Hamster Day

Well, today was okayyy for me, but awesome for the rest of my siblings. I’ll explain why. Today was church day, so we got dressed, and all that, and I discussed with dad a little bit. Well, I finished discussing with my dad, and we went onto the car to get ready for church. Dad turned on the music, which finally brightened my spirit. We went with me first, I was kind of in the mood for a little more rock, but I decided to just do an 80’s rock song, like Pink Floyd, Brick in the Wall. Search it up on Youtube, it’s an interesting song.

Anabelle wanted Fireflies, but somehow dad remembered that one time she picked that song. So, instead she picked mama, from the Queens. Matthew on the other hand, picked Fireflies, from Owl City, which didn’t really brighten up my spirit with all the electrical piano clicking constantly. Patricia’s friend was next, instead, she could only remember the beat of the song she wanted. And I’m guessing she wanted the band Black Sabbath, with some song. ❓

My dad gave me the same awkward look at me, as I did to him, we went directly to Patricia (my oldest sister), and I don’t remember exactly what she picked. But, before mom could pick her song, Loser, BTW from Glee. Well, I don’t remember the band exactly. But, okayyy. We finally got to church, so I went into the Cabin. And the good thing that I’d last expect was that the timer in the cabin didn’t go off. I went up to the 2nd level of the cabin and played some foozeball. The only thing irritating was these 2 guys, see I called on a table where people were not crowded in Foozeball. And I had to let some other team go when it was my time because I felt bad, and then this group comes out of nowhere and says their playing, and I try explaining to them it was my turn. They said “no it’s our turn” and I had to explain again and they replied the same STUPID reply. I got so frustrated I wanted to put a hole in their heads.

I let go unfortunately to soon and got ready for church. Everybody was ignoring me, as if they thought I was a random person. It was a normal annoyance for me. But, irritating. Later on, my dad was conversing with this car seller he was buying from. Matthew and I got to ride in the car with dad. The car had a REAL good motor as well. The seller really knew how to care for the car. My dad was thinking about giving to me the car if he didn’t mess it up. Lol. Later on, we shopped for the hamster. Oh God, it was really cute. Big cheeks. I’m so guilty not getting a picture of it and put it on my blog. It was actually a dwarf hamster. One of the rare ones that don’t tend to bite most often. I love it. I can’t go on because I’m tired, but okay.


4 comments on “Hamster Day

  1. nayyirnensi says:

    I luv Pink Floyd, even though idk a single name in thier band. I love their song, wish you were here. Well I dont know why you were choosing songs. I don’t know a single thing about church, cuz I’m Indian/ but the modern type indians. And by Indians, I mean the dudes from India. (?)

    • Andrew says:

      Ya, ya, ya bla bla bla. I gotta search that song, or research it. Well, around Patricia’s friend I didn’t want to sound to hard. Because she tried rapping me.

  2. Prima says:

    Hahahhaha… I put Fireflies as song while I am jogging LOL
    I did not get along with hamster, it always ended by dead… poor me!

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