The Day Our Enemy Lied

Right now I’m posting this real late. So, I’ll just tell you the details. Remember how I told you that Patricia’s friend was staying at Kentucky ti’ll Sunday? Well, guess what? She begged her mom for her to come back home to play and use BTW. That girl is such a prick. I’m not going to say loser, because that’s the total opposite, and I’m especially not going to call her a winner. She’s a pervert. Basically, she’s lower than most losers. Let me tell you instead the chronological events that happened so I can piece these things out. Well, usually on a Saturday, we have to clean up. Well, today we were decorating the tree and the house instead, for Christmas.

I was at Savino’s house playing Grand Theft Auto Vice City, while Savino was playing his new Grand Theft Auto Liberty. See, whenever he gets new things, Savino tends to get really showing off and a little too selfish. But, I’m not his master, or his servant for that matter. Soon enough, Savino’s mom invited us with Savino and his dad to Home Depot. Oh and I probably forgot to mention that her foot was sprained, so she has to walk with those crane things. On our way there, we listened to my favorite radio station. One of the songs we were listening to, that made King and I go into a head beat, was a song from Godsmack, and it was called “Love, Hate, Sex, Pain”.

Once Savino head the word sex in the song, he would turn nervously to me. When we got to Home Depot, there was nothing really to do for about an hour. Which made it boring for me and King. I think Matthew was the only one enjoying the trip. On our way home, I told King and Savino that Patricia’s friend might be home, because her car was home. Unfortunately, as I wished it not to be, it was true. Patricia’s friend lied about her due so she could play with Patricia. And if you leave family that quick, that means she even lower of a pervert. She’s an asshole.

I figured because when`I got home, Simon was there decorating. So, King and Savino wanted us to play. Unfortunately, we needed to decorate first. So, they helped out. It was then, when Patricia’s friend came into our house unsupervised. She just showed up in our leaving room. I didn’t want to make a scene, so I tried to stay calm. But, how can you stay calm when she’s looking at what’s making a sound, and making those annoying little eye looks. Everybody wanted her out as much as I did. But, she wouldn’t listen. I would know that.

Near the end of the day, Patricia and her friend were stalking on us. Probably not Patricia. But her friend. I don’t get perverted girls at all. She just tries to look popular, and doesn’t notice the people’s insults about her. If you become nice with her, she’ll become your friend immediately. If you’ve been her friend for awhile. She’ll take about sexual parts in the wrong way, and try to talk about sex. I know girls who do that, which BTW, they are attractive, but she’s ugly, and has a perverted mind. She has huge eyes, that are way apart from each other.

Near the end of the day, King, Nicholous, me, Matthew, and my mom were playing Mexican train. Until Patricia’s friend came back. Hideously. She asked if she could sleepover. But mom said no so unexpectedly and yet so expectingly. Then, Patricia’s friend asked if they could sleepover. A no again. And still the girl was stupid. And she asked if Patricia and Anabelle can finish dinner with her back at her house when it was like 8 PM. So dark outside. Mom said no again, and explained we needed to take a bath. Unfortunately, Patricia’s friend was a short-term memory loss person. So, she asked after the bath if they could sleepover. What a bitch.


4 comments on “The Day Our Enemy Lied

  1. Prima says:

    OMG. bitch. 👿 I hope Patricia and Anabelle do not get influence by that girl. She’s totally… lame. LOL

  2. Prima says:

    PS: I’ve replied your question in my blog 🙂

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