Let’s Just Get This Tangled Day Over With

Today was a bit nice, and then depressing at the end. I’m going to skip the little puny details and get to the main parts. Well, um… Savino and I are hanging out again, we’re playing Grand Theft Auto, San Andreas. One of my favorite games from it. I tried asking for a sleepover at Savino’s house. Turns out, when I called my mom to make sure I could (which BTW, she was so polite to say yes), his mom then said I should’ve asked her first and than my mom. WTF was that all about? Who cares which order it had to be in? Well, because of that, I was sent home at 7, and had to go to the theaters (to watch Tangled) with Patricia’s friend. She was acting crazy the whole time. And I was being a whore honestly. Patricia’s friend expects to come to our house anytime, and be able to watch with us an expensive movie. Oh and FYI, she said she had money, so she was supposed to come with us. That girl is a bitch.

Well, I got ready for the movie (basically ate a huge dinner [with mashed potatoes, broccoli, carrots, some special meat, and some chocolate popcorn]), which took a short amount of time. Patricia’s friend went into the car, and was making annoying noises AGAIN. I tried not shooting her with a bb gun. But, she kept saying MISSED!! God, I want to go to sleep. Okay, let’s just say Tangled wasn’t so good of a movie. Wasn’t even impressing also by the fact that Patricia’s friend ate all the coke, popcorn and made annoying loud laughing that sounded like a pig snorting. LITERALLY. It was 11, and Patricia’s friend’s mother wasn’t worried. What kind of a bitch wouldn’t worry when it’s almost midnight. Once we dropped Patricia’s friend off, she hit her house door so hard, it would’ve sounded like a mob was breaking in. That girl has no manners.

Sorry for a short psot, but I’m tired, and stressed right now. So, good night.


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