A Nice Day That Revolved Around Me In Many Sorts Of Ways

today was uh… I don’t know, a little confusing. Yesterday, (on Anabelle’s birthday) was a screwed up day for me. I mean like really screwed up. Now, in the morning it gets interesting. I got ready for Science class, and got into the chat. Turns out, I was trying to send him some chat messages, and he just said “SHUT UP ANDREW!”. Did I kill the boy’s mother, lol. I don’t know what I did. I decided to chat with “the unknown girl”, but she was a little too busy chatting with her girlfriends (it’s okay for you to call a girl’s friend a girlfriend, but not for boys), and I didn’t want to interrupt. Well, Elizabeth wasn’t in class either, so that made it a much worser hell for me in class. I only heard some people say about Justin Bieber sucks/rules and I commented on it. Besides that, I really had no one to chat one. Nata.

We had to go through out boring Science class, but I decided to pay attention instead of listening to metal music. 😎 I get ADD that way as an emo. Lol. Anyways, we were studying on the Earth’s weather and circulation. Odd, because my mom was watching a new Roseanne episode about a tornado about to hit their house, and it made the experience a lot better. BTW, here’s a picture of a tornado, it’s my favorite one, and it’s a funny one. It might be a little too huge for you, as a picture, but’s it’s pretty decent. Later on after Science class, we got our chat privileges, but Id decided to skip because everybody was busy with their own friends. I went on to my boring school work, and decided to check Elizabeth’s blog, and man, she’s going crazy with comments, and she started like almost a week ago. Lol. I can’t remember exactly what school I was doing besides this Math Unit Assessment. Yeah, it wasn’t that hard for me to remember about except for the equivalent fractions. There just a little harder. Afterwards, it was all a blur until we had to go outside, and check on our base.

Man, that’s all we do whenever we go outside. Oh yeah, also my friend Kristan, he was using his skateboard, so I got bored and asked if I could go over at his house. And he said “not inside, I’m just going to introduce you to my mom”. Not the thing I would always suspect. But, okay. It took us awhile to get there, I wasn’t able to be introduced because, well his mom wasn’t really dressed at the moment, and I don’t want to bother. Kristan than introduced this other person’s yard, who’s kids died of cancer and her husband died too. So, she’s a widow basically. Kristan introduced me to her plants and an amazing creek, I was really surprised, we went back into my neighborhood. Plus, I discussed with Kristan about being in our band, he accepted, now that he’s in, Simon, the bassist might change his mind about being in it. 🙄 Lol, anyways, Simon said he’ll think about, we JUST NEED A BASSIST FOR OUR BAND!! SO CLOSE… well, after that we got into an argument with our enemy clubhouse, and then I went inside and called Elizabeth. First time… we ever made this long of a discussion.

But, as all discussions, they must end. Oh and FYI, check the date of this post, you might see it different from today. But, that’s because that’s the day we will be talking about. So, focus on the post of the calender.


11 comments on “A Nice Day That Revolved Around Me In Many Sorts Of Ways

  1. nayyirnensi says:

    I onl said SHUT UP for a reason! And you need to recheck what he’s gonna be in the band with all of our band members, simon is not gonna be our bassist. I got a friend. And she’s only going crazy with yours, mine, and her comments. But still. Please don’t advertise on my blog. Simon doesn’t look badn type material, no offense. And stop spreading rumors that I am Unknown cuz I’m not!!! 😦 😦 😦

    • Andrew says:

      No, he’s gonna be our bassist if he can. We;re not getting your friend Nayyir. What do you mean, you should see him in black, and he’s perfect for bass. I’m not, but will you stop making rumors of me?

      • nayyirnensi says:

        Oka yI’ll stop making bad rumors of u since I havent even started yet! It’s fine with me if simon is in the band but I should also get one of MY friends to be in the band too. And I didn’t say black, I just said he’s not band type materiel, ya know what I mean, I mean he just doesn’t look HARDCORE. I mean it’s okay if he gets in da band but we all decide as a group who’s gonna be in OUR band. Not as individuals. Wait a second, lemme recheck something:
        Lead SInger: Me
        Lead Guitar: Andrew
        Other Electric Guitar: Kristan
        Drummer: ———-
        Bass: Simon pending
        Eletric Keyboard: Jordan
        So dude there are one more space in the band,(I mean is) I thought we already had a drummer, but if we dont can my friend be the drummer. He’s better at the drums than the bass, except I thought we already had a drummer.
        ROCK OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Andrew says:

        We do have a drummer.
        Lead singer: Nayyir
        Lead guitar: Me
        Guitar: Kristan
        Other Lead guitar: August pending.
        Drummer: Jonathon
        Bass: Simon pending
        Electric piano: Jordan

  2. SAsammygirl says:

    You have a band? Cool, what’s the name?

  3. ImUmPh says:

    Hey Dud! What’s Up!
    I guess I’d be a vocalist. My voice is better than David Cook. :lol 😀

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