An Overwhelming Day For Me

I finally found my camera cable… 🙂 so now I can put some pictures for you on my posts. That’s actually the reason why I changed the theme, because I think this theme supports pictures a lot better than others. Anyhow, I got up from bed and started imagining about me going to a concert in Detroit, or maybe Los Angelos to perform my band. It was one of my dreams to perform on a big stage and make music history. It was the part that was most important in my heart. My wish. Ah… don’t know how long I haven’t wished for something. Haha, maybe 4 years. I don’t know. Once I got awaken properly, and went downstairs, I started on reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. So far, I’m at page 60. I guess 380 more pages to go. The book was interesting. It was proven that the books so far were better than the movie. Though, if you haven’t seen the movies of Harry Potter, you’d think that most characters in Harry Potter were ugly.

Constantly, during the reading, I heard Matthew, and Anabelle making several rambunctious sounds that made me want to yell at then like crazy. Probably wondering though, how come Patricia isn’t involved? Well, I got news for you buddy. She’s at work with mom. Which gave me enough free-time from Patricia. Now. To figure a way to get the rest of my siblings away. 😈 Unfortunately, I felt guilty about not taking care of my brochure. I haven’t even started. I mean, I know the standards, and the rules, but they didn’t tell me the most practical things. 1. They didn’t tell me if I was supposed to write the damn thing on computer or paper. 2. I don’t know how to send it. As long as I know those two things, I’m set. Anyways, I took some pictures of the Hamster. It looked so cute.

Sorry for the second picture being so bright. I know, it looks horrible. I have to update my pictures more often. Oh and that car my dad got was still hovering around. So, I thought I might also take a picture of it. It’s a 2000 something, something. I can’t remember. But, don’t be fooled by what you see, it’s actually in the best quality yet for a 10 year old car. 😀

Throughout the day, I spent time outside with an arrogant prick, and then a stupid neighbor. But, I had to put up with it somehow. Because my bb gun wasn’t working for protection. That’s when my mom said to have some special Ramon noodle soup, so that we can go shop for the new gun for Matthew and I. I was surprised. Once I got it, it was amazing, I felt powerful again. Just for about 3 minutes though, until Savino had to start getting a little selfish and showing off. I didn’t have time to deal with his shit. So, I had to pay mom 27$ for MY bb gun. And also for a special receipt. I don’t know. Matthew had to pay something for I don’t know what. And Patricia had to pay for popcorn because we were going to see Despicable Me. It was a little overwhelming, so I became a bit aggravated. I told mom since that the movie wasn’t going to start in 50 min, we should go to our local Barnes and Nobles. And man, what a surprise I met there. I met Douglas, and his sister there, along I found the Red Pyramid. YA!! It was like Heaven.

Later when we watched Despicable me, *watching it* IT WAS AWESOME!!! I have to say the best movie of the year for me. It felt a bit awkward at the beginning, but it was really awesome. Oh and BTW, we watched the movie at the Dollar Store.


11 comments on “An Overwhelming Day For Me

  1. nayyirnensi says:

    aw…… Your hamster is SO cute! Idk why u thought despicable me was awesome. Seriously, it was pretty kewl, but not as good as Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows. Or as good as Eclipse. Guess wat?????? Im going back to writing about my life posts! Im writing a current post.

  2. Chad Bronze says:

    Um why did you spam me?

  3. Prima says:

    😀 welcome back to this theme, yup, this theme provides a wide enough space for (big) pictures, I changed my theme one time, and it ruined all my picture 😦
    Honda it’s good, I believe it won’t give you many problem. Same color with your theme anyway. LOL
    Hahhaah…The hamster looked get annoyed; “Hey Andrew, please stop that flash!” 😆
    Wow, it’s kind of late to watch Despicable me, isn’t it? Yup, that’s a good 3D movie, the little girl so cute, I forget her name… “It’s so fluffy, I am gonna die!” 😀 😀 😀

    PS: Hey, I posted many pictures about Metrolina Greenhouses in NC, but still in Indonesian 😉

    • Andrew says:

      Yeah, I am very welcomed. It also ruins your widgets. UGH!! 😦
      Honda is good…
      Yeah, you spoke his words, tell me his language.
      OH YEAH!!! IT’S SO FLUFFY!!!
      I’ll check the pics.

  4. Nicole says:

    ZOMG SO CUTE! looks like he’s making a face at you xp

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