, and read it. I got a little more progress than usual. Even though, it was kind of a slow start. Once 7 hit, I expected mom and dad was going to wake us up, unfortunately, I didn’t hear a single footstep in there room. All was quiet.

So I took the time, and spared some sleep. That’s when everything goes haywire. Once I started sleeping, it ended abruptly. It felt like I’ve only been sleeping for about 10 minutes, even though by clock, I was asleep for an hour. My mom wasn’t even up when I woke up again. Only my family members. I heard Patricia’s friend’s voice. This early in the morning? I checked, somebody exited the door once I got out of bed. So, I knew Patricia had her here secretly. Once Patricia’s friend came back, I was at the stairs, stunned. PATRICIA’S FRIEND CAN’T JUST BARGE INTO OUR HOUSE WITHOUT PERMISSION. And then she decides waking up my parents. Real nice. We had to take her to church with us, even though it was Leader ship room. Man, it’s like Patricia’s friend has to know everything that’s happening and how what’s what. UGH. She irritates me so much. And yet she tries to befriend me and try having sex with me.

I just ignored her, and went to my group. I was still the master at Foozeball. Until some annoying pricks were playing against me and were holding my foozeball players so they could get a ball. The others didn’t realize it. So, I was pissed and decided to go the opposite foozeball table. I won as usual because there weren’t any cheaters. I went with my dad to go and do leader group. I was amazed by how everything worked. And like always, I had to secretly bring myself to the counters, and grab a few chocolate doughnuts. Lol. It was tasty, until I heard that this was this last leader group this year. Aw… that sucks. I went back to my group at church, because mom told me my ex-crush was there. I didn’t really pay attention much. I just stayed cool, and watched behind me or in front of me if she was there. I was only there to do whatever.

Once we got back home, Patricia’s friend’s mom called, and said that Patricia’s friend needed to come back home, and go shopping with her, or she has to stay home with us. Well, of course Patricia’s bitch friend had to beg to stay. Even though we said “no” when we were supposed to clean the house. Unfortunately, even Patricia’s friend messed up the house and broke her mom’s law. She went outside, and went to visit Savino’s. Man, what does she get? SAVINO HATES HER!! Don’t go trying befriend him, you pervert. Later on, I had a talk with Patricia’s friend that made her petrified and made her speechless from trying to look cool. I just don’t get why Patricia’s friend has to put so much sex appeal where ever she goes. Is she trying to see if she finds her horny boy. Sick. I kind of felt bad for Patricia’s friend that she was hurt. But, I rather see kiss the world’s ugliest girl in the world, then see Patricia’s friend. Well, the day ended hurtfully, though I was able to get far in my book. And I have to turn in Pendragon. Boo ho.


9 comments on “It’s Amazing How Days Act Up On Me

  1. Prima says:

    Again! 😀 Was that obvious that she try having sex with you? It means you’re good enough Andrew, considered attractive :mrgreen:

    wait, I just heard “Savino” recently. Is he your dog?

    Congratulation for the foozeball, and chocolate doughnuts. we said DONAT here 😀

    • Andrew says:

      Yeah, but attracted by freaking perverted, ugly girls isn’t really a good thing. The stupidest thing she ever did during church is when my sister was talking in the car about Christmas caroling. And her friend asked what it is. Patricia explained, and then she acted as if she knew it by saying “I’VE ALWAYS WANTED TO DO THAT!”. I wish I could call her a nigga. Only that she is not black.

      NOO!! He’s a neighbor. He can be good, or selfish, or annoying probably. AH, reminds me of Canadian spelling. LOL. 😀

  2. Skydancer (Guardian Angel) says:

    btw: Sorry for not commenting recently. I’ve been working like crazy for the past month.

    Andrew: There’s something I really need to say to you and I hope you will listen but I guess it’s up to you. How old is Patricia’s friend? If she’s near your age or especially if she’s younger than you, than what she’s doing with the sexual come-ons is not normal and it’s almost certainly because she’s been sexually abused by somebody. You need to tell your parents what she’s doing and they should probably contact Social Services about her.

    Sorry if that seems a little harsh but she really needs some help! It’s not just a matter of her being a “bitch”.

    • Andrew says:

      It’s really okay Skydancer. I’m actually all ears if you have some plan to do with getting rid of that stupid friend. I don’t think she really needs help. I think she really needs to go to Hell. She’s only 9 years old like my sister. And she tries showing off that she’s 10 so she can be a closer age to me. I want nothing with that bitch. I tell my mom, she knows that Patricia is a bad influence, but she doesn’t do anything about it. And Patricia’s friend’s mom lets her do almost whatever her daughter wants to do. Especially being pushed around. The greatest grounding she ever got was not being able to play with Patricia for 3 days, but she can play with anybody else. :rolls:

      • Skydancer (Guardian Angel) says:

        Well, I guess if your parents won’t do anything and hers won’t, there’s probably not much you can do about it.

        I don’t really have any plan that would help you in that case. Maybe you could talk to a school counselor if you have a decent one.

        Sorry you’re under such pressure from her! It can really be a pain to deal with people you hate. 😦

      • Andrew says:

        Yep, I can’t do anything about it. I’ll just have to beat the hell out of Patricia’s friend.

      • Skydancer (Guardian Angel) says:

        Well, don’t do THAT! Just learn to ignore her. That’d be my advice. 🙂

      • Andrew says:

        Um… okay, how can I ignore her, when she’s staring at me most of the time, if I’m the main noise in the room, or if I’m making noise. Hearing her laugh weird, and speaking about sexual parts. Already influencing my little sister. I don’t want a my other sister to enjoy hell her friend. Plus, she tries to get with me, and asks me questions. She’s so hard to ignore man.

      • Skydancer (Guardian Angel) says:

        Well, then, I guess we’re back to talking to your parents about her again, aren’t we?

        Does Illuminate have school counselors? They must have counselors, don’t they? Have you ever talked to them? How about your church pastor? Or Priest? Or whatever.

        But truly ignoring somebody is admittedly difficult. My sister-in-law and I recently agreed to never speak to each other again so we’ll see how long that lasts. But, to truly ignore somebody you just have to toughen yourself and REALLY ignore them.

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