My Lips Are Numb

I can’t post at all at my regular schedule. What’s wrong with me? I only have to 2 solutions to my problem. 1. I’m probably waiting ti’ll the last moment to publish a post, or that I don’t get enough sleep. Well, according to my sleep record. I’m sleeping just fine, plus I hardly wake up early in the morning when I sleep late. The only problem is that my school suggests I start sleeping around 7 or 8 o’clock PM. So, that second solution is still a possibility. But, right now I’m going to get to business. Near the beginning of the morning I heard some scratching noises under the coach right next to me. I looked into our hamster cage. And turns out our little dwarf hamster got out. U-oh.

I had to pull up the couch, which was like so easy with all my muscles. 🙄 I found the hamster. The only problem was that I had to try to hold up the couch and get the tiny son of a bitch without dropping the couch and killing the poor thing. Unfortunately, he was too quick, and I didn’t want to get bitten. So, I let him run out of the couch. I found him, tried catching him again, instead, he ran beneath the heaviest couch. I asked mom downstairs, while it took time for her to wake up since it was like 7 in the morning I lifted the heaviest couch to my surprise, and didn’t find it. So, when mom came downstairs, I prayed with her, and in 20 seconds my prayer was answered. Lol. I lifted the 70 pound couch up and found the little rascal. My mom immediately got it, and we were normal. Though, my muscles were hurting from all the weight lifting. But, I was able to manage it.

I had breakfast finally, and I had this crappy spoon. And when I mean crappy, I mean it was scratched. So, it took me about 10 minutes to realize the scratched up spoon was ripping my lip skin. Unfortuantely, I was too late and I already felt a scar on my lip. Ugh. It’s not a good feeling. It felt sour at first, but then grew harder. I just let it be. I did my school, and well, chatted a little bit with, Mary, yes I’m saying her name now. If you’ve noticed I published a post about her, and we had such a romantic talk. Even though it was like 10 comments of talk. It still felt treasuring. I also later on spoke with Nayyir, I had Social Studies and a GUM unit assessment test, I didn’t, or probably couldn’t do it because the computer was screwed up, and I didn’t want to work at the moment. It was 4 o’clock in the afternoon, and I was STILL talking with Nayyir. I tried to get into a 3 way call with Elizabeth and Nayyir. But, Nayyir kept screwing up on the call until we finally got it right. We were awkward most of the time. Lol. That was my favorite part of the call… 😎

My lips were still numb, and it started to mold. Not like the disgusting mold. I mean skin grew over it. The only problem was that you couldn’t see it, you could only feel it. But, who’s going to touch my lips, besides me? Am I right? I hanged up and started reading Pendragon. I’m so far on page 89. I think I’ll finish this book in a flash. Lol. I later on got sick temporarily, but then got it over with. I watched Karate Kid afterwards, while Anabelle was keeping the Hamster occupied. My sister, Patricia, talked a little bit with Elizabeth’s sister Kacie. And I guess it all started getting boring once Elizabeth had to hang up.

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