I’m So Bored Out And I Don’t Know What To Do

Today was a bit unexpected. I may have not mentioned at all that Patricia’s friend, Michaela, or probably Makayla, was sleeping over. And trust me, Michaela was a mess. She acted in so many ways today. So, let’s just start with the morning. Um… I was supposed to give out/donate some blankets, shoes, and jackets for our Operation Christmas Child. Unfortunately, last week, nobody put anything in the boxes of donation. So, I told my mom about it, and she’s been going crazy about shopping for those items. Unfortunately, she only bought some jackets and blankets. Which was fine by me, because we already had bags and bags of clothes we were supposed to donate. Anyways, Patricia’s other friend, you know the bitch, was coming again for church. It was really annoying, because I already got enough of her throughout the week. I just hope she doesn’t track us down to the neighborhood we’re going to live in.

So, I gt dressed up, perfectly my hair was waved. Just as I needed it to be, so I wouldn’t need any gel. My clothes went very well with my attitude, so I was ready to set sail. Once we got downstairs to wait for the parents, Patricia’s friend arrived. Ugh. Michaela and I gave each other the same ‘oh God she’s here now’ look. It was funny we were making some sympathy together, which was so odd since we were both a different sex, and we were totally of different age. Patricia’s friend had her Operation Christmas Child donation wrapped. Which was stupid. It was already in a box, it’s not like it’s a Christmas present. It’s just a goddamn donation. I asked Patricia’s friend what was all about the wrapping. And she spoke so street like and so false-understanding, and then she laughed to what I thought she said was ‘I don’t know… she just, flaa”. 🙄

I just went along with it, and went to church. Patricia and her friend were acting like two annoying 14 year olds in the car. Laughing like boys, making jokes, being so quiet, and talking about Justin Bieber and dolls. Ugh. That bitch is turning my sister into a monster. Michaela tried to end the discussion like a good friend. Lol. But, Patricia’s friend insisted. And mom was giving the ‘oh here we go again’ look. Which surprised me. Once we got to church, everything felt a little pale, which was normal. The only abnormal part was that Patricia’s friend was here, IN MY MIDDLE SCHOOL AREA. Looking everywhere, and seeing how my place looked, and said, “I may think about coming here”. Pfff. I said in her dreams, and pushed her away from the area. I didn’t want a girl who thought she needed a bra in my middle school area. I went inside the cabin, and oddly I met the green girl. Okay, I may have not mentioned about her, but I’ve been seeing her a lot since 5th grade. She always ends up next to me, or close to me. Plus, she always wears green, which I have to say didn’t look to bad of a taste on her

She was sitting next to me, with Michael during two games, and we were sent to small group. Luckily we separated by the time we were in our groups. Once we were in there we started up so much pandemoniums. It was described as FUN. Lol. Throughout the time, we soon had to give different donations, and the green girl was still next to me. Come to think of it, she was pretty cute, but I let go of the subject and just remembered about Mary’s beautiful smile. 😀 Once that was done, Michaela left from the sleepover, and Patricia’s friend was… still THERE. Throughout the day my mom, and dad, noticed the dead deer, which I didn’t mention in yesterday’s post. I hung out with Savino, and then was almost KILLED by the Motorcycle guy. Lol. I think he had a gun. Later on, I picked up from the library the second Harry Potter book. I didn’t feel like reading anything, so I just put someplace else. But, the rest of the day, was mostly okay, but boring still… I played soccer at the end though. 😛

10 comments on “I’m So Bored Out And I Don’t Know What To Do

  1. Prima says:

    “I didn’t want a girl who thought she needed a bra in my middle school area” 😀 LOOOOLLLL
    Anyway, what a mature theme 😀 I feel you’re about 10 years older now. :mrgreen:

  2. Nayyir says:

    Omg, i hate that bitchy friends of Patricia’s friend too! Hey um… what neighborhood r u going to live in? There’s a huge and awesome house in my neighborhood for sale. My friend Abhass is moving, and his house is awesome! It’s the second house next to mine! You have to tell ur family to go see that house. If you like it, u can move in!

    • Andrew says:

      i GUESS SO. Oh and, let me break something down to you, I’m not going to live next to you. It’s not gonna happen. I don’t even have enough money for those big houses in Dacula.

      • nayyirnensi says:

        Big houses? Seriously? We dont have big houses, this house is awesome and the owner said it was cheap. Only for beggars that house would be expensive, the house is awesome, and it is totally not expensive. I think it costs 200,000 or something.

      • Andrew says:

        Forget it, those houses are huge and expensive.

  3. Jake says:

    Awesome blog!

  4. ajikinai says:

    You should sleep and be a good boy! don’t do crazy thing,listen to my word!

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