Michael Spending The Day Over At Our House

Well, I’m kind of going to explain why I couldn’t post about yesterday, I’ll try to make another post to keep it even, even. Anyways, at the beginning of a Saturday, like always, I wake up early to use the computer. My mom’s Facebook account was either hacked or changed password without me noticing. And thinking about that, I’m remembering that tomorrow, we’re supposed to get out hamster. I CAN’T WAIT!! I’ll try to get pictures once I get it. Well, I was itching to play the Wii, but I wasn’t allowed. So, I watched Spongebob Squarepants which I haven’t really enjoyed watching in a while. The first few episodes were SO irritating. There was this one episode that had Squidward, I hope you know him, trying to help community, because he littered. And there’s this cop that always gets into his business and patrolling. When Spongebob littered or somebody else did, the cop would come out of nowhere and say it was him.

It so FUCKING irritated. I can’t believe Squidward didn’t start a riot or commit suicide, because his life was pretty harsh in that show. I was waiting for the new Spongebob Squarepants movie “Spongebob Squarepants Mystery With A Twistery”. The movie was all boring mentioning about keeping the “secret formula”. It was all such stupid shit. Honestly. Until Michael and Daniel came from Michael’s soccer game. Michael was wearing his Soccer shirt. A Black, thin shirt with his team name on it. We hanged out outside because my mom had to give a SKYPE call to our second aunt or something. Anyways, I’m right now regretting not taking a picture of Michael. While outside, Michael and Daniel was in our base. Michael was an avenger with Christian (a guy named that [who I used to spell Kristan]), and Daniel was Assassin soldier with Simon. We had it all organized very sophisticated, but cleanly. 🙂

I wanted to use the computer, but I couldn’t. So, I just spent more time outside, Patricia, out of nowhere to make drama, was trying to get into Simon’s and I’s discussion, she was being too much of a smart bitch. So, I hit her a little with a stick. Which may not be the smart move, because she slapped me back big time. Simon and Daniel we’re in shock. Patricia ran home, I had to take care of her, sadly. And I continued throughout the day. Well, after that King just stayed over. And said Patricia’s friend and her, with Joice were humping, which I have to agree they did. Well, King was so close to being in trouble. Well, yeah… than Michael sadly had to go, and was told he couldn’t come to church. So much for that.


6 comments on “Michael Spending The Day Over At Our House

  1. Prima says:

    How big the stick? 🙄

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