Catching Up On Some Things

Well, I was acting pretty okay today, actually a little normal. In my luck, the hamster didn’t escape, I also checked the fish tank, and uh… it’s not looking good. I’m seriously considering about checking the filter, because it ain’t working well. Well, Math was okay today. Despite the fact it was too easy dividing mixed fractions, and regular fractions. Science was boring. Like usually expected. We were only learning about earthquakes, and how scientists predict if an earthquake is coming in an area with this device called a seismograph. It looks really cool to be honest, so I’m going to show you a picture of it. It looks pretty cool to be honest. Once school was near to being done, I got my new notebook so I could note down some stuff from Social Studies on paper since everybody picked out of my folder, so it’s almost empty now. The rest wasn’t so interesting today.

Simon and I were just checking on our base, just not so seriously though. Oh and our bb gun, that Matthew got a few days ago, is now jammed, so now he can’t kill/hurt (kill most likely) people. My gun, is just messed up. I’m really going to think about buying a new gun. Oh and my friend Christian, yeah… he kind of shot with my bb gun at one of my neighbor’s cousin’s eyes. He immediately burst into tears. But, I could tell he faked it. Because he’s always a wuss like that. Well, the neighbors decided to attack Savino’s base, for some odd reason until Simon told me he ordered them to. And man, once they got eyesight on our guns, they were acting like 4 year olds scared of a Nerf gun. Lol.


2 comments on “Catching Up On Some Things

  1. Prima says:

    I bet there’s a lot of seismograph in my country, since we had a lot of unexpected earthquake, yet tsunami. 😆
    I am wondering what bb gun looks like? My lil brother has one a toy gun with plastic bullet, when his friend shot him 6 inches from his breast, he cried! 😆 then he stop playing that toy, he said: I didn’t expect its gonna that hurt…. 😀

    • Andrew says:

      Yeah, I overheard about the earthquake a few months ago in Indonesia. I was so sad, I went to Asop and told him sorry. YEAH. That’s the one, except my gun has weak bbs, so unless you shoot from a distance, it doesn’t hurt. I shot my own hand, I was hurt SO bad. Shooting in the breast is okay, try not shooting your eye out.

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