I Can’t Trust My Family

Today was a bit obligated and restraining for me. I just wanted to snap to let go of my restrain. But, you can’t really snap at your family can you? Especially when there are lots of them. In the morning I was expecting the hamster to go loose. Instead I just went directly to the computer. Unfortunately, my sister (Patricia) came downstairs, and found the hamster was not in it’s place. I gave out a slight sigh and went to work. It took time for me to weight lift all the couches, since I had to lift them yesterday as well. Until mom came downstairs to help, I lifted the easy couch, and Patricia found it. Mom and Patricia lifted the couch while I grabbed the little rascal. Afterwards, we went to our own work.

Earth Science class was okay. Turns out, one of our Science teachers has tooth cancer, and now has to take surgery after class. I guess there’s no more Science tomorrow, especially no more chat. I’m just wondering if our other teacher will be able to fill in for him. While that was happening, I decided to get off the computer (still leaving the class on) and go check on the fish. Man, I really haven’t spent any of my time with those little fishes. Unluckily, they got too much food, so they… pooped, a lot. I’m wondering if I’m going to clean it out tomorrow, or get mom to do it. Well, it was hovering around the end of class, so I started patch things up. I got back in class, and chatted with Elizabeth and Mary. There like the only two girls I can really count on chatting with. Lol. Once chat was done, I checked on our little dwarf hamster, and it is as cute as ever. It would even let you pet him, and he wouldn’t even turn back.

Though, I kind of wanted a gerbil, or guinea pig since they live longer, and they’re bigger. On the other hand, I forgot to mention you the name, my mom, two sisters and brother came up with. Feefee. It’s a nice name for a girl hamster. Well, I looked at the forms for the hamster, and got a lot of info on it. I wanted to skip Social Studies, and watch the little hamster camp out in one of the tubes. Unfortuantely, you my conscience insisted I did. Well, I got on for about 3 minutes, and got bored. So, I happily exited out of the class, and skipped Social Studies. I got to my work as quick as possible. We were studying on the depression and wars that Europe faced. Unfortuantely, I was supposed to do that yesterday, but I couldn’t because my computer was going haywire. So, I just completed the lesson and continued with the rest of school.

Math was really easy, and so was the class (even though I wasn’t paying attention to the class 🙂 ). We were supposed to be studying in class about something with proportions, or probably just a review on decimals. couldn’t really remember. The teacher made it awfully, boring. So, after class I got my Math lesson done. I was studying on multiplying fractions, or was it multiplying MIXED fractions? I really don’t know. I just remember that I passed it, and it was easy. I hate it when it becomes so hard, and get bored when Math becomes so easy.

Reading was oddly boring. I didn’t even read because the books the school assigns me with are just… not my type. My mom enjoys reading books about romance and all that (just not the Twilight romantic books), while my dad likes reading about education, or probably about languages. I, on the other hand, enjoy reading Fantasy books. That’s why I borrowed to read Pendragon, and so far it’s interesting. Though, I wish I could pick the pace, just like I did with the Percy Jackson series. I finished like 100 pages in those books. 😛 Later on, we had to go to some stores to buy for charity, and get some powder for my dad’s spiritual food. Unfortunately, when we got to Dollar Tree, Patricia’s friend was there. They even arrived with us at the same time. And out of the blue, they say they came here to buy for charity. That’s odd. Why they shop at THIS specific store? That’s what I’m questioning… I kind of thought they were stalking us. We finally left, and found their car right next to ours in the parking lot.

Okay, it’s official, they were stalking us. I told my mom and sister about it. Of course I always have my stupid, good for nothing, sister say it’s not true, and defending her friend like she’s her sister (and like her friend treats her good). My mother didn’t trust me. Nobody really trusts me on anything I say about Patricia’s friend, unless it’s positive. My family makes want to puke. They don’t wanna hear anything I say at all, if it’s bad. I officially knew I can’t trust them. They have been influenced, and they can’t believe me, well, I’m not going to stand for it.


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