Lyrics For Our 2nd Song (A Place To Break)

This is how life runs me
One portal leading to another
Stuck in a place where you can’t even feel your legs
Another step forward
Feels like you’ve just been played

This plight
Runs through the family
Effecting everyone I love
What a beautiful
a beautiful
What a beautiful, place to break!

The last will go!
The rest will stay!
And I will break!
In a place where I can break!!!

You still think of the weary treasuries
Everybody may think that a fantasy is real
But I may think like a person
I’m not the only one who’s got his senses
I’m not the average one people may see me as
Why’d the devil have to put me in distress

Leave your house!
Leave the town!
Their will be a riot!!
Coming down for you
The hypnotic place to break
A place I can’t stay
I treasure thee to make sure that I can break
break, break, wherever the winds may follow
In the depths of Hell

Wherever the hell I may break
It’s a place I can break
Lose yourself
Free the mind
Think like me
And you might get somewhere

A place
A place where I can break


15 comments on “Lyrics For Our 2nd Song (A Place To Break)

  1. mary says:

    cool song wat is the name of ur band and were do we find the songs

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